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Waiting for Master

And so it continues...

'Please, Master . . .' but i could not hide the look in my face that cried, 'Yes. Master.'

Master bent my head to his boots, "Lick 'em boy, lick like your life depended on it"

'Yes, Master.'  

First i kissed the leather, then my soft flowing tongue began to wrap and mould itself to the contours of the black boot leather securely covering this Skinhead Master's feet. Occasionally i moved so he could reach another spot, it was hard, the bars on the cage dug into my neck, as best i could supporting my dirty face on Masters boots. His boots were black and tall, they made is feet look strong and powerful, as much as i could turn my head to see the boots just kept going up his leg. Licking at the edge of the boot, my tongue went of the bright yellow stitching around the edge of his boots. My tongue and lips were getting a little sore as i licked around the tone of His boots. Soon i felt myself rubbing my face, my cheek against them feeling the raw power and manhood emanating from them, i wanted them, i wanted them so fucking bad.

When they were spotless and shining, I got a bowl of cereal, some raw egg, and other things that he mixed together -- he then cleared his throat and spat right in the center of it.
He put it in front of me. There it was in front of me, i looked at it, and in my past i was accused of being a fussy eater! Raw egg!
Did be really expect me to eat that, and the gob!

Looking up at Him, this lad who is to become my Master, and a hard-on like a rod of iron in his jeans, he stroked the end of it, touching the steel ring in the end of his cock.

"What you waiting for, Cunt!"

My neck went limp, it found its own way to the steel dog dish, the chain from my collar clanked against the bowl, inside i was grateful for anything he does to me, and part of me avenged to fight on.
He stood there, towering way above me, stroking his huge hard cock, watching me licking the bowl clean. Bits of food clung to my face. When it was empty, he filled it with water and put it back, so he could drink from it like a dog, just as i had eaten from it.

"Your nothing more than a fucking animal, aren't ya boy!"

He then left, turning out the lights as he first shut the outer cage door then the wooden cellar door, i was now helpless, scared and alone.

Some hours later Mark returned, he took me out of the cage to the urinal in the corner of the cellar and then he strung me up again, the leather cuffs strapped tightly to each wrist, arms widespread as before.
Master, beat me, i started to cry and scream uncontrollably as Mark hand jabbed lightly but repeatedly into the my bruised flesh, i was hanging there like a side of beef up for inspection and market.
Occasionally, he would stop to stroke circles on the base of His balls, through the leather or stroke his penis and torso. Each time Master did this, my cock would fill out and lengthen, beyond my control, like my body knew something that i didn't. Every time he would twist my nipples my cock would jerk.

"You dirty bastard, you love the pain, don't ya boy"

There was little hiding it, my body love the abuse it was getting, i found myself pushing my pecs out to meet him as the blood soon filled my tits. He seemed to not be damaging them, and eased off now and again, but the pressure was always on, as i helplessly gasped and moaned, as i began to cry then pant, i began moaning again.

my whipped back
He then tethered my tits now to the wall and began with light slaps on my body, maybe more of a heavy push or thud that a slap, his hand on landing seemed to enjoy feeling his slave. My body shook with each blow, tugging on my tits and sometimes i was sure that i felt his cock rubbing me, stabbing at his helpless bitch.
He pulled free his belt, soft supple leather one covered in spot studs.

"You gonna learn to beg real good for Master, boy"

'Yes, Master' I whimpered.

Could a slave ever beg good enough to please a Master i thought ?

Could i ever suffer enough, my soul seemed to be changing, i was becoming obsessed with the virility of his hard on, the more he tortured me, the hard his cock became, like i knew there was a hunger in me that only a Master could satisfy, only this Master.

He used the belt on me, making me kiss it before slashing it against the black and blue flesh of my ass and back and belly and chest. God did i scream, and as my body twisted to the blows, my tits tormenting me, my bound cock and balls tormented me, my cock stayed hard, thrusting proudly before me, a stream of white pre-cum pissing slowly from the tip. Soon i was pleading with him to stop, begging uncontrollably, like i could not find the right words to say.

"You been a bad fucking slave; You gonna learn to do better for me from now one boy?"

'Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Yes SIR'

The words just poured out of my mouth, part of me wanted this to stop, the other, would have allowed Him beat me unconscious, as long as he sprayed his cum over my worthless body. The though of him 'wasting' it horrified me, like i needed it, in my stomach, even if i had to lick it off the tiled floor.

"I said I'd stop only when you begged to suck my God like cock"
"Let me hear you beg for my shitty, cheesy cock; I don’t think want it bad enough boy"

'Sir, PLEASE SIR. Let me be a filthy cock sucker'

God how i begged to become a cocksucker.

He released the straps that held me spread eagle, and then tied my wrists securely them my elbows, forcing my tits way out in front of me.

It was obvious to him that i needed to learn how to suck cock, because he wasn't very good, but i soon learned how to please Master, taking his cock all the way down my throat, as he held my head with my collar.

Master belt on my ass encouraged me to learn quickly. He stood there, watching me on my knees move my face and mouth and throat down and back on my Masters cock, the full length of it, face-fucking myself, until finally Master could stand it no more and grabbed my head. Bucking his hips forth and back, driving his big cock in and out of that bitches hot cavity. As Master was getting closer, he twisted on my chain, choking me a little, forcing my mouth open further, he lunged into me as he came with a heavy shot of cum. shooting it deep into the belly of the slave where it belonged. Sucking eagerly until it was limp; i didn't lose a drop.

"Before I get through with you, Bitch, you're gonna beg to eat my shit."

Chained on his knees, his gullet full of my cum, the new cocksucker defied me, "Never. Never.!
I'll never do that, you'll have to kill me first, you can't make me do ... Please, Master, please, don’t make me do that…"

"Oi Filth", Master laughed. Taking me by the collar, cock back in my mouth and began to piss.

"You can now learn to be my toilet"

Something i never don’t before, and never thought i could bring myself to do it. There was fuck all i could do about it, my arms were bound, and the rope from my wrists was tethered securely to my balls.
When he finished, he got my face cloth and began to wipe the sweat off his cock and balls, then around his shitty ass hole, saying:
"You're gonna do this for me with your mouth."
He pushed a doggy butt plug tail up my ass, and locked the lower harness on me so that there was no chance of it slipping out. He then caged me, fed me, and left me for the night.
My cock was hard, usually i would sleep in my leather chastity short, but the night was so hot.

He left me there hands chained behind back so i couldn't play with myself and get relief, except by the slightest touch of something that just made it stay hard.
There was the cock strap circling my cock, the fullness on my hungry bitches ass, the collar round my neck, the dog leash to the ring in the floor and the bars the surrounded me, and the darkness.
Helpless i waited for my Master's return.


Masters Property

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