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Total Control


Some Training areas for the slave
To explicitly fill out and publish slaves profile and put in the doghouse.


Mind Control
Master has full control over my being, why should my mind be any different. Like clay in His hand i am as good a slave as he moulds me.

To explicitly fill  out and publish slaves profile
and put in the doghouse.

Humiliation & Degradation
i know my value, my status in life, my dignity compared to others and to Master.
i obey without question, for if i am bad the cold wave of fear runs over me for what he might do, for he is all powerful over me. Sometimes i question why have I allow this man to bind me, as my heart races and i know i am here for his pleasure - not mine.
 Bliss Elevation
there is no other place for me other than the me kneeling before my Master. Every use me makes of me furthers my devotion to him.


Domination - Resistance is useless.
Whatever i do to defend myself it is hopeless compared to the might of Master, whatever i do, he will always win - that has been deemed by God himself
 Discipline without this i would stray
my performance as a slave for my Master would suffer, and i could not consistently give of my best to my Master - as he deserves nothing less.
Reconditioning Dogs Expectations
when i was a puppy  i was bad because i did not know any better. Master now had trained me will, i obey without question, i have learnt what is required of me.
Devices //  Feeling Masters control over me
from the inside and on the outside makes my status ever more tangible.
From his marks of Ownership, to how i look, what I am allowed to wear, to how others see me, and so to how i see myself.
 Breath Control
Where a little bondage helps, this will help his discover the power that his Master has over him and develop a level of trust that other techniques rarely deliver. Its also allows the slave to discover more about himself and his own self Mastery.

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