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Total Control Ownership


Some thoughts worth considering. What importance is there in Ownership (Owning and being Owned/Belonging to). What impact is there of control, who is it that controls you, compare the differences between your boss, the state or your Master controlling you. Now how can you make this work in the real world. How can you have full on slavery to your Master in this world, what balance is there between your career and your need to server Master.


I like to have my boys pierced so that I can locks their cocks to their hafadas at the base of their ball so they cannot wank. They have this chastity locked on all the time making erections are very difficult.

This get unlocked only when the slave visits me and even then he does not get to cum every visit if he does not  behave.   I can remember sitting in the office as hard as a rock thinking that even at this distance I had such control over this guy.
It was a great sensation - the knowledge of the control used to get me horny at the worst possible moments.

                                            This sort of thing means a lot to a slave


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