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This is general advice for both the Master and the slave pup.

Advice to the Owner/Master
You might also like to consider what it is that the Master is taking on, what he wants from a slave and his responsibilities to the slave. The Master acts in the best interest of the slave, to force him to fulfil his destiny, to be professionally, socially, personally, sexually, and every other way exactly the way he was meant to be.
Advice to the dog slave
So, you think you want to be a slave? Whether or not to become a slave is probably the most important decision you will ever make, and it will probably be one of the most difficult. If you are truly meant to be slave, and don't pursue becoming one, you risk living unfulfilled, denying your destiny, and living with the "hole" in your life that keeps telling you that something is missing.
If you decide to become slave, then you must go through the arduous, challenging task of giving up your ego, abandoning being human, and accepting every experience necessary to become that which you are meant to be.
Limits: Real and Imaginary
So what you into? "Everything" he says..., "EVERYTHING....!?"
12 Steps to Humility
This Holy undertaking requires that you believe  in  humbly gazing upon and seeking your Master in a quiet, godly way can transform you into a better  and more contented slave.
Basic Commands
These are a number of Dog Commands that you might need to get you dog used to. The basics include Sit/Heel/Down/Stay/Come, but there are more. In addition to this there are the commands that are directed to his slave side, or where we assume that this breed is slightly more intelligent than most than your average sheepdog.
Slave Training Self Test
The Self Test is based on the that which the anstalt use for general slave training. There are some differences between that for a slave and that for a Dog slave. It is there for a top level guide.

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