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Breath control

Hand over Nose and Mouth
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Gas Masks

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Breath Control

Breath Control

Is about controlling the nature and restricting the flow of air reaching a person. For the Master there is the obvious trill of utter control (of life and death) of the slave, this can be   an exhilarating  experience. The slave will experience the sensation of gradually getting less and less oxygen can be almost overwhelming, fear, panic and the physical practicalities of not getting enough air often lead to intense orgasm and occasionally loss of control of the bodily waste functions ( which is always fun to watch ).

It is a powerful thing feeling the grip of your Masters hand around your throat, as you loose control start to pass out.  Then of the other occasions when some guys just seem to hold their breath in the second or two before their orgasm. There to are the accounts of guys having erection and shooting when being hung, through to that intense feeling when you orgasm when Master is pulling tight on your collar .

There also must be a high degree of trust and rapport between Master and slave

Which technique to use?

This depends on what suits you, on your experience and level of risk. Where some people may find that being strangled is a huge turn on but that the feeling of being slowly suffocated is just too much.

Government Sponsored Torture

This is one of the most effective techniques used by the South African 'police' when interviewing a suspect. It took the form of being tied to a chair with your hands secured behind you. The gas mask is then put on you but the inlet is sealed up. Basically you then tell your interviewer what he wants to hear (the usual failure with torture) or he lets you suffocate. You can see him and he can see you. You can taunt him during his plight. He will just say "tell me what I want to hear and YOU can put an end to YOUR suffering" - so it is obviously not the torturers fault that the victim suffers. Professionally trained torturers tend to use simple equipment - like a bowl of water or a gas Mask is easy to use in a hotel bed room. Where as people in the room next door might notice a chain saw being used.

With your Master

The difference between you and the Government is that one of you wont go to jail or get a pay rise is the 'interviewee' dies. Since the goal of a Master and his slave is different the Master needs fine control over the whole process. This is a good technique for connecting the thought of the power and control the Master has over his slave - let alone what it does to the slave dick. It time the slave can build up how long his can hold his breath which is part of his training and he will do it to please his Master.

Oxygen  Uptake

What the Master has to be aware of is that not everyone is the same. That their lung capacity and effectiveness is different. Which means that the holding of breath duration is different. Which means the Master has to be very good at reading people and their true signs they express. Things to check for include if they smoke, if they use poppers/Amyl or other condition. Likewise if they are a diver/swimmer or runner they might have better O2 uptake abilities. You might also want to make sure that the slave does not have a weak heart or has taken drugs/chems that might have changed his circumstance. You might find people that are skilled at this normally prefer it done to them by someone who is better at it than them - in the mean time they do it to the less experienced. Like most things in SM.

Hand over nose and mouth

This is the most common and is fine for new starter, it also is common in the leather bars, nothing quite like the feel of a soft back leather glove to lick, nuzzle, then after you have sucked on the fingers to that the glove produces an excellent seal.
It is also good for kidnap scenes where you take the guy from behind, or as part of a rape scene. Use of a suitable arm lock will also add to the effect

wpe75C.jpg (6308 bytes)Choking and Strangulation

Better  to see the guys face as he fights for air, use either hands round the neck or for added effect a belt or rope.
Can be done from behind but far better with the slave on his back and the dominant guy on Master riding him as he struggles. This method usually also has the added bonus of forcing the slaves tongue out of his mouth and making his eyes bulge (just like in the movies), a great look if you're taking pictures.

Also see  discussed further in Collar Training.


Underwater Breath Control

This is good for those guys into drowning fantasies. There aren't many things hornier than holding a fully clothed young guy under water in a filled bath, watching him kick and struggle as he fights to keep the air in his lungs, watching the water turn yellow as he eventually loses control and pisses himself.

If you want to add further incentive, you can add piss and shit to the water; like his head is down in the sewer.


wpe61B.jpg (26065 bytes)Sleeper Holds

This is pretty much a functional one, easy to keep control and and a great turn on wrapping your arms around the slaves neck from behind, feeling him clawing away trying to get free. For him also the sense of Power, the "I GOT YOU" feeling, can over whelm him and he well feel a surrender urge building up with in him, however best not to confuse limp with submission with a loss of consciousness.
Passing out can be horny there is the risk  of not waking up, and if the guy has no previous experience, this would be a high risk activity.

Also see  YouTube videos:

  • Tyler Pass Out - Notice arm in the air falls to indicate loss of consciousness. Not possible when in bondage.
  • Pass Out Game - Shows spasms after black out. Notice eye movement. Not possible when hooded.
  • So practise first as things that could go wrong include death and brain damage - you can drive any more once your brain is scared and you have epilepsy so you loose you job. Likewise the scaring can cause loss of short term memory, better get you schooling out they way first and settled into a career.


neck workHanging
There are lots of guys that get off on hanging and being HUNG. An element of this is demonstrated in the
neck Tie story.


Plastic Bags Plastic Bags

Cheap, easily available and extremely effective. Watch the guy panic as the plastic closes in on his face.

Again best done from the front to appreciate fully the look of sheer terror on the slave as he realises that he can't get any air at all. This method is extremely effective, highly intense for the slave and also very fast so particular care needs to be paid to safety. Clear plastic bags are best to get a good view of the slaves face as he loses control completely and also to aid in identifying any potential problems that the slave may be experiencing.


This is discussed further in Collar Training.
This example out lines getting used to his collar and to the ever increasing control his Master has over him.
You will need to keep the slave securely bound

wpe619.jpg (28945 bytes)Gas Masks

This way you can control what he breaths. One Tops has a 3 way valve, one for clean fresh air, one for Amyl/Poppers/Dope etc and one  to the air off a bucket of shit - you never know what the next gasp will bring...


wpe61A.jpg (18983 bytes)


This picture may conjure up an image of if, when, what,  and how your Master allow you to breath.

You should not be distracted from the reality that we all need to breath, and so you have his life in your hands - mess it up and he is dead.

The good news is that we can all be trained to hold our breaths, as many swimmers can.

Breath control

wpe11E.jpg (11764 bytes)



As part of a sensory depravation scene you can enhance your control over your boy. This is a typical way of dispensing the controlled air (shit/drugs/air mix). This can be more intense due to the sensory depravation aspect, you also need to be aware (and able to respond) to nausea/sickness. You need to be aware and in-touch with the slave to ensure the right level of effect is reached.

This subject is discussed in more detail on the following sites:

  • http://www.kidsgrove79.freeserve.co.uk/breathintro.html
    MA1Skins Breath Control site covers many topics, some of which include:
    • What is Breathcontrol
    • So How Is It Done
    • Breathcontrol Safety Factors

    So practise first as things that could go wrong include death and brain damage - you can drive any more once your brain is scared and you have epilepsy so you loose you job. Likewise the scaring can cause loss of short term memory, better get you schooling out they way first and settled into a career.

    • Hanging at home on your own is usually interpreted as Suicide or Misadventure when he has tit clamps on, butt plugged etc.
      Think who it is that is going to discover you and what it will do to them. They can easily break your ribs trying to restart your heart, but after 20mins you are long gone. If this happens in your home that your partner or parent will never be able to go into that room again and might have to sell the house to get over it.

      If its your partner that found you then he will be accused of your murder as the courts need someone to blame and his parents will be certain that you had something to do with his death.
      They will not accept that their pure son was kinky, even if its black and white.
      Likewise, if the house was in his name then his family will want to kick you out and sell the house, make sure your Wills are professionally done. Use wording like 'assuming we were formally married' as married couples have different rights to partnerships or intentions.

    Fumes, Gasses, Poppers & Smoke.

    • Smoke & Gasses
      Smoke can cause loss  of consciousness with choking. Gasses (eg CO or NO2)  can let you drift off peaceful - this are often used as Suicide Kits (eg plastic bag and gas). Its nothing like the Gas Chamber whose death is designed for revenge.

      Alternatives are GasMask fitted to the exhaust of a 2stroke trail bike, this way the slave can hear how much he has to breath in. The Top filling up the slave has to look back as the slave as the slave kneels down looking at his Master above him.
    • Poppers & Fumes
      These chemicals can over whelm especially if there is a spillage - always know where the lid is and that your gloved hands can replace it. If you spill it on your fingers and touch a slaves dick it will burn taking days for the skin to grow thru. Over some years you get used to poppers so need more and more for the same effect. If many counties the chemical make up of poppers have changed so you need more chemical for the same effect with greater side effects.
      Headaches you can cope with but lung damage is different, this means that your O2 uptakes is compromised. This will only become apparent when you run for a bus or have to use your lung capacity (dont go to polluted cities as you wont be able to breath so you will have to move to the coast).


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