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You can uses the pull down combo boxes on this page and then print it off (CTRL-P) and fill out the rest by hand for when you go to meet another SM player. Members of the doghouse can have this deeper profile attached to their advert on the web site so that Others Masters can print off a full resume of the prospective slave, photo and all.

Having a profile like this helps to set expectations. Please be honest, as nothing will destroy a scene faster is when the slave arrives and his personal statistics are all fiction.
Cynics of the Internet usually say add 5 years to the age that they claim, his cock is 1 inch short that he claims, and add 2 inches to his waist size. So if you are honest they will add those numbers anyway ?
Do not think that the "Oh well I am here now, we might as well play" will work, I know of a few people who have had the door shut in their faces because their personal statistics were a lie.

So how can you have success?

  • Include a representative photo. If you find it attractive/horny so might he?
    A picture of you at the office or opera is not as effective as you in fully leather/rubber?
  • It is ok to say that you are really into something, but distinguish between when you have EXPERIENCED and what you just wank off about.
    You really know what piss tastes like?
  • Try and be 'up for it' don't get too excited and wank off before you are meant to turn up, as more than likely you will not arrive there, you will not tell him (what would you tell him!), you then get a reputation for being ALL TALK. Then your chances reduce even further.
  • Set realistic expectations. If you don't know how much CP you can take - say so.
    It is far better to undersell yourself and to exceed his expectations, that to over sell yourself (to get a toe in the door) only to find that he is disappointed from the first!
  • Agree a 'Safe word' that you both understand to mean Stop!
    Best not to uses the word "Stop" as sometimes that means 'more', 'Master do what you want with me', best use either his formal name (the one that his Mother would use), or something that is so far out of context it will grab his attention.
    Some Masters enjoy making the slave 'beg using something Humiliating to end that part of the scene - so that the slave would not use it by chance, and would do almost anything not to say/do the exit phrase. The Master knows that the slave really means it when he says it.
    It is useful to have 2 levels, one where you inform the Master (about circulation perhaps) and when you have had enough. It is better to pause the scene and have a break that to cut it dead!


The Doghouse


Written in Confidence





Link and sync with DogHouse Advert

E-mail address



Nickname Name do you
wish to be called by ?


Do you have a sexual web page, what is the URL? 
Is English your First Language?




Hair colour


Hair style


Hair facial


Hair body






Body type






Waist size


Shirt size


Can you accommodate overnight


Can we play at your place


List equipment you own,
for example...


  • Hoods, Muzzle

  • Gags

  • Butt plugs/Dildoes

  • Harnesses

  • Crops/tawses/floggers/canes.

  • Electro toys

  • Sleepsack / Straight jacket

  • Suspension

  • Restraints – leather/rubber/metal ?

  • Leash, Dog Collar/bowls?

  • Tit Clamps

  • Leather/Rubber gear




Looking for full day, weekend play or just a few hours 






Into uniforms.


Into Skinheads?


Into Leather ?


Into rubber?



Into 501?



Into boots?



Into football kit, shorts etc ?



Into rôle playing? if so what


Relationship you are after?
  • Master/slave

  • Dog/owner

  • Daddy/boy

  • Big brother/little brother

  • Torturer/Victim

  • Guard/Prisoner

  • 50/50 as equals

  • Other or none as such



How far are you prepared to travel ?



Do you drive/ own car or Mortorbike?


Is parking easy at your place?


Do you smoke?


Chemical Friendly? 
Any gay pubs, clubs you use regularly


How into the gay scene are you?

Very much, sometimes, occasionally.


Do you own any gay videos?


Are you in a relationship at the moment?

Fulltime, now and then, one night stands, no

Are you interested in meeting outside the sex scene ie pub, cinema, trips away?


Any medical conditions I should know about?
HIV status


Any pictures of you?

If so please send.



goto top



In this section please complete the "I like" column as follows:
0= under no circumstances
1= not completely out of the question
2= possibly
3= yes I like
4= Yes I like a lot
5= Yes one of my biggest turn-ons

Please place 'E' next to number if you have experienced





I like


Fucking (active)

Fucking (passive)

Suck cock & ball lapping


Butt plugs


Interested in meeting outside sex scene

Cinema pub theatre etc

Interested in taking orders and completing tasks over the net?

What % as a submissive are you?

What % as a Dominant are you



Heavy bondage (immobilisation)

Light bondage

Chained to a wall, on the ground, etc.















Dogcage, slave cage,
Industrial ?

Kept in cell,
Solitary or
On full display?

Locked in gear: Leather/Rubber/Skin ?


Leather or rubber bondage?


Long term



For How Long 









Add CP abuse or leave alone ?


Sleep sack.
Add Torture/forced Training or leave alone ?


Have you any
weaknesses to tell me about ?

In bondage are you:
a novice, experimented a bit, experienced, very experienced

S & M

In some countries (UK) S&M is illegal (Spanner ruling).
If you give your consent to SM you are deemed 'mad' and so unable to give your consent, so it is a crime anyway. Therefore S&M is redefined as heavy role play.
Where heavy is more that you usually have, and light is what you often have.
Heavy beating.

Light beating


Belt beating

Crop, cane, etc.


Whip Flogging.
In bondage, ignore me crying ?


Deep heat




Clothes pins/pegs




Beat up.
No Damage?
Some Danger ?

What kind of Boots;
DMs, Bikerboots ?
Where, any Marks ?

Tits clamps

Tits weights

For what you want ?
For Mercy ?
For release ?

Verbal Abuse:
"You worthless cunt,
Trailer park Trash",
"You ugly Whore!"


SM Talk -
Positive Image/rôle Reinforcement:

"You going to be a good little dog for Master", "Tell my how much you love serving Master"

Dirty Talk -
Positive Image/rôle Reinforcement:

"You like that don’t you dirty cunt", "You a slutty little bitch"


Temporary Piercings.
Are these Mood dependant, Superscenes ?

Give me a Piercing in a scene, or take me to a piercing shops and tell me what to have.


Give me a Tattoo in a scene, or take me to a Tattoo shops and tell me what to have.



Wax on cockhead
or anus

Abrasives. Sandpaper etc.
How much ?


Other. Please specify.




In SM are you:
a novice,
self play (clamps, and toys on my own) experimented a bit with others, experienced or very experienced?


Cock and balls work

Balls weights


Cock blows
With belt, slaps, crop.

As control/motivator/sadism/endurance.

Balls blows.
With belt, slaps, crop.

As control/motivator/sadism/endurance.

Balls stretching

Cock & Ball Torture
...Play piercing?
...Hot wax?

Cock Modification.
...Given a Piercing?

Balls weights


Cock blows
With belt, slaps, crop.

As control/motivator/sadism/endurance.

  • Being a boy-Master to a boy-slave, Top dog to puppy dog.General submission pic - eg slave to his Dad
  • Being a slave, an animal, or the lowest most unworthy thing for the Master, and verbally declaring as such in SM environment ("I'm nothing but an animal, YOUR dog, YOUR slave, Master").
  • Being dildoed, fisted, fucked in a friendly SM environment. Being dominated - dominated by both a Daddy-Master-Dog Trainer/Handler and a boy-Master, slave under Masters guidance.
  • Being dominated in front of other leathermen.
  • Being fisted, Being force fed, licking up my dog food from Masters (rubber/leather gloved hand, sucking fingers clean). Being fucked, Being fucked while Top is wearing a meat tenderiser, slaps me, zaps my cock&balls, makes me pant/whimper bark like the dog that i am.
  • Being loved as a submissive boy-man, human animal slave.
  • Being some leatherman's, skinhead's bottom/boy/slave.
  • Being given a series of enemas, Being trained. Being used as furniture (as in an ashtray, foot stool, etc) Being under my Masters boots (Doc Martens), held in position.
  • Having a lock through my Prince Albert (or other piercing).
  • Holding onto my Daddy/Master/Top's legs. Kneeling in front of my Daddy/Master/Top and holding on tight.
  • Invasive procedure such as sounds, medical equipment, other pipe work.
  • Licking (worshipping) boots and/or feet.
  • Polishing boots with my boot polish and my face, the shirt off my back.
  • Submitting to more then one Daddy/Master/Top - loaned out to Master's trusted friends. Sucking on nipples, licking (like the dog that i am) necks/cropped head (skinheads), facial piercings.
  • Taking my own piss, forced into my mouth along with other liquids, until my bladder is fully manipulated.
  • Learning to take larger dildoes.
  • Learning to take larger enemas.
  • Learning to take Whatever my Master gives me, at whatever cost,bigger-larger-longer.
  • Being 'owned' as Property - BarCode tattoo, locked chain around my neck.
  • Begging (from the depths of my soul), to cum, for him to stop, for more, for anything or everything I want.
Breath control
  • Leather/Rubber gloved hand

  • Hoods and pipes

  • Plastic bag (maybe shity?)

  • Poppers is mixed with shit

  • Held underwater

  • Poppers or air or shit - dont know which...

Chastity shorts/jock/cuff.

To stop slave playing with himself, able to touch the hard-on but with not release, kept on heat all the time, to better serve the Master, compelled into ever deeper depravity.


I am a slave deep to my core, I love feeling this is what I am for every moment I breathe.

Daily reports.
Slave reports on how well he obeys Masters rules, if he played with himself, drooled over anyone, what his fantasies were.


Slave forced to hold on or else?
Deep cleaning or with additives?
Lock on clothing?

Obey Commands or else!

Slave should obey Masters Commands or else face His punishment. This include commands like "Sit!", "Heel", "Fetch", "Lick my butt".

Obey permanent orders.

Slave should obey standing rules that the Master lays down, that become habits, like "the slave must be collared and naked when in the house at all times".



Clothes control.

Forced to dress as Master commands,: as skinhead, leather boy, rubber pig, obvious slave... In public ?

Under Clothes.
...Butt plug and cock strap?

The slave might look normal on the outside, but his sexual tension is at fever pitch as his buu is full, and underneath is biking leathers is full rubber and a hard-on that he cannot get to

Forced Embarrassment.

Slave is taken out in plublic with evedence of   hard on/butt plug showing.
Possibly in tight jeans ot lycra etc.



Forced Orgasm.

As slave punishment ?

Like every hour, one the hour and collect my cum in a spunk bag, and showing Master the video and I self-abuse myself as the cums get more difficult?
Capture this on web cam ?



Forced nudity.

Slave is naked at times when Master chooses, such as at home, in the garden, but what about in public ?



Forced Hair cuts.
...Cropped my Master only.
...In a scene only?

Slave hair is cropped using clippers, how and where Master wants.



Forced Hair Style.
...Forced appearence control?
...Kept dirty?

Slave hair cut how Master wishes - or not at all.
Mohawk, Skinhead, Pony mane, ragged humiliations, Street Tramp



Orgasm Control

Slave should beg to cum, right up to the moment he shoots. Can include instuctions such as only being able to 'hump Masters leg like a Dog, or no Orgasm at all'

Orgasm forbidden

Slave should is allowed hard-ons maybe wanked closed to orgasm, maybe even to the first spirt if he is lucky, but not allowed the relief of full orgasm. Keeping him of heat longer for peak performance for his Master.

Sensory Deprivation

Slave maybe kept bound, hooded and Gagged for periods at Masters decression, where and how Masters wants. This Might be to a Tree, or in a sleep sack, you have to trust that your Master will come for you.
When should he release you, when you haved begged enought, afters a set time has allapsed (time will be longer for you), or some other condition. He might choose to wank you off the first moment he puts you in to bondage, so you will last longer.

Beg for Master

Slave should beg for things he wants or for Mercy. For many, begging puts a slave into a deeper slave frame of mind, like a 'slaves Mantra'. It can also have a powerful effect on a Master.

Which one woks for you, Begging for more and/or Begging to stop?

Private humiliation

Light public humiliation

Public   humiliation

...Even sole ? public?

Master stands on my dog dish and I lick my dog food out form between his Rangers sole ?

Permanent chain(s) public?
...only when Horny?

Taken out in heavy Irons ?
What about your DogCollar ?

Some slaves get Nickle Rash which stops them wearing some metals next to their skin, so as much as I love my doggy collar locked around my neck, even as I feel hopelessly naked when it is not there, it has to come off sometimes.

Collar and leash... public?
...only when Horny?


Shaving ass


Shaving cock and balls


Shaving arm pits


Shaving body

But leave head.

Shaving head


Degradsion public?
...Shock public sensibilities?

Slave is taken out in public, showing off his pricings, the slave chain around his neck, overtly, wearing just his jeans and boots, or a rubber t-shirt.
He could walk ahead on Master so that Master can enjoy all the attention the slave is getting, or may have to walk behind the Master, like he is on a leash.
Being the centre of attention is embarrassing.



...photographed with digital camera.
...Displayed on Web ?
...With/Without face ?

Slave and Master play in public, like Degradation above, but getting off on being the centre of attention.
Being the centre of attention is not at all  embarrassing.


Dog Training

Eat like a dog

In  leather doggy paws, or hand cuffed?
Ok for  face to get real dirty ?
Real Dogfood ?
Cold human food?
Scraps ?

Gob/spit swallowing
... public?
... Lick snot out a nose?
... Sit like a dog begging with mouth wide open?


Golden showers
... public?

Slave gets piss on.


Masters Urinal
... public?
... Add force ?

Slave drinks piss?
Gets Pissed in ?

Eat ass/ Rimming a clean ass.
... public?
... Add force ?
... Add bondage?

Slave licks and sucks as Masters ass hole.


Eat shit
... public?
... Add force ?
... Add bondage?
... Add Verbal?


Master to Train me to be a 5.
Bondage and control a must.

Waiting under a rimming seat, bit gag and effective bondage.
Trained up to be Masters Toilet Paper, wear Masters shit in jeans.

On knees



Forced physical exercise: pushups, situps running etc.

Master is your Personal Trainer ?
Masters inspects your GYM progress, any poor performance is harshly punished?


Physical punishments

Master has the right to exact any physical punishment he see fit, and you will not pursue legal action.
This has to be negotiated at the outset.

Non physical punishments

Master has the right to exact any psychological or other  punishment he see fit, and you will not pursue legal action.


Domestic chores


Feet/pits licking.

Slaves is in bondage on the floor and used as a foot bath ?
Slave licks of Masters sweat where ever/however he commands ?

Care of Master's things

Serve as body servant

Serve as furniture

Outdoor action
i.e. in woods,  beach etc.
...Anonymous Meetings?
...Tied to a Tree?

Leather biker arrives, his visor is down. You are taken from behind, used, abused, you serve, he leaves... all you have to show for it is his cum over your clothes as you catch the bus back home...

To be videoed
...With/without face?
...Put on the web?
...In public?

Training with a second Top?
...should brief other Top?
...let other Top loose?
...Other Top second to Master?


Training with a second bottom?
...being sub slave?
...being 'Masters little helper'?

I get off on servicing slaves, licking their dirty asses/boots, like the lowest slave. Bound up together with piss gag from other slave, after he has taken all of Masters waste.


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