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Toilet Training

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Dogs get dirty, the number of times that I have had to clean Fox shit of a certain genetic dogs face, as he hides his own scent with that of the Fox. So it seems this is not an unusual part of SM DogTraining.  So what is 'advanced' Toilet Training ?  Whatever you want it to be, so long as it moves the slave further from where he is now.

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So what is 'advanced' Toilet Training ?
So I have found out whatever you want it to be, so long as it moves the slave further from where he is now.

One of my puppies tells me
"One a my fondness recollection's was my hands tightly bound behind my back wearing boots, harness, hood and collar/leash being piss over and then forced to lick up all the piss on the bathroom floor to the last drop while being whipped with a riding crop, felt like such a grunting barking pigdog."
This kind of stuff makes the slave feel closer to what he truly is. You can take two views. One view is the total control of the slave, Master forcing him to be the disgusting vial creature only fit to take Masters waste, or the Master humiliating that slave as his pisses over him.
The slave may also just love and take everything that comes out of Masters body, as he totally worships his Master, or falling into the depths of depravity.


Toilet training includes:

  • How
    Like  squatting like a dog in the garden, pissing against the yard wall, pissing into the piss gag that is strapped to his own face as he is tied spread-eagle on the bed?

  • Where
    What of in public and at Home.
    What if you give your puppy an enema or laxative, and then make him walk home, can he keep it in, what about the humiliation if he meets someone and they notice the smell, would the fear of that affect his self control ?

  • When
    Like begging Masters permission to be allowed to piss and just holding it in when permission is denied.
    The dog needs to scratch/bark at the door to go out, or he might be inside, and begging for   permission to piss/shit, and just holding it in when permission is denied
    What then when  the dog cannot hold on any longer (and so get punished), he might just be chained up in the shower in his jeans to see how long he can hold on.
    The Master often takes steps by locking a butt plug up the slave ass using one of the chastity devices and locking away the doggy cock, the slave know that he he begs to have it removed that he will be required to clean it, and most likely a bigger one might go up there.

  • What
    Is it is just piss or shit.
    I know of very few dogs that are not into some aspect of Toilet Training, many are into piss and shit. It takes a little practice to get the slave eating shit from the Masters hole, and yet for some shits is easier than piss. I know of one slave who just cannot handle the smell of piss (can cope with the taste), having less problems with shit. From an outsiders point of view they are both disgusting, but they are both quite different, with their own subtleties.
    There is some caution with piss as just with warm water it can make you sick. There is also a little practice needed in relaxing your tongue so that piss can go straight down your throat.

  • Who
    It is usual for the slave to be train to lick the butt plugs clean that are taken out of the slaves ass. Initially the slave will then make sure that his ass is well clean before the Master plays with him, but the slave will never know the one exception that begins his training.
    From a health point of view it is better that the slaves takes his own waste, this can be more humiliating. The slave is more likely to have the need to take it from his God like Master or from another slave.

 In the back yard
This includes how well he goes to toilet in the back yard.
  • Does he have good balance when he is squatting, or does he fall back into the mess he has just dumped.
  • How well does he cock his leg when having a piss against the wall.
  • Does he whimper and bark at the back door (convincingly) to be let out and let back in, so that neighours would thing there is a real dog there, not a naked collared man, with a dirty ass.
  • Some Masters like to train the dog to shit without needing to clean their ass after. This is typical of dogs that have learnt to be fisted as they can control their inner sphincter and almost drop that down to shit from there and so keep the outer hole cleaner.
 Self control
A slave or a dog asks permission to be allowed to got to the toilet from his Master.

So if a the Master wants the slave to have 2 days worth of shit up his ass.. so be it


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