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 This Story is for demonstration purposes only, enabling you to get into the required mind set.
This was first published on the The Noose Letters


At exactly midnight i rang the doorbell and knelt down. The door opened and Master Raymond ordered me to crawl inside and service His boots. His 14 hole Rangers are always highly polished -when i am in custody i have to do them twice every day along with Master Gary's 14 hole DM's and my own slave boots. i also spend several hours a day servicing them with my mouth. While i was busy obeying the order, Master Gary must have arrived behind me, and my hands were cuffed behind me swiftly.

I was then ordered to turn round and sure enough Master Gary's 14 hole DM's were waiting for me too. i had to service them as well while a leash was attached to the collar round my neck and i was dragged to the holding cell. Once inside i was ordered to strip and Master Gary removed the cuffs. i stripped off my boots (I am not allowed socks or underwear) then my leather jacket, black tee shirt and jeans. i replaced my boots because my Masters insist that slaves in custody must always be booted. i am never allowed to wear anything other than boots at any time - even when not in custody of my Masters. The steel collar is permanently locked round my balls and the short chain from it is attached to the steel plug in my slavecunt. It only comes out when my Masters take it out - or when once a day i am allowed to empty myself also had my collar on - but that can't come off anyway - it is padlocked on and only my Masters have a key.

Stripped off, i waited on my knees, hands behind my back, head bowed. The door opened and my hands were strapped behind my back, wrist to elbow, leaving my buns vulnerable - Master Gary's favourite arrangement. Leg irons were shackled on and a rubber penis gag buckled i place. i did not look up but stayed with my head bowed to await my Master's pleasure.

The holding cell door closed and locked. i don't know how long it was, my Masters believe that a slave should never know how long it is locked up. When it was opened, Master Raymond ordered me out. He pulled me up by the leash and i struggled on the end of it behind Him towards the Dungeon Door. The Dungeon Facility at my Master's home is a full basement facility of several rooms - some used as holding cells for slaves (my Masters own several slaves) and i was (locked into one of the holding cells. There are three holding cells next to each other and two punishment cells so that Master Raymond and Master Gary can discipline the slave of their choice separately. The holding cells have nothing - just empty stone chambers where a slave can be held - sometimes for hours, awaiting discipline or training. i have spent weeks, maybe even months in total, locked in one of these cells, awaiting training. They are mercifully heated, so that a naked slave does not suffer as sometimes happens - i have been held in other (unheated) secure cells, and kept naked which is not so easy to endure. Master Raymond and Master Gary prefer a slave to work up a sweat, especially when stretched over the whipping horse. When you're getting a couple of dozen well laid on, and the heat's up, your slavemeat gets very slick when you're bucking against the rough leather as the stripes are laid in. i don't know how much of my slavecum has spurted into this leather, or how many times I've had to lick it off. wpe1C.jpg (43986 bytes)

The holding cells have no light and the slave in custody is disorientated very quickly. It becomes an effort to hold on to time scale and body clock. There is no reference point and the slave in custody loses track of time or place. i don't know if it was minutes or hours later that i woke up, lying on my side, still secured of course having dosed off at some point.

Is it night or is it day? Is it last night or is it now morning? Usually we get whipped in the early hours. How soon will that be? Is there another slave in custody, or am i to serve both Master Raymond and Master Gary? (Why did i fucking do this?)

My slavemeat is the answer. i am fucking rigid. i try to hump my slavemeat on the concrete but it fucking stings. i am screaming for it but no way. My Masters made sure of that. (Ever tried to hump yourself on raw concrete?)

In the dungeon all is silence except for the occasional rattle of chains. Is it's another slave? Is it preparation for some training? i await my Master's pleasure - my slavemeat stings and stands up fucking hard.


I know that sound! Master Raymond's boots! Rangers have steel tips and ring - but Master Gary's DM's are soft and i can always tell them apart. (I have been their slave that long.)


Master Raymond yanks my leash and hauls me again by the neck out of the holding cell. i am half-stumbling, half-dragged to the punishment cell and strapped down over the horse which i know only too well. Normally i am "strapped down" an hour before the whipping. A clock is placed at the head of the punishment horse. It does not tell the time - just the minutes that are passing. 60 minutes will pass until i am thrashed...and then 60 seconds will pass between the strokes. Every second can be seen and counted...and no mercy will be given. i do not know how many i will be given tonight - that is for my Masters to decide. i am grateful to be their property and to be trained by Them.

Sixty minutes to endure. i know what it will be like. i have spent too many hours "strapped down", waiting for my punishment. my slavemeat stirs again--the leather has hardened by too many spurts from my meat over the years. It is rough and hard, and my meat stiffens slowly. i am just able to hump it slightly...

F U C K! i don't want to cum..If i do it will be fuckin' sheer agony when they i lay into me. How can i stop it though. my meat is stiff as a rod...the straps are holding me down real cunt is plugged hard and i can feel nothing but rubber cock in my gob.


I can feel the spunk. it stinks, it creams-- it fuckin' shoots so fuckin' hard man!

Why did i let it fuckin' happen?

Fuckin twat.

I got twenty two minutes, then i get it - ready or not.

Fuckin' shit. i got spunk all under me! i got stink. i got my cunt twitching. i got fuck knows how much punishment coming an' i got no fuckin' hard no more. i got fuck all an' i got a whipping on the way.

Shit!.--- Fuckin' slut! --- Stupid cunt! -- Never going' to learn?

22 minutes later.

Jesus - it's the fuckin' tawse - an' It's Master Gary!

THWACK ----- OH FUCK! Sixty seconds for it to sink in deep -- real deep at forty seconds i can feel it again, stiffening under me on the leather, at twenty seconds I'm fuckin' humping again! --- THWACK------- i can feel my tits hardening against the leather my dogmeat is rigid! ---- THWACK-------The pain is joining up now my slave ass is just heat and pain

The count goes to thirteen.

By now I'm stiff all over. my dogmeat is rigid and my tits are hard and sore.

I'm left alone and the cell door is locked --- How long?---I've no way of knowing -- i drift off into pain and sheer lust. The rubber prick is strapped in my mouth and i start sucking it, dreaming of the real thing. my buns sting like fuck and I'm humping my dogmeat real slow--- try to hold it back, make the most of it, --- don't fuckin' cum!

The cell door lock turns and i stop humping - it's a punishable offence and Master Gary likes to double His doses. i try to stay absolutely still. my buns must be glowing by now, no need to earn any more.

I hear the sound of shackles, another slave in custody, it must be slave graham, the chief slave so far. Sure enough, i recognise the well scuffed leather jacket and chaps, but most of all the "CAT" boots i have served so often when Master Gary decides i need to learn my place and serve as slave to a slave. slave graham is ordered to the head of the punishment horse, bends over and rams its' cunt right into my face. Master Gary un-straps my gag and orders me to clean slave graham's cunt. it stinks of cum and i know right away who's cum it is. i suck out Master Gary's cum, with the shit and sweat of slave graham's hole, prepping it up as i know what's coming next. slave graham is given permission to rape me and it rams it's dick right up my slavecunt without waiting. i am greased so its' not so bad. i know i should not use Vaseline - but it stays when all the others fade out and i never know when i'll be shagged - or by whom. The Vaseline will stay when everything else evaporates. slave graham shags its' dick right up my cunt and i fuckin' get it quick hot an' hard. Master Gary gets behind slave graham an' starts to shag it too so i got slave graham's dick up my Slavecunt an' Master Gary shagging it - so i got two fucks going same time an' i got no chance to escape it. slave graham's cock ain't so big, but it fu kin' hurts an' double when Master Gary's raping it at the same time. My slavemeat is harder than ever an' i ain't going to hold it much (longer. Master Raymond straps the rubber prick back into my gob an' strokes Himself right in front of my face. i can smell His cock juice, an' His Master sweat from where i am. slave graham is really fuckin' laying into me now, 'cos Master Gary's shagging the cunt off 'im an' I'm getting 'em both....fuckin hard!


I'm spurting every fuckin' where! an' i still got that fuckin' dick right up me, riding me like fuck an' Master Gary shagging its' cunt at the same fuckin' time--- fuckin' hell!


I feel slave graham shooting me, fuckin' spurts of slave cum slicking my cunt an' fuckin' stinking' me out. my cunt twitches when he fuckin' shoots an' i spurt cum on the horse. Master Gary don't stop. He never does. i got to take 'em all. slave graham drops on me, but Master Gary goes like fuck, shagging' 'im till we both get fuckin' near driven through the horse an' Master Gary fuckin' rams 'im fuckin' hard. Even i 'kin feel the spurts, an' i just' got slave graham's softening meat inside me but not Master Gary's rod!

What a fuckin' shag!

A long time later

How long?

I don't know. Time don't have any meaning no more. I'm drifting in and out of a wacky world of leather and discipline - of punishment an' lust, hot cock an' sweaty shit hole! i got Master Gary's piss a while ago - the dungeon has no shit house - that's what a fuckin' slave's for, though I'm grateful that my Masters never {so far) used me as a shit house. i got plenty of piss an' it's OK but i never (so far) had to take shit an' i don't know if i could. But i am my Master's property....

The holding cells usually stink of piss 'cos the slaves only have a bucket to empty into. The bucket's open an' it usually smells like fuck---especially after a slave's been shagged. lt's got piss an' cum in it an' it fuckin' stinks.

"Get out of it cunt!" Master Gary rips slave graham out of my slavecunt. slave graham is strapped up just' like me - though it gets to wear leathers 'cos it's earned 'em. i don't get leathers yet 'cos i ain't earned 'em. i reckon i got a few thousand still to take before i get that. i get my gag out "Suck it cunt!" slave graham rams its' ass right in my gob an' i clean it up. i do a good job.

The gag goes back an' i get un-strapped - but Master Gary buckles my arms up tight same as slave graham - wrist to elbow, just like before. slave graham gets a cock gag just' like me an' we wait....


slave graham and i are dragged out of the punishment cell to the next door dungeon. Chains rattle an' we got no chance of freedom, but then we didn't want it! We shuffle in our leg irons towards whatever our Masters have decided. slave graham

The dungeon is dark of course. It has a set of wooden stocks and a whipping frame which i and slave graham know only too well. The whipping frame was built to take three slaves at the same time - though I've never shared it with more than one other slave. Instead of the usual security irons to ensure a slave gets well stretched for severe whippings, there are two nooses swinging from the beam. we are both. forced forward to what will be our gallows. A wooden platform has been built under the beam, supported as far as i can see by two lorry tires - high pressure jobs - from heavy duty lorries. They can take about 250-300 lbs./ and they take a lot of hard duty. The wooden platform under what is now our gallows rests on two of them. slave graham and i are marched to the gallows and forced into place on top of the wooden platform. The noose is not the snap-neck noose of the modern Hangman but the older rope-turn noose of the lynch mob. It does not snap your fuckin' neck, it just' makes you swing real slow an' you feel every fuckin' moment of your execution.

slave graham is stretched up real tight, noose around its' neck - no fuckin' mercy an' i'm next. naked an' ready for my Master is right, i wait Their pleasure an' the noose goes round my neck too - fuckin' tight an' fuckin' hard. my slavecock is fuckin' rigid. slave graham is just as hard. we are both noosed up and ready to swing if that's what our Masters decide. we are slaves an' we promised servitude to the end. If it's the end then that's what we promised. Master Gary strings me up seriously tight.

Master Raymond has already strung up slave graham just as tight an' i 'can see slave graham struggling like me to stay breathing. But we both got rubber plug gags in now an' it don't matter how hard we gag - not any more.

Master Gary steps back an' picks up the cat o'nine tails.

Master Raymond reaches under the wooden platform an' springs the valve on the two tyres. They start to deflate an' we start to hang --- real slow at first.

i  can  just feel the noose stretchin' my fuckin' fuckin' slow. my slavemeat is fuckin' steaming now --- i am my Master's slut--- an' they can do it! My dogmeat is so fuckin' hard i jus' don't believe it! slave graham is fuckin' bucking an' i 'kn feel the wooden platform sink real slow.

Master Raymond picks up His cat.

THWACK --- we are whipped while we hang-- The noose stretches my neck, my fuckin' dogmeat is fuckin' rampant The tires deflate -------- my fuckin NECK MAN !

The only thing i can remember is shooting like i never fuckin' shot before. i jus' fuckin' let it rip like fuck, 'cos i got no more hope. i fuckin' jus' drift off into it------

i sort of came to, fuck knows when. i still got the fuckin' noose round my neck an' i fuckin' don' know time, place or fuck-all else. i'm back in the holding cell an' slave graham is here too. we got ropes still in place an' we got fuckin' serious hard-on's.

The chains are taken off slave graham, an' the noose too. not from me though.

"Shag 'im slut!" slave graham is right up me in no time.

"Happy Birthday slut!" "the dog's yours for the rest of the night slut" that's when i know why i got orders to be 'ere tonight.

Happy Birthday slave graham....


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