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The Foundation
This covers some of the guiding principles of Dog Training.

Care and Training of the Male slave
This is the life's work. How to become the best slave possible for your Master, to see your animal develop over time, seeing all the rough edges become smooth - can he ever be perfect ?

Yes in theory all you need is a naked slave and the Masters will. However a dog feels naked when he has no chain round his neck! There are lots of things that help with the dogs training - look in any pet store and see.
There are additional ways of marking a person out as a slave, as a dog. The chain on the dogs neck being one, but what else ?
Frequently Asked Questions
This area covers all (Ha ! if only) the questions that I get asked. It also addresses the Help and How to questions about the site and Web issues. Internet beginners might want to visit here, so would those that are missing the web fonts used here, or some of the plug-ins. General Web goodies would be listed here.

Advanced Topics 
This assumes that you are an experienced SM player and want to explore the "scary stuff" that you only do with someone you trust...

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