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So why do I need to collar my boy?

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Well a slave needs recognition of what he is. He needs to feel secure, under the control of his Master/Mistress and it further identifies what he is. Not having his collar becomes an unbearable nakedness.

In addition a collar is a proprietary statement from the Master/Mistress (top) to slave (bottom).
It means that this person, whether during the time that they are involved in a game or for the rest of their natural born lives 24/7 are only to be addressed, propositioned or spoken to through their master/mistress.

It is obvious to spot a slave in collar and cuffs that the slave put on, and that which the Master or Mistress had placed on.  However there statement is the same, this is a slave, but what is ambiguous is whether the  slave is Owned, and so if the correct protocol is used.

The images of this page shows some of the various collars available, they range from the padlock and chain (for a slave) with the dog tag (this is a DOG slave), to include long term tethering (e.g. in his cage in the cellar).


Heavy duty training

The use of the wolf collar is quite effective, however remember that the rounded spikes were designed to go through FUR against a human throat careless use can cause serious damage - these collars have been banned in some countries for use on real dogs as they were thought too cruel.

The use of remote Electro collars are quite common in the States, the degree of control given by these is quite adjustable. However the possible damage from excessive use to a dogs vocal cords is of little concern however to a human it is a little different. These kinds of collars can give a great deal of control to the Master, for precise training of his dog slave


Remember that the slave as given is consent to his training on a basis of trust, you have a responsibility for his care (the care and training of the male slave), what you don't want his for him to sue you for damage done to him because you got carried away


 Padlock and chain Iron CollarWolf collarRemote control

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