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The Trip
Skin Nation

The Trip Part 3
By The Meekon
Continuing on from
Skin Nation Issue #35


LAST TIME........

After "Toilet" was finished dumping is his huge  load we all kissed  and packed ourselves away and returned back to the bar where Toilet's friends we're wailing. As he said good-bye and turned to rejoin his mates I called him hack, "01 TOILET!" He turned round smiling at me. I stuck my right foot out "YOU'VE LEFT A LOAD OF YER SPUNK ON MY BOOT, FUCKING CLEAN IT OFF... NOW... SHITE-HOLE.. NOT NEXT YEAR! "

He walked over. got on his hands and knees and licked his spunk from my boot in front of his Skinhead mates. When he stood up I grabbed him. bringing his head up to my face. "If you get a pen and paper I'll leave you my address so we can get together again sometime soon. Next time  I'll let my dog lick you. then after we've abused you a bit more. I'll fuck you so hard with my mammoth dick you'll be walking around as though you've got a chair stuck up yer arse. I do want to see you again my Skin friend!". "Why didn't you fuck me earlier'.?  I wanted it, still do!" "Sorry mate but I'm servicing these two tonight, three would be asking too much of 'the old fella downstairs'. But believe me I really wanna fuck you!" With that 'Toilet' real name of Thomas, walked over and rejoined his skin mates. Greg turned to Jason & me and said. "Why don't we hick-off back to my place and get down to some real heavy-duty fucking and. ..and other things?" "Lead the way sunshine." I replied.

We arrived at Greg's place, a nice luxury' two bedroom flat. He offered us a few more beers in order to get our bladders filled ASAP. Then he led us into the spare bedroom. It wasn't a bedroom at all. but a play room. I detected a faint smell of bleach and noticed that one quarter of the room had a rubber mat over the floor and there was a sling hanging from the beam across the ceiling. There were various dildoes and oilier toys and lubricants on a small bench next to the 'pigs area'. Greg opened the doors of a cupboard in one of the other corners of the room. It was a 'press' type cupboard that was built into the wall. Inside the walls and floor were again covered in thick rubber sheeting, there was a small very dim light in the ceiling. "This is my dark room." he said smiling as he walked over to a wooden cupboard. He opened this cupboard up revealing whips: handcuffs: paddles: canes as well as various harnesses: rubber and leather items. He pulled open a drawer to show us his collection of clamps; ball stretchers and bun-plugs of various thickness'.


Four or five more beers later we were ready to play. I had been silting in Greg's lounge watching sonic of his hard core porn whilst lie and Jason were kneeling on the floor drinking their beer from a large dogs drinking bowl I had insisted that both wore slaves harnesses and dogs collars, ball stretcher (wide ball stretchers) from which I hung steel weights. I also placed a fairly thick butt-plug up each of their arses (under threat of whipping if they let them drop out) and a spigot placed in Jason's piss-hole to  prevent him   leaking I also tied rough leather thongs tightly around their fully erect dicks.

When I was ready I attached leashes to both their collars and led them into the playroom. When I shut the door behind us I informed them "From now on. until we leave this room. you will obey my orders immediately and unflinchingly. Hesitation brings swift punishment. You are my dogs. I am your Skinhead Master Yon will no longer speak, you can bark. whimper, pant or howl but you will not utter a single word from now on. If you do speak you will be punished. The only time you may speak is when I am exceeding your pain tolerance or if I may have accidentally injured you. If that is the case you will simply shout 'STOP" I will instantly stop what I'm doing and come to your assistance Do your understand these instructions"" Both Jason & Greg said "Yes"

Greg went to say no but was prevented by Jason digging him in the ribs with his elbow "GET FUCKING OVER THERE YA  COUPLE OF USELESS FUCKING BITCHES. FUCKING MOVE IT CUNTS !" I shouted kicking them each in the arse They scurried over to the bench on their hands and knees in obvious discomfort from the weighted ball stretchers and butt-plugs they still had in situ. I walked over to the bench and picked up a leather covered paddle. I stood in front of them. my swollen crotch only centimetres from their faces, slapping the paddle against my palm.



I swung my hand up high and brought the paddle down hard against Greg's bullocks. He flinched with pain. bringing his head back, gritting   his teeth to suppress his cries. I then whipped Jason's ass his body tensing automatically fighting the pain. I swung the paddle five times against each of their asses bringing out large red welts across their backsides, each time they fought the hot, tingling, needle-like pain I inflicted on their powerful muscular ass cheeks. "GET INTO THE FUCKING CORNER BITCHES!" I shouted, kicking them in the direction of the rubber mat. They were kneeling there looking doggish and in even more discomfort. I walked up behind them. whipped out my knob. pulled back the lengthy foreskin and let loose a long. thick stream of hot yellow piss. starting at their red sore asses and then pissing all over their backs and heads.
They squirmed again with the slinging of my piss against the welts on their ass checks I stopped pissing and ordered them to... "FUCKING ROLL OVER ONTO YER BACKS, BITCHES!... LOOK AT ME...LOOK AT ME I FUCKING SAID. SHITHEADS!" They looked up at me and I let loose the rest of my piss, hosing them down from head to toe, making sure some of it landed in their mouths.

I stood there, muscles flexed and acutely defined, my half hard dick in my hand. spraying golden piss over two more well built skinhead bastards and I smiled. broadly, as that shiver of pure piss-ecstasy travelled from the base of my spine, up through my arse and dispersed throughout the rest of my body. I shook and squeezed the remnants of piss from my swollen meat, then pulled my foreskin forward over the wide, dark red head. stretching the skin out to its extremity, ( a good four or five inches from my dickhead), tucked it back into my jeans, removed the leather thongs from their dicks and left the room. saying nothing. Closing the door behind me I walked into the kitchen and made myself a strong pot of coffee.

I sat in the kitchen drinking the hot strong coffee and relaxed, contented. After a good twenty minutes. I stood up and walked back into the room The two dogs were still lying on the floor, on their backs in the pool of my piss. Jason looked in real discomfort As. I approached them. Greg turned over onto his hands and knees and shuffled up to me whimpering. licking my boots, shaking his head in the direction of his companion. Jason lay there on his back his cock hard against his abdomen. I then noticed the swelling. I put my hand on his lower abdomen and palpated his bladder.


It was hugely stretched with all his piss. As I gently pushed the swelling, Jason groaned in discomfort. I stood up straight and ordered... "YOU SHITHOLE. ..GET OVER HERE...NOW, MOVE!" Greg shuffled over to my side. "Pull out the spigot, using only your teeth Shitehole." Greg moved his head up to Jason's hard dick and after three attempts finally managed to grasp the plastic object blocking 'Cunts' urethra and pulled. When he removed it the urine jetted out of 'Cunts' piss hole all over 'Shitehole's' face. He tried to pull his face away but I placed my boot behind 'Shitehole's' neck and held his face in the jet stream of 'Cunt's' piss. I eventually let 'Shitehole' come up for air. "Does Shitehole need to do dirties.. .mmm. . does he?" I asked. Greg looked up at me and nodded eagerly. "Then is Shitehole a bitch or a dog. Does he sit to piss or cock-a-leg.. .eh?" Greg lifted his right leg in the air and started to piss on Jason's chest and stomach, his nuts hanging between his legs, stretched by the leather strap and the attached weight. He was also finding it difficult to hold the butt plug in position at this moment. With his leg in the air his ass cheeks were wide apart and I could see the plug clearly moving in and out of his hole. It looked as if he was being fucked by the lug. He never let it drop.

When he was finished, I patted him on the ass "Good boy. Good boy. When I come back I want this place clean and one of you dogs in that sling. Do you understand?" I said quietly. Both dogs nodded. I left the room for the kitchen and some more coffee.

I returned after 30 minutes and found Jason hanging in the sling and Greg kneeling between his legs licking Jason's nuts. The floor was clean and dry. I walked over to the cupboard and took out a set of tit clamps attached to a long chain and a small clip with a "D" ring. I walked up to Greg and fastened the clip to the "D" ring of the ball-stretcher around his nuts. I then gave him a big hit of poppers and clamped both his pierced, fleshy nipples. Greg lifted his head emitting a long, deep growl from his mouth as the pain hit his receptors and his brain released a flood of endorphins into his blood stream. Greg was now unable to stand due to the chain linking his nuts to his nipples. His body was now flexed in extremes. His muscles were popping muscles! His eyes were fully dilated, his head and upper chest were flushed red. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. He then flexed his back causing his body to stretched and the clamps to bite down harder on his meaty nips. He now let out a long, loud yell, "AAAAHIIHU". I removed the weight hanging from his ball stretcher and attached it to his PA. Greg now yelled louder turning his head toward me, his mouth wide showing his white, perfect teeth. He forced a louder howl out from the base of his guts, the veins and muscles of his neck, massive and distended as his face contorted with pure animal pain induced lust.


I spat on his face, "FIGHT IT FUCKER. FIGHT IT!" I shouted into his face. I walked away from Greg, who was still howling, Fighting the pain. I knew he was reaching a new level of pain-pleasure because his cock was swaying around, with the weight hanging from his PA, drooling long strands of pre-cum onto the floor. Jason was hanging there watching Greg in the throws of pain-pleasure, a look of nervous expectation on his beautiful face. I picked out another pair of clamps, Japanese Butterfly type with no connecting chain. I also took out four elastic bands and two double-headed clips. I tied the elastic bands into two pairs and attached them to the clamps. I then walked over to Jason and tied the other end of the elastic bands to the left and right head-end ID' rings of the sling. The clamps hung from the ends over Jason's head. He looked at them his eyes crossed trying to focus on them. I held the bottle of poppers up to his nostrils and he inhaled three times into each airway. His eyes rolled up into his skull as I stretched each band and attached each clamp around his waiting nipples. The clamps bit into his flesh and as r gently let go, the bands immediately took the strain and stretched his meaty nubs, biting harder and deeper. Jason bit his lip, swallowing deeply, suppressing a moan. I returned to the wardrobe and selected another wide ball stretcher with a ball separator/spreader. Removing Jason's ball stretcher, I reapplied the new one, stretching his ball bag even further but this time forcefully separating his balls with a further strap. I then fastened a leather thong to the 'D' ring of this device and threaded it through another 'D' ring in the floor gently stretching his nuts further still, when I judged I had stretched them enough, I tied the thong off.

Although fairly pleased with the results, I was beginning to feel left out of things. Everybody was enjoying' themselves except me. I was standing there, fully clothed, with a huge cock full of blood, nuts full of spunk and nipples that needed some seeing-to. I NEEDED SOME SEEING TO! I went over to the wardrobe and stripped naked, except for my socks and my boots. I then selected some accoutrements for me personally. I had noticed a small incense-type burner on the table, earlier. I placed some water, some concentrated vapour oil and a large drop of amyl nitrate, from the bottle of poppers, into the bowl and lit the candle underneath. I then wrapped a very wide ball stretcher around my pendulous knackers and attached the heaviest weight I could find. I then picked-up a riding crop from the table and walked over to Greg. Soon the room was filled with the scent of lemons and oranges and I could feel the effect of the poppers. I offered Greg and Jason another hit of poppers each, which they accepted readily.

page 6 

I then took a further hit of poppers and clamped my own tits and proceeded to hang small weights from each one. My knob was at full stretch, as were my knackers and my tits. Just as I turned my attention to Greg, I removed Jason's butt plug and pushed him lightly, causing him to swing gently in the sling, this in turn caused his nipples and nuts to stretch alternatively sending Jason into new realms of pain and ecstasy. I stood behind Greg, crouching on the floor, raised the crop above my head and brought it down, hard across his arse. Greg was caught, surprised by the sudden, painful thwack across his muscular, bare buttocks and jerked causing the clamps to bite and stretch his tortured nips further. "AAAAHRHH-EEEEEHH!" He howled. "THAT'S FOR LICKING HIS FUCKING NUTS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, YOU FUCKING USELESS PIECE OF STINKING DOG-SHIT!", I roared. I then raised the crop again and heard it sing through the air as I brought it back down across his tensed, reddening arse-checks. I did this three more times, each time harder and harder. The sweat was now pouring out of me and Greg. The weights swinging around my chest were biting and twisting my

own fleshy nubs-of-joy. I quickly grabbed a condom and some lube from the nearby table. Squeezed a drop on my bare dick head and rolled the condom on, with some difficulty, due to the sheer bloated girth. I pushed Jason, causing him to swing again, sending him into further bouts of noisy ecstasy, as I walked behind Greg, who was now whimpering, his dick drooling huge pools of pre-cum on the floor I crouched behind him, "GET READY, YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT. I'M GOING TO GIVE YOU A FUCKING NEW DOG-CUNT!" I said, as I finally removed his butt plug. I squeezed some lube onto my sheathed dick and fingers and started slipping then into his shit-hole, inserting more and more fingers. I lifted my huge, engorged manhood and rubbed the bead across his sphincter. I then pushed. The head slipped in, with not too much difficulty, the butt plug had did its job, loosening him up ready for my manhole dilator. I managed to get about seven, thick inches up his shute. when his  head came back and his muscular arms shot out to the sides. he was now having some difficulty accommodating my immensity.


I stopped and gave him another hit of peppers. When I felt his rectal muscles relax I squeezed in another two or three inches, Greg's head came back again "YEAH. YOUR DOIN' GOOD. MY LITTLE FUCKING BITCH. OOOHH YEAAHH, WHAT A FUCKING TIGHT LITTLE GUM-HOLE YOU'VE GOT. ONLY A COUPLE MORE INCHES OF MY FUCKING SCOTS SALAMI TO GO. ONLY A COUPLE... UUHH OHH YEAH ! ALMOST THERE. ALMOST GOT ALL OF MY LOVE SNAKE UP YER SHIT-HOLE. ONE... LAST... P...U...S...Hi YEAH FUCKING GRADE A SHIT ! HOW'S IT FEEL TO HAVE A DOUBLE DIGIT DICK UP YOUR ARSE. Eh" MY LITTLE PIECE OF DICK EATING. PISS DRINKING. FUCKING SLUT OF A CUNT-DOG. D'YOU LIKE IT, HUH" DO YOU. YOU FUCKING CUNT?" I barked, my mouth jammed up against his right car as I started to pick-up the old. natural rhythm of the butt-fucking samba.

I was picking-up speed, shafting Greg from behind, my nuts swaying and stretching with the heavy weight ;attached to (he ball stretcher. The clamps on my tits were biting hard into my sensitive flesh, caught between my chest and Greg's back. I was now bear-hugging him.

occasionally flicking his painful nipples. "UH! UH! UH! UHI UH!" Greg groaned in tempo to my thrusts. I saw that Jason was straining to watch us and was now looking left-out. I stopped my shafting and ordered Greg to shuffle up closer to Jason. I withdrew from Greg. my grossly swollen tool swinging heavily between my muscular thighs, and removed the clamps from his nipples, causing him to yelp and squirm in more pain. I unwrapped Jason's nuts and forced Greg's face into his crutch. "EAT THIS CUNT'S MEAT AND VEG. FUCKING BITCH!" I ordered Greg. I resumed my position behind Greg and slowly re-inserted by dick up his shit-shute. Greg was eating Jason's nuts and trying to force as much of his tongue lip his shite-hole as humanly possible. I was now fucking Greg's arse as hard and as fast as my meat. and Greg. would let me. Sweat was pouring from everybody. Rivulets of salty fluid were flowing down my face. The room was filled with the sounds of all three of us groaning, the slap-slapping of my body against Greg's arse and the slurping of Greg on Jason's manhood. Suddenly I stopped my shafting, withdrawing 5-6 inches from Greg's love shute and stayed perfectly still. Greg stopped eating Jason and turned his head round to look at me in wonderment. "Just wait for it. Just wait. Here it comes. HERE IT COMES. UUHH YES' YES! THERE FEEL IT" FEEL IT?". I said clamping my hands round my dick. blocking the condom.


The realisation of what was happening slowly revealed itself on Greg's face I was pissing away all the Coffee I had drank earlier, into the condom. preventing it from escaping. The head of the condom was expanding, ballooning. inside Greg's rectum. The pressure \vas building up. some of the piss was escaping through my grip.
Eventually I had to let  the piss go or take the chance of it bursting inside him. As the hot liquid gushed out over my nuts and thighs. I continued my shafting. I Ins time Greg forced his arse back against my thrusts in an effort to impale himself on my entire length. I grasped him by the hips and fucked him harder and harder. Faster ad faster. I looked down at my dick meat between his ass checks and al his love-hole. distending to take in its girth. sliding its lubricated lips along my meaty length

After some more thrusts my meat became harder, stiffer and falter. That tight feeling around the base of my thick shaft, inside my arse and in the bead of my dick increased in intensity My thrusts also increased until my arse was a blur.

Greg had stopped eating Jason, as he was in the throws of (he build-up to his own climax. "CUMON YOU BIG CUNT ! FUCKING GIVE IT ME' SPUNK ON ME ! CUMON YA BIG DICKED SKINHEAD BASTARD. SPLIT ME IN TWO WITH THAT MAMMOTH LOVE POLE OF YOURS"'. Greg shouted hack at me

I barked back. I pulled out of Greg ordering him to turn around. 'GET READY SUNSHINE! I'M GONNA CUM!" I grunted at him. wanking my meat with both my fists, my face looking up to the ceiling. Suddenly, the vision of

page 9 


I...H...H...Z...Z...Z...!"I cried,as l watched my piss hole gape open and a huge bolt of hot, white spunk spat out, hitting Greg squarely and forcefully in his face, taking us both by surprise at its strength. I leaned forward as more and more cum jetted out of my grossly distended and thickly engorged tool, splattering over Greg's face. My abdomen was a hard washboard of hot, sweaty, tightly stretched muscle. The veins were popping out all over my body as I continued to pump my sticky seed all over Greg's chiselled features. I saw two squirts of thick cum land on his out-stretched tongue, then another powerful blast shot up his left nostril. I was dumping the mother load!

"AAHH' FUCKING TAKE IT YA TWAT! FUCKING TAKE MY MILK, MY FUCKING THICK MAN-MILK! FUCKING. POXY... SKINHEAD... B... A...S.. T.. A... R... D...! UUHH' UUUHHH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! LAP IT UP! YEAH! LAP IT UP! S... H... 1.. T.. 'THERE'S MORE? F...U...C...K...1...N...G... M...0...R...E..! AAAR S...H...L..T...!" I cried as I emptied the contents of my spunk-bags all over his handsome face. Spunk was sliding down the sides of Greg's chin and neck. His eyebrows, lashes and earlobes had globules of my thick, sticky, pearly-white dick-grease hanging from them. The air was full of the scent of my manhood. I leaned forward and took Greg's head between my big fists and started to lick up my spunk from his face, neck, chest and bare head. I rubbed my face and my skinhead across his own spunk coated face and head. I love the taste of my own cum, (I can, and many times do, stick my bell-end in my own mouth to suck my own dick as I shoot-off, taking the whole load down my own throat).

I stood up and grabbed Greg by the left ear, causing him to stand up. "Lets Finish this fucker off now." I said dragging him toward Jason. I walked over to Jason's head and lifted my deflated dick which had four to five inches of wrinkled foreskin hanging over its fat head. I pulled the skin back, revealing the sticky head and held it over his open mouth as I squeezed a thick thread of remaining spunk into his mouth.


Jason groaned and licked his lips. Greg was now eating Jason's dick and was also stuffing three of four fingers up his shit-hole as well. I moved Jason's head between my big flick-off thighs and lowered my big low-hanging nuts onto his mouth. T ate my nuts, one at a time. While he did this I emptied my full bladder all over him and Greg's head. Greg stood up, my piss running off his skinhead over his face, and started pissing too, making sure some of the jet landed on me. When he saw that I was enjoying it, he squeezed a couple of jets which managed to hit me fully in the face. Once we had soaked Jason and ourselves in piss we got back down to business.

Jason was eating my nuts and now my hole. His long tongue was again feeling its way up my tight, pink pucker. "OK SHITEHOLE" I barked at Greg, "SHITEHOLE, I WANT SOME ABUSE. ..SOME PAIN NOW. GET THE FUCKING POPPERS AND CLAMPS!"

Greg held the peppers under my nose and I took three good hits as he clamped my already raw nipples. The pain was excruciating, I needed more amyl and got it. I looked Greg in the eyes "GET THAT FUCKING LEATHER TAWSE AND UUIIHH FUCK USE IT CUNT!" I ordered fighting the pain. while Greg got the tawse, Jason had decided to insert two fingers up my hole and massage my prostate. I started to grind down on his fingers, my nipples felt.

like they were on fire. Greg returned with the tawse and gave me another few hits of amyl before taking the tawse to my bare, muscular butt. After the initial three strokes of hot, electric shock type pain across my arse, I turned to Greg, who was now a blur, ordering him to, "FUCKING USE IT...P...PROPERLY I CAN TAKE IT.. TAKE IT!" Greg swung the tawse with a vengeance. The pain from the clamps and the belting hit me like a tidal wave, it was then, I think!, that Jason stuck two more fingers up my ring-piece. "AAHH!

AAAAHHIIH!" I howled louder and louder and Greg now started to whip my back with the leather strop. Suddenly Greg stopped and stood back, his chest heaving, the sweat pouring from every pore in his body, a look of pure, sadistic exhaustion on his face. "No more. No fucking more!" He panted as he whipped himself, over his back, five hard times. The poppers were beginning to wear-off and my body was now starting to bum and sting. It was now that I realised Jason was fingering me, almost fisting my tight man-hole. I moved away, causing his fingers to pull out of my arse. I staggered with the effect of the poppers and the pain but remained upright. I stood there smiling at Greg, my own chest was heaving, my face flushed with the amyl. The sweat was dripping off my body forming a small pool on the rubber mat under me. "No've had enough. 1...I've had enough. No more, Dave!" Greg almost pleaded. "Yeah. You're right mate." I replied as I looked round at Jason, still hanging there. "LETS FUCK THIS BITCH  CUNT, GOOD AND PROPER. GET HIM OUT OF THAT SLING!"


Greg and me helped Jason out of the leather contraption. I got down on my knees and started blowing, first Greg then Jason, then attempted to get both in my mouth at the same time. After getting them hard, (and myself to boot), I ordered Greg to lie down, flat on his back on the floor. "NOW YOU MY LITTLE DOG-CUNT, MOUNT THAT FUCKING THICK MEAT-LOG OF HIS!" I ordered Jason. He moved over Greg's body and slowly lowered himself onto his thick, veiny meat. I stood there watching his pink arse-lips open and, at first, almost nibble on Greg's sheathed and bloated manhood. Then the fat tube-steak started to disappeared, inch by thick fucking inch, through the pink, puckered portal of Jason's carnivorous ring. stood there pulling on my own king-size 'Superdong' as Jason started to ride Greg slowly, at first, real slow. The lips of his widely dilated anal sphincter, slipped over every veiny ridge of the fat tube of man love-muscle. I moved and stood over Greg in front of Jason, who immediately grabbed my cock and started eating me. Greg reached up and grabbed hold of my pendulous nuts and pulled. Jason was picking up speed, riding Greg, the sweat now

pouring from all of us. "AH FUCK IT!" I said as I pulled away from the other two studs. I walked over to the table, rolled on a rubber, lubed up and returned. I stood behind Jason and watched him ride and groan some more, then pushed him forward so be was lying on Greg's chest, Greg's cock still in his arse. I crouched down and grabbed my dick and started to force it up Jason's shute alongside Greg's. I failed at first and gave Jason a further hit of poppers. He soon relaxed further and I started to attempt to spear him again. This time Jason worked that magic ring of his and eventually I was in. "AAHH FUCK! FUCK! AAHH FUCK! AAHH FUCK SHIT! YOU'RE GOING TO SPLIT ME IN TWO!" Jason panted. "You want me to pull out?" I asked in genuine concern.


"FUCK NO! I WANT MORE! I WANT ALL OF YOU! BOTH OF YOU TO THE HILT! MORE GIVE ME FUCKING MORE!" Jason shouted banging the floor with his Fists. I looked down between his ass cheeks and my groin and squeezed some more lube over my fat knob. I grabbed bold of Jason's shoulders and pushed another 5-6 inches of human hose up him. Tight was not the word. His arse, accommodating two very fat pieces of skinhead stud-dick. was like a vice. I pushed in some more, then some more until I was in, nut deep. Jason had reared up. in his efforts to accommodate such a wedge of flesh up his shit tube. Greg was now chewing on his nipples and I was chewing his earlobes. Jason then started to slowly raise then lower his arse. The fucker was now riding us both, he was incredible. His cock remained like a slab of pure granite throughout all tins. He was now not only riding us. getting faster and faster, but he was also pulling on his own fat fucking prick. There was a continuous and copious flow of clear, sticky pre-cum from his piss hole, which from time to time flew up in the air with the pounding of his Fist. Greg was First to speak anything coherent. "IS ANYBODY CLOSE YET? I'VE BEEN HOLDING OFF FOR A FEW MINUTES NOW, BUT I CAN'T HOLD ON MUCH LONGER. ANYBODY FUCKING CLOSE?" Jason continued to pump his arse up and down on our ever-fattening dongs

as he panted his reply. "I'M ALMOST THERE JUST A FEW MORE THRUSTS!" Then BINGO! I felt his sphincter tighten down further on my knob. His head fell back, almost head butting me, as his knob erupted in a fountain of spunk. This was enough to send Greg over the top and be started to yell out loud as I felt his prick pulse and spit out its love juice into his condom. I forced Jason forward, still shooting his load. and started shafting as fast as I could in an attempt to reach my climax. After a few hard thrusts my dick became as hard as an iron bar and I then dumped. My body convulsed and spasmed as I filled the latex sheath with my hot dick-porridge. I was shaking and jerking. My abdominal and ass muscles tensing, squeezing out the last of my spunk. We were all completely flicked. It was four in the morning and we were invited to have a shower and sleep over by Greg. We did. I was fucking sore all over, but I slept like a lamb. sandwiched between Greg and Jason. "One more night to go! "I thought as I drifted off into a well deserved sleep.

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