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Slave Auctions

Slave Auctions
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Public Auction of slave For many slaves the process of being sold is a very real need, it covers many aspects, but the bottom line I think is the authenticity of slave hood. There is something not quite right when you just select a Master or a slave, in a Bar or in some personal adverts. There is something very real and special about someone exchanging money to get you. To seeing a slave up on the auction block, with his dignity stripped away and all that he is is on display. Likewise you cannot get away from the assertion that as a Master has paid for you, that he has more rights that if you accepted the offer "you wanna come back to my place?"

So one slave asks...
"I humbly ask you information on (HOW) do I go about getting myself auctioned off at a Slave-Auction. How do I get myself put up on the auction block? I need to get myself auctioned off at a Slave Auction and it's my (BIGGEST) need, my fantasy to be a 24/7 Dog-Slave in Bondage and S&M at it's (MOST) extreme. I'm (DESPERATE) to be (PUBLICLY) humiliated, exhibited and tortured for my Owner's enjoyment as well as my Human Superiors. (PLEASE) help me to do this.
Sincerely, a humble slave-pup. "

So what is the purpose of this page ?
Slave auctions go way back, and in recent times they have been well active at any BDSM event, typically to raise money for good causes. The contract lasts for an agreed duration and is scoped. This is for the benefit of all parties concerned, as there are other kinds of slaves in the world where Consent is not given, for example:

  • In India, many of the Carpets that you see being sold are made by child slaves. These children are stolen from their parents and are locked in work houses to make 'fine Indian carpets' which many Europeans and Americans pay a lot of money for. The life of these children is poor, and their only hope is for the Indian Government to locate them and return them to their Parents. For it to be happening proves that it is some how accepted. Carpets that are not made with child slaves have a special label on them, the prices is no indication that slaves were not used.
  • In some  countries it was also acceptable to sell off your children to pay off debts.
  • In some rich Arabian countries it is acceptable to have a Philippians servant and to abuse them, to take their Passport away and to pay them in food. Without their passport they are obviously illegal citizens and will be (harshly) deported, typically they cannot speak the language of the country they live in, they have no one to seek help from. In the UK there was a problem of certain 'visitors' bringing 'employees' into the country that fitted into this scenario.

We may like to think that this sort of thing does not exist, except there is still a lot of activity from the 'Anti-Slavery' loby, so in countries like the US, Europe etc there are old anti slavery laws, that did not take into account BDSM needs. So some homophobic groups choose to use such laws to harass BDSM slave auctions. Hence the need for some clarification.


The purpose of this page is to allow BDSM slaves to allow themselves to go safely though a Slave Auction process that is both mutually beneficial to all parties concerned, and is in agreements to all parties concerned. From the outside is is just a game, the the inside it is a little more. So knowing that every BDSMer loves a good auction it would make a sense to:

  • Outline some successful slave auction styles. See "What makes for a good slave auction".
  • Announcing or getting to know where one might be held.
  • Getting put forward 'for sale' and getting Sold


Any Auctioneer has a responsibility,  to ensure that the goods offered are genuine - Southeby's (purposely miss spelt) have to check the authenticity of what they sell before they sell it!!

Do not apply if the following apply

  • If the applicant sets out limits.
    Any slave who wants to be sold and owned can have no limits - it would be a contradiction in terms.

Consequently this is a fantasy and so please just Place an Advert in the Joining Page. You can still find a Master via that route, and still be very happy.

Public Auction of slave - Click here for larger picWhat Makes for a good Slave Auction ^
Well you need to take good advice from an experienced event planner. Of all the events that you have been to, what are the things you remember? I would put forward  qualities such as Atmosphere, Content, Professionalism. What do you take away with you - other than a slave? Usually a good vibe. You saw loads on great looking guys (whatever you think a great looking guy is, a Skinhead and a Bear are likely to have very different views).   It really would not hurt to have a theatrical organizer who is able to help 'put on a show' as it is there to be entertaining.
I would suggest that each of the contestants would need to have a number, and I would get off on seeing this painted on them, even a bar code would be cool.
It would be an interesting thought of selling a slave on EBAY.COM :)

What goes into event planning ?
Well good planning is one key attribute, promotion, getting the atmosphere right. Don't be afraid to ask for help, and get your delegation skills so you can get the job done.
There are some web sites that have planning tools that address 'event planning' for the most part they assume that there is only one event to plan for and that is a wedding, however a few understand that any event has much the same ingredients, that you have invitations, guest lists, food and drink, location, location setup, entertainment. This is not to say they are remotely geared up for a Slave Auction, but there are common features to an event, regardless of the topic.
You might like to have a look at the following sites, they are all international, and some are multilingual:

  • - address events of all kinds. Features Todo Lists, Guest lists, Seating planning, Venue selection, Catering and other B2B / B2C services.
  • - is more for weddings has a selection of other services.
  • etc.

Announcing the Auction^
The Doghouse plans to announce such events is the what's happening pages, so this is one place you may wish to place your notice. However thinking of what type of person you would want to attend (like serious players, not giggling queens) you might want to see about what magazines you would want to target. So what kind of publications are they likely to read ? Balance that against what free publications that everyone might read. One test is to go into your local leather bar and see what free are there and see which is the ones that go the fastest and advertise in them.

If you are planning an Slave Auction then please email the Doghouse so we can promote it in the relevant web pages.
The details that we need include any URL of the formal announcement, contact info, attendance conditions, venue, typical attendees (is it gay, pan sexual, or hetro only ?)

Getting Sold ^
Well this a mixed bag. Can you handle the rejection if no one bought you ? It is the aspiration of many slaves to be bought, and as commodities you need to be desirable, and you have to transform yourself is to what the potential buyers. I would suggest that you decide on what potential buy you hope f9or, and determine what typically they go for. Much like why skinheads look for other skinheads, and bears looks for bears, typically. You might want to invest in time down the gym, to improve the over all look, however some guys don't go for Muscle guys other do.
You need to do some serious mental preparation, are you going to honour side of the bargain? What if the Master that bought you is not your type - you still have to go through with it for the agreed period. Then is this is a form of 'arranged marriage' are you mobile enough to move in and become a 24/7 slave ?

If you have a desire to be Sold at Auction then please email the Doghouse you may wish to include a suitable picture with your application.

Your Feedback ^
It could well be that there is little interest, but all the indicators from the readership of the Doghouse is that there is interest.
I would welcome your feedback, any ideas that you have, if this sort of thing appeals to you, what auctions that you have been to or organized and if you are prepared to help.
If you have any pics that relate to slave auctions that I would be interested in seeing them.

Public Auction of slave Story ^
There are countless stories of Slave Auctions, as well as the whispers of the real under ground network of Masters buying slaves is a very real way. Here is where REAL masters buy REAL slaves committed to their slavery, not them it is not just a weekend thing. As with all good stories it is based of some reality and is embellished to make a good read - this is the skill of any good novelist.
There are many stories that I like, the one(s) that I choose are there to demonstrate a point or for suggestion only.

Those will be for another day.

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