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Advanced dogslave Training Techniques....
The following assumes that you know what you are doing and that you have a high degree of trust and empathy between the slave and The Master
 Temporary Neutering
Ever wished your slave would stop performing irritating habits? Ever wondered if you could get your pup to stop complaining about your bad habits? In this advanced form of training, you can "mould" your dog slave into a pup that only wants to serve, does not care about anything except you...
 Devotion Training
This makes it easier for the slave to do anything you want him to do for you. From his point of view he truly believes that you are all that matters, not because of 'rules'. Seeing a slave melt in submission and devotion is such a special thing, yielding to his Master/Owner without reservation is something to strive for.
Advanced Toilet Training 
This is where it can get messy.  If piss, shit and filth can put you off then you might not want to delve too deeply here.
However this section also covers the normal toilet functions as well.
Total Control and Ownership 
More than anything else the slave should feel that he is the 'victim' of his Masters will. A bottom on the other hand tells the Top what he wants, telling the Top what to do, the slave is told what Todd. He does it gladly or knows that he will be punished, as it is the Masters right.  

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