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Slaves need constant training

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Sometimes this feels the most important thing in the world (until you change Masters for some reason). Consider the reason why the slave is marked and what it is saying about him and how good he feels about it. It can be a bit like the old Sailors tattoos, with all his Girl friends names crossed out on his arm. Better to mark some other event/rite of passage, like the moment that he was 'Born' as a slave unto his Master. So It celebrates his discovery of his slave self, which just happen to be with Master X.

It could be the height of ego for a Master to have "Property of John Doe" tattooed on the slave, like why does the Master need this to ensure that the slave will be with him; to some this is like tempting fate. Should you have a whole series of Masters, you would have a problem.
Where as if the slave had "Property of Master X" this is ambiguous, but makes the point.

Generic 'Marking'  of slaves is discussed for all slaves on the web site of  Tanos, where the doghouse is focused on the SM Animal, Tanos is more general to the Master/Slave scene.

Permanent Markings -

This is when a slave can possibly see himself as a canvas for his Masters pleasure.
Depending on your view point it can be seen Art or self mutilation.

Temporary Markings -

A slave would have typically entered into the Leather Community with a collar/chain on his neck that he placed there ready for his prospective owner to take the key, equally well he might have bondage cuffs on his wrists, implying that he is ready for your use. 

neckcode.gif (54734 bytes)

Ownership -

One important thing is the concept of belonging. We all need to belong somehow. Through markings, through S&M, we belong. We lose race, colour, gender. There is nothing there except what we want and what we want to do, and in that sense, we belong.

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