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Membership request

A Request
for Membership

Please read this section carefully before submitting the form. Please read the Your Advert section in the Dog Pound to see how to write the most effective advert, about sending photos, and how it all works. Please ensure that you have read PrivacyData Protection, if you might want to give some thought about your email and who else might read it.
The Form

PrivacyData Protection
Free E-Mail

Change Advert/Profile
Create Account


Some joining notes are available in
L`aide Unterstützung Ayuda Aiuto

-goto start of form-jump to from.

The Dog House Contact List is for self-identified adults into an specialised area of SM referred to as dog training. In the most basic sense this is where a slave is treated as a dog, and behaves (made to behave) as such.

Your advert will be published both in the Dogpound and in the news letter for those member not on line. Those other members can email you directly, or send written correspondence to the Doghouse, and it is the forwarded. You can be removed from the list at your own request or if you are unable to be contacted for a period of time.

Please check your entry in the list for errors when it appears - the list manager assumes no liability for errors in your entry, or for consequences arising from having your name included in the list.
If you have found errors then you would need to report them to us.
Entries are usually added within 48 hours, although sometimes I may be travelling and things can take up to 14 days, ideally you will get eMail notification when you have been added, where you will be invited to check your entry. If you do not have your own eMail account but access this site via a CyberCafé you may wish to get a Free E-Mail account.
There is a Cost of Membership is waved (till full launch) if all transactions are electronic.
Membership costs are incurred when members are not online and also want the Newsletter etc

Use common sense when entering into a scene or meeting with someone who responds to your entry - it is difficult to verify the identity or integrity of someone over the Internet.

Data Protection Statement (privacy)

In submitting this form, I understand that The DogHouse will be holding this given information about me. This information maybe used as part of membership research surveys ( - know your customer - ), a subset of this information will be published in the membership list, which has a high degree of accessibility, as is the intent of an advert. (Mailing photos to this site is taken to mean...)

There is more than just Human tops and animal subs!

An AlphaDog is a dom-canine (i.e. a topdog), as passive as a hungry Wolf, but still an animal with a Canine soul. When 2 dogs play with each other (on their own or for Master) one might become the dom of the pair. Likewise a human slave may enjoy training a dog, he would be a Trainer, but still a human slave.
The Section says really what you are looking for, the sub-section says more about you, are you a dog that likes to play top or very much submissive ? Likewise there is a difference between submissive/dominant, Active/passive and sadistic/masochistic, they do not always fit in the same person. A Master might be get his kicks from developing a slave/pup more than inflicting pain on him -- for more info see kinds of slaves.
It is quite valid to a dogboy to be looking for another to play with, this is expected with the distribution of Tops to Subs - and for a Master it is nice to have a dogboy at each boot, and a great sense of pleasure seeing a couple of 'pup' playing together.


The Form



If you  use real name below, your name is hidden and  your 'nickname' would be shown insteadmore info All the information that you provide in this page, goes into your ON LINE ADVERT for other people to see. If you do not want that  -YOU- have to take steps to prevent it.
Name: (Last, First) e.g. Doe, John as it would appear on the adverts page

Email: (Required)   e.g. or
Likewise do not use shared or Business eMail accounts.
The Father of one slave discovered his son was gay (let alone that he was a slave...) when the Father got some eMail from a Master - The Father was a bit of a Homophobe, and I do not like to think of the problems that kid is going through. Likewise
Alta Vista indexed these pages it is easy to find from that your eMail address. This is usually ok until you discover how well Business and open Dog Slavery marry.
-goto top-Use Webmail or HotMail then it is private to you,
CC:Mail is not private either.
Your complete eMail is required so that the man of your dreams can contact you, other wise I will delete your email, so no Master for you.

About Me

Section 1
Who are you ?

Your complete eMail is required so that the man of your dreams can contact you, other wise I will delete your email, so no Master.
o not use shared or Business Email accounts.
The Father of one slave discovered his son was gay (let alone that he was a slave...) when the Father got some eMail from a Master - The Father was a bit of a Homophobe, and I do not like to think of the problems that kid is going through. Likewise Alta Vista indexed these pages it is easy to find from that your eMail address. This is usually ok until you discover how well Business and open Dog Slavery marry. -goto top-Use Webmail or HotMail then it is private to you, CC:Mail is not private either.
You might also want to explore if the police in you locale are into "entrapment" on the Internet. Typically where people were arrested in several states for simply visiting a website run by the feds. So you thought the USA was a democracy.
My Nickname
There are many people listed as "Dogboy", but if you want your name hidden, you need something.
You could use your IRC nickname that you use on #gaysm or #gaydogslave.
Your  ICQ Number ()
If you a ICQ user and would like immediate contact you can put your number in here which could allow you to meet up right now.


How did you find out about us ?

This will really help us to better place information where other pups and potential Owners will find it. If it was on a web site, magazine or the place we would like to know so that we can continue supporting that choice. Remember its your club and the more members, the more chance of finding the right partner for you.

Are we getting it right  ?

Sorry to do this to you, but I would really like to know what you think of the site what I can do better, what more things I can give you.
It also helps for me to know if you are at work or at home in your rubber or leather, with a toy like a butt plug or gasmask. Maybe you are there with a butt-plug in under your rubber chastity shorts, or in your skinhead gear feeling your boots good and secure on your feet, or maybe with just your dog collar on, perhaps with some tit clamps on ?   For a slave it is almost like being correctly dressed for his prospective Master, offering him proper respect that is due him, just as you might when you start to email each other before you become Master and slave.


your Email (eg  or )

Assume there is no privacy. Your Boss can read your mail at work, the Cops can read it at home, the Government reads it all anyway unless you do something about it. Search engines Search the web - since thedoghouse is highly ranked on many search engines, your email and or name can be found. With this in mind use your nickname and know that the email ID use use will be found.
If in doubt best get a secure web based email service from

your Name (eg Dole,John)
First name=john
Last name=Dole.
check.gif (662 bytes)Check this box to HIDE your name from appearing on the advert.
Do you want to be a Dog House Volunteer ?
your Nickname    Mine is 'TopDog1' so my profile is
How ?

If so where ?
How did you Find Out About Us? (required)
What is your favourite section on the site?

How often do you visit our site?

Where are you now ?
How would you rate TheDogHouse Site?

If we did not meet your expectations, what could we do better ?
Are we getting it right? (required)

This helps better meet your needs in TheDoghouse web site

How often do you wear fetish gear?

Where do you wear your fetish gear?

What are you wearing now ?

Any toys?

What are your favourite toys?
Right Now? (required)
A lot of people browse this site when in some gear, some just naked with their collar on and a butt plug in.
Others quickly nip onto the site from work during their lunch hour.
Favourite Fantasy (what do you think of the most, what you like to see more of in these web pages)
You might get some ideas from what you see on the site, or ones that you have had for many years.

Jump to next bit
Where are you ?

This increases the chances of getting someone near you, as the adverts are grouped, ideally finding someone in the same community as you.

Time Zone:

All time zones assume an offset to GMT (London) regardless of daylight-saving, and typically choose a major city in that zone. For example Eastern Standard Time is "GMT-5", Central European Time = "GMT+1" and of course Greenwich London is GMT+0.


This is your international dialling code as Country (City).
For example Central London is
+44(207) and San Francisco is +1(415) . Where if you were dialing from outside to access the USA use '1' and the UK use '44', this information can be located in any Phone book. This has been simplified to a country code pull down

CITY Location: (City,Province/County,Country)

What is the Biggest City that is near to you or that you are in ?
Eg City,Country: "London, England","Amsterdam, Netherlands", "Ljubljana, Slovenia", "Hamburg, Germany" ,"NYC,NY,USA"
Or City,Province,Country: "Sydney,NSW,Australia", "Ottawa,ON,Canada", "Minneapolis,MN,USA".

Please ensure the state locations tie up with the pull-down list below where possible, ans will also allow to to correct any Omissions.

CITY District: (District,PostalCode)


Where are you in this Large City as you might want someone on your side of town?
Many big cities such as London were once made up of small towns that just joined together. The District information is that which has meaning to people that live there or know the city. Please keeps this the same was what your local post office might use. This means that I can cluster adverts closer together, so you can find someone of your side of town.
Eg District,Postal Code: In London it might be "Tooting, SW17", in Amsterdam it might be "Centrum", in Hamburg it might be "St. Pauli" in NYC it might be "Manhattan"


These states include those in Canada.
Greater Europe is the greater EC, The Far East(China/Japan region) is FE, those outside are UKN
This list is updated from the City Location you give above.


How far are you prepared to travel to be with the person of your dreams?
You may say "I will just move to his country" but what about work permits and the ability to apply your skill in that country. Not a problem if money is not an issue. Immigration are much the same in every country, they do not want you to be a burden on the State. 

The items in green are essential -
that is there is no point wasting your time if you ignore this info.


your Time Zone Choose by city, NYC, London, Paris, Sydney etc
your PhoneCode Eg. San Francisco is 1(415),
Central London is +44(207) so enter 207
your Country
your Location (see above)
Eg. E17 London, England. Queens, NYC, USA
your City District (see above)
This is a sub area of your City. Such as "E17", "Queens" or SF Bay Area
your State/Province Eg CA: California, BC: British Columbia, EU: European Union  UNK: Other. (Find State)
EMEA - Europe, Middle East&Africa
Vic/NSW/etc for Australia
your Mobility
What are you ?
This is a pan-sexual (not just gay)!
Are you a Dom/Top/Master/Dog lover/Owner or are you a Sub/slave/dog/pig/animal as the adverts are broken up into those that are just submissive (slaves) and those that are Dom (Masters and alpha/top dogs).
It is possible to have an topdog that just plays with slaves, preferring his 'own kind'.
your Sexual Orientation
you Fuck ?
your SM Role (Master or Slave)
you are Male
Your Role detail? (more info)
There are not Just Master and Just slaves ?
There are Top Son's for Submissive Dads, there are Tops that are sexually passive. Then there are Pigs, pigDogs
your Role Detail

Life style and training Interests
you are into Dog Training
you are into Pony Training
you are into Pig Training
you are into slave Training
you are (a Son) looking for an Older Dad ?
you are into Motor Bikes  or  Bikers

Do you want to join the DogHouse Digest.
This is hosted by you can join later by going to the community page.
This allows you to chat with like minded people and get the latest news mailed to you.
Do you provide a "Professional Service" ?
That is are you working in the sex industry and you expected to be paid for sex? Please include your URL to your web page later if you have one.

Socio-Economics. What do you do ? How do you see yourself ?
Most successful relationships are with people that are like themselves (see social tribes below), eg professionals are more likely to be partnered with the same. A Social Tribe are groups seem to stick together, "like attracts like". This is also how you see yourself. Likewise people maybe looking for a rubber dog or a Skinhead Master. 

your Industry
your Occupation
your Education
your Social Tribe
your Attachments

How Fast is your Modem/Connection to the Internet ?

Languages:  (English, Spanish, German, Dutch...)
You know that this is an English language site, what is your first language, the one that you most prefer to communicate in ?
This will allow us to look at translation priorities. We have no plans to translate into "Dog English".
Assume that Own Language and First Language to be the same. I have left the free form text entry, as every now and again I see a Language that I never heard of before being entered. The First language is assumed to be Country Based, and the Secondary language is the one that you can be understood the best in and is not locale based. You could almost say IRC English!

Own Language
your Own Language
eg  German, English
or put in a list,
your First Language
eg English, German
your Secondary Language

Your Stats.
There are loads of sub kids out there looking for guys (Dads) over 45yo as you only get experience with age.
It depends what the guy wants. Imagine the difference of the guy +30 years of SM experience or 2 years.
This both true of a Master or a slave. A really experienced slave can give a Master wider breadth (as he has tried everything).
Where as a young kid has it all to come, and is unlikely to be able to cope with panic attacks or able to control his own mind to give maximum pleasure to the Master.
The reality tends to be that if you see someone in a bar, you either like them or you don't - they do not have age labels on them.
Weight : 1 lb(#) = 0.5 kg or 200lb = 90.7 kg;
Height : 1 ft = 0.3 metre  or 6ft = 1.8m

your Age. If you say nothing that age is set to 99 so put something, even if it is just how old you look.
  Date of Birth
your Race
your Hair
your Eyes
your Weight (These are just a rough guide)
your Height (6ft   = 1.8m/180cm)
You may already have a Master or Dog you just want the Brotherhood of like minded friends.
If you select "I am already Owned" it implies that you are not actively seeking sexual contacts of any kind.
You may want a Master just when you are horny or to have the chain locked forever around your neck and in a 24 hour a day 7 days a week slave.
  your Goal
If you are already owned you can still be looking for liked minded friends.

your Bandanna
If there was just one bandanna colour in your back pocket what would it be ?

The text areas below you can cut and paste into. This means that you can use NotePad or something with a spelling checker in it to write and prefect the advert then past it into the spaces below.
If these are blank that advert will have something like "no bdsm interests" or "Nothing Special" are you looking for a nothing special unexciting guy ?

your Other Attributes

Other than your good looks, what other attributes do you have ?
Are your Hairy like a Bear ?
What kind of  Piercings or Tattoos to you have ?
Are you muscular, slim, have milky or olive skin ?
There is nothing good or bad here, look in the mirror or ask a friend what he sees ?

your Other  Interests

You have interests other than sex, you have other passions don't you ? Maybe you like Fast Motorbikes or car racing, or You maybe crazy about football? What about the Arts, Movies or Sci-Fi ? What about music ? If you get on with each other you may want to go to the same kind of disco, but if its a choice between HiNRG and Metalica... What about the difference between two Gay Bikers one with a BMW and the other with a Yam R1 or ZX9!
your SM Interests
What are you into from an SM point of view. Please use commonly accepted abbreviations such as BD, BC, CP, TT, VA, WS, RP SM, CBT, SD, Electro, BC, Exhib, Humili.
For examples see "Interests"
<< load example
Defaults to "Has no SM or other sexual interests!"


you Read ?

What Mags or Freebies do you read ?
Select all that apply. You can hold down the CTRL key when clicking to select more than one.
If there is one not listed please add it to 'Other' box. If it is a free mag and has a URL address, please email me about it.

Section 4
Ok,Here is your BIG chance to sell yourself.
What do you want?

Be honest and open, if you are novice about something say so.
Nothing pisses off a Master more that a slave claiming that he is into all these things, and the moment he is tied up the Master finds out the slave has done nothing!
There are some Masters, that might go ahead anyway (it is called Managing Expectations).
You might find it easier to compose your advert in Word, then spell check it, then cut and paste it into here. It allows you to think how best to market yourself. It is often good to change your advert often, as it keeps them fresh, and you might have more SM experiences in the mean time and want to try that as well.
For God sake write something!
Would you reply to a an advert where the person could not be bothered to say anything.
If you do write "I want a Master" then want kind, some big stinking ouff that hates rubber/leather, that never washes, that grunts rather than speaks, that never finished school, like Homer Simpson on a bad day, or do you want something more than that ?
You Choose: Master one  , Master two , slave three, boy four, dog five
You might want to write your advert in English as well as your own language. Just write it for the person you are looking for. Please put something in here even if it is to say you just want to be a member and you will write a better advert later. your Advert (Required)
Section 5
Please save the picture in JPG format with a file name as your email name, EG
If you could write your email on it that would be even better, this would stop other people saying it was them!
DONT send pics called something like  "me.jpg", who is "me"?

It might not hurt putting putting your email address on your picture, as I have had people take pictures off this site and use it as a fake for when they answer adverts. The worst was when a guy had his own picture sent back to himself in response to an advert from another guys claiming it was his own !
The doghouse will scan in a picture for your advert, just send the picture in the post to the doghouse, if you want it back then enclose postage/SAE to achieve that.

Now take a quick look at the picture before you send it. Do you look like the kind of guy that you are looking for ?  For example a Biker might want to see a picture of you in your leather on your bike - he would be less impressed with a picture of you at work or at a wedding reception. Remember you are selling/promoting yourself. See the page on sending a photo for more information if this needs to be clearer.

Yes Show my photo on the Doghouse website. If you want a photo with your advert then send it to me at and I will attached it to your advert.
My other profile URL is www....

This will also be listed in the 'members home pages' section.
Do you have a web page ?
Lots of people now have a basic web page  or a  profile else where such as those below.
You can add this information later. 
Section 6
Now that the Cops can intercept your personal and private mail and read it without a Court Order.
Your boss at work can read your mail, your flat mate could read your mail at home,  you might consider using encrypted eMail (, web mail etc.
Password protection of your PC  would not stop anyone accessing the MS Exchange server to get your mail at work, you have to give these things consideration.

This site is also read by Google and other search engines - so do not use an email address you want to hide.

-return to Data Protection-Mailing photos to this site is taken to mean:
I give my permission for The Dog House to display the details and any pictures (sent as attachments) in which I appear on its WWW site, due to the nature of the WWW access to the information that you have supplied about yourself will be uncontrolled (unless password security is put in place). I also understand that unknown persons may obtain copies of the pictures/information supplied from the web site and my publish them without reference to The Doghouse.
I relinquish all claims to copyright and forfeit all rights against the Doghouse relating to these pictures just like all the other sites.

* Sending a photo
* Scanning a photo to send

Section 1

Pressing Submit! will cause the data entered to be processed and mailed to the doghouse, you will have a sample of the data returned to you. Forms submitted with missing contact and other critical data with be deleted.

eMail feedback

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