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Humiliation & Degradation differs in its common use outside of (consensual) SM.
Humiliation /hju:`mIlI,eIt/to Injure the dignity or self-respect of, a humble condition.

You cannot imagine tolerating   humiliation in the work place, and yet it all seems to change when it is with your Master or an interaction in a SM environment.
One example was a guy in a SM bar wearing the worst and most baggy bib jeans under a pair of leather chaps. They look awful and got a lot of derisory comments. Until you discovered his attention to detail in every thing he did to invite such a reaction - He really got off on the publics disgust of him.
What  about activities like boot licking, being on all fours collared and leashed by your Masters side, drinking piss, eating shit, lapping up vomit, eating your food from a dogs bowl or off the floor, eating dog food, putting the polish on your Masters boots using your cheeks and then taking the shirt off your back and polishing your Masters boots ?
That which previously would have been an affront to your personal dignity-and yet it all changes in an SM/perv context. How it is degrading when you get some passive little slave licking your boots with such an appetite, that you feel his tongue massaging your feet, and lost all the polish off your boots! It is hard to imagine him fining it genuinely degrading, because of the context - if it was switched from someone/cult sub-type that he idolises  (powerful 'FuckOff!' skinhead for example) to that say of his father or employer. wpe128.jpg (8935 bytes)
A slave or SM perv take quite a different view. What of the slave to loves licking his Masters boots, loves lapping his piss up off the floor, feel content and at one with the world when he is bound secure on the floor under his Owners boots, what of him ?

What of the slave who is proud in his sense of achievement as he has drunk his Master dry (and his friends), and not missed any ? What of the slave licking every morsel of shit from his Masters hand or licking his dog bowl clean reaching into every corner returning the bowl in his mouth back to his Masters feet - gleaming ?

The slave may in fact, feel most himself when his Master treats him as his  slave/dog/pony and the slave appreciates this finding his place in the world Humiliating a submissive brings out the slaves humility. Slaves  like to have others see them as they see themselves and when they have come to terms with their identity, they are proud of their submissiveness.
So the slave loves it when their Master embarrasses them by controlling them in front of others, or showing them off. However In a society that does not accept sub/Dom play, a Dom must choose these others with care. Typically being an SM/Leather friendly environment. Here the slave is being shown with his own kind.
For 'Switches' (both Top and Sub) they can have serious inner confusion and at one moment this are swimming in the sea of submission, then at another instance that hate that fact and reject it. Hence why there can be some serious risk in this kind of play. It is up to the Master to know his slave and to be able to read him like a book and sense where the slaves emotions are going.

Slaves typically need reminding of their place and the Masters power over them.

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