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Dog Slave Stories

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Slaves need constant training

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This page acts as a archive/focus on Doggy (humans as dogs) stories. I hope that you find them of interest.
Please send in any additional stories that you want archived here, if they are already on another site, then the link is fine - please give credit where credit is due, like was inspired from, conversion from, OCR'ed from etc. A lot of people has access to www, few have access to the places where this information would otherwise be published - not everyone lives in the free world.

The doghouse takes no responsibility for the stupidity or the actions of members of the public where they choose to endanger themselves. By its very natures some things are dangerous -  you can either live a life or hide in bed.
I choose life.

# Cubs Story Reality Check: Childhood to Ownership 
I am a 23yr old white gay male and this is my story of how through my life i have developed into a fully Owned dogslave, from my early childhood fantasies of being a submissive treated like a dog through to finding my  Owner and becoming my Masters dog slave.

# Cagecorr Cage of Correction TopDog and UKSkin#
Chained on his knees, his gullet full of my cum, the new cocksucker defied me, "Never. Never.!
I'll never do that, you'll have to kill me first, you can't make me do ... Please, Master, please, don’t make me do that…"

# The Dog The Dog boy, by slaveGirl #
Lauren wasn't all that thrilled about watching her boyfriend's dog for the weekend, but the big german shepherd was lovable, and quite obedient. She didn't expect any problems from Desi -what a name for a mutt, she thought, named for the cuban actor-leading man, Desi Arnaz. Sometimes she wondered about Ted's eccentricities.

# The Trip Part 3 in the Skinhead Nation story. #
Just wait and see...

# Dogboy "Spike" Diary of dog boy Spike#
A tale of dedication and service of a dog as he prepares for his prospective Owner and Master.

# Whipped Dog On-going training of Dog boy#
This is when your dog hopes to go into some more detail about my training and some thoughts that i have on the matter, your dog will not question the training that you give me, as this pup trusts his MASTER is going to look after the property in His care, Sir.

# Necktie party from The Noose Club#
At exactly midnight I rang the doorbell and knelt down. The door opened and Master Raymond ordered me to crawl inside and service His boots. His 14 hole Rangers are always highly polished -when I am in custody I have to do them twice every day along with Master Gary's 14 hole DM's and my own slave boots.

# # My new Dog Boy from Skite
I saw you Saturday night sitting with your friends under an umbrella in front of Florent. I thought about pulling out my dog collar and putting it around your neck and dragging you on all fours through the restaurant to the bathroom where I would lock the door, bend you over the sink and fuck your sorry ass. I thought about it, but I had better things to do.

# Rover by Rover, Harrisburg, PA 17106
I'm going to be a Dog.
I don't mean I feel like a dog, I mean I'm going to become an honest-to-god dog, a human dog.

# My five years as a dog by Kia
I am finding this a difficult task, trying to relate the sum of five years, experience devoted to pleasing my former Owner.
I had found a man who became my Master, my Owner, who led me to see the pleasure of living as that special dog of his.
I was happy to have given up my human liberty to find a better freedom to be and exist under his control. There is a special relationship between a man and his dog that when found is quite rare.

# My Chastity Training By cuffedKid
Sir ordered that I kneel, so that he could place the collar on me. Then I was left to fit the cock cuff to myself. I had not had a wank before I arrived here because I expected Sir to let me have a final tug, before having the cock cuff on. Well, I was so very horny and could not get the cuff over my shaft...

  (back to top) Below are those found on other sites, and so the links to them are at risk of damage to changes at their end.

# My Life as a dog: by Owned
I had agreed to live my life for the next year as a DOG. I would be a dog, a lab animal and a pet. Just thinking about this would reliably send an electric charge from my brain to my cock and back again. How did I know that I had made the right decision?...

# Human Animals Stories by Robert Hurvitz
"Oh, thanks," I said, accepting the flier. It read: "Subject needed for human-animal neural relationship experiment. $500. Please call Professor Billow at 642-0070 if interested." There were many cuts at the bottom of the paper to make stubs that one could rip off and take and that bore the words "Prof Billow, 642-0070, $500."

# My Wife As a Dog by Anonymous
Loosely inspired from the "Friday the 13th: the Series" episode of the same name.
It was a cool day at Ricky's Bar, the place where I work. By "cool" I mean that the heater was down, so we were all freezing our asses off, you know?
Of course, after my love life and recent marriage, I'm pretty used to cold. Well, I guess I better introduce myself, so you know what and what the hell is going on here, eh?

# Sirius - The Dog's Tale by MegaDog
Dedicated to the memory of the innocent dogs destroyed under the UK 'Dangerous Dogs Act 1991'. It was not your fault you were born the breed you were, it *is* our fault we let this happen to you. You will not be forgotten.

# Patty on a Leash by
Patty was winding her way around the corner, finishing up her part-time job walking Mrs. Fisher's two dogs. It was a simple job, but she was a very nice woman who lived about two blocks away from where Patty lives, and after playing with the dogs on her way home from school, she spoke with Mrs. Fisher and struck a deal.

# Prison Farm by Bob Stein
Keith looked sullenly through the barred windows of the van, watching the guard talk to some skinny, white-haired guy in coveralls. Andy and Spike, two other boys from the Juevy Pen, slouched down in their seats, trying to look bored. All three of them were being 'transferred' to this friggin' work ranch because they were troublemakers. He snorted. Like some Elmer Fudd farmer was gonna make him toe the line?

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# Human Animals Stories by Brian Eirik Coe
We like to talk to each other. We set aside these two hours just to chat. The conversations sometimes go into the realm of philosophy or religion. Questions of such a deep nature that we often spend an hour imply defining the terms of the question. Other times, we might talk about some political issue, a news story, or even what the latest film releases are (even if neither of us has seen a film since that big Speilberg movie, what was it? Jaws, I think). So when Frank walked into the room, I wasn't at all surprised by two things, the two bottles of opaque liquid he placed on the desk, or his opening conversation.
"Well, Doug, what would you say the possibility of changing the human form is?"

# Straight Jactet Stories by Brian Eirik Coe
Straight Jackets might not at first sight seem related to Dog training perhaps, but these stories can give you some ideas.

# Tims Stories

I've always loved writing stories about the kind of things that turn me on. These are most of the stories I've written over the years, and have previously only been available by email, in sections (my email program won't handle long files - nor italics, which I tend to make a lot of use of...) This is the first time I've actually got them all together in one place - I had to search ancient floppies to find some of them. They were all written with one object in mind:- to turn myself on - and so understandably they revolve around my own turn-ons and fantasies. However, please remember that they are all works of fiction - and as such do not necessarily reflect what I actually do to guys, nor the ages or types of guys I like to play with.


# DogSlave one two three  by Cager

It started as a fantasy. i had always had a foot in both the standard gay culture and another in the sm culture, content to dabble in one or the other when it suited me; but as time went on i found myself less and less drawn to the 'vanilla' side of gay sex and more and more to the sm....



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