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Of all these things, your integrity, your attention to detail that carries it through.

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Slave Contracts
New Foundations


You might also like to consider what it is that the Master is taking.

From psychological contracts  through to sale of slave.

Principle cantered training is one thing that can make all the difference. Sound principles act as a beacon, a lighthouse guiding you through the mist that may cloud your way..

This really relates to the decorum within the SM community and relative to the dog slave and Trainer.

If I only knew then what I know now.  Better to know  and ignore than to have never known. Self-discovery is a wonderful thing, your really LEARN the lessons, but it can waste time and cause damage.  I am told that I always want to teach people  and not let them discover things for themselves. However, there is so much to learn and discover about SM - one life time is never enough.


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