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There is an imperative in a slave (less so in a sub or bottom) to be OWN is some unequivocal way.
For a Dogslave for sure there seems to be some kind of 'panic' not 'belonging' it natural to belong to a pack, there is the security of belonging, just as a Master has a natural protective urge towards his boy, his pup, however much he might abuse him.


 Some Thoughts ^

"I like to have my boys pierced so that I can locks their cocks to their hafadas at the base of their ball so they cannot wank. They have this chastity locked on all the time making erections are very difficult.
This get unlocked only when the slave visits me and even then he does not get to cum every visit if he does not  behave.   I can remember sitting in the office as hard as a rock thinking that even at this distance I had such control over this guy.
It was a great sensation - the knowledge of the control used to get me horny at the worst possible moments."
This sort of thing means a lot to a slave

How Others See it ^

One important thing is the concept of belonging. We all need to belong somehow. Through piercing, through S&M, we belong. We lose race, colour, gender. There is nothing there except what we want and what we want to do, and in that sense, we belong. That's important to me, and I think it's important to a lot of people. We don't have heterosexual or gay: we all belong to one group of people who enjoy being who they want to be. There are no limits. We are all in the same family. Master Logden (

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