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To keep your slave in the right frame of mind!

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Waiting for your pleasure SIR!

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These are the first stages for pups in training as most people have access to 'ass play' toys. This is typical of the imaginative nature of SM people who can find BDSM uses out of whatever they have to hand. This is typical with a young guys first visit to a hardware shop or to scout camp.  So in the real world the fist place to visit is the hardware store, then when you are a little older and braver you go to the nearest sex shop. Here you would pay a high price for your first toy - but it is worth it as it is definitely for sexual use.

Many sex shop offer poor quality goods at high prices - they can get away with this because of either their location and availability. That is if people where more open about their kinks there would be less tolerance for poor quality - like there are many places to get coffee or a loaf of bread. That said there is also more buyers for coffee so the cost of production is cheaper, so you have to accept that anything worth having has a 'custom made' element to it.

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