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Reality Check: From Childhood to Ownership
... BY UKcub

I am a 23yr old white gay male and this is my story of how through my life i have developed into a fully owned dogslave, from childhood till present day

Well i started having these odd fantasies at about the age of 7yrs old about being led around in a collar and lead in public by albeit a woman in big thigh length boots and long hair - what a stereotypical dominatrix would be perceived as.
These fantasies continued and wandered around my head, day and night for many many months. At the time i didn`t understand these thoughts and found them disturbing and frightening as it was something i did not understand and to me out of the ordinary, through time though these thoughts subsided and lay dormant.   

As a child the family had a canine pet who i was very close with, a large male German Shepherd, when we were together it seemed as if we naturally understood each other, Rex knew when i was sad and would approach me and sit his chin on my lap and give me the odd lick on my hand and give me the look that seemed to say he understood, it also worked the other way and looking back I cannot remember the times i lay with him on the floor cradled next to him, the strange thing was that Rex hated kids but never once did he show any gestures to me other than love, i now believe that Rex understood and was aware of my k9 side even before i was.   

At the age of 11 yrs i had my first sexual encounter with a boy from school, nothing spectacular just a fumble around which is considered 'normal` and it happened just the once out of embarrassment for both of us i think, then at 13-14 i had a kind of ongoing affair with another boy which again was fairly innocent stuff, but he was the first person whom i shot with, he later told his mum what we was getting up to and that he wanted it to stop, so she put a stop to that-without informing my parents (which was very nice of her i think).   
Later on that same year i was playing truant from school and at dinner time i used to hide in the shopping centre toilets because the teachers did  town centre patrol; the toilets were quite normal and run of the mill - plastic walls, tiled floors clean and no graffiti, i noticed a hole in the cubicle wall and my curiosity got the better of me so i looked through to see what i could see.........after i exited the toilets after dinnertime was over i was oblivious to being followed by one particular man, normal looking young middle aged bloke about 40, then i realised what was happening and began to panic i didn't know what to do i stayed in the shopping centre where i would be safe ( or so i thought ) and took a seat where he cornered me. Then now as i look back what i can now perceive as a k9 part of me, i took the offensive, i was both excited and afraid and took control of the situation, it was first contact for me with a 'real` gay man and needless to say i've ended up shagging and i discovered cottaging.   
Later on the same year i progressed to other cottages on the local circuit and met two of who became good friends to me they after a few weeks decided to take me to the local gay pub, before i entered i remember the butterflies wondering what it was going to be like but i was soon to find out, not at all like i had imagined and i got talking to several people who told what London was like, it sounded like heaven, all these pubs full of people just like me, people i wanted to be with, 2 weeks later i was off, on my own discovering this wonderful new place, little me all on my own in this vast city, so much to learn and to me such little time to do it in.   
After a few visits i picked up in Brief Encounter with this bloke can`t remember what he was like (there was so many around that time) and he was going to the London Apprentice in Old Street and asked if i wanted to tag along and of course i agreed. I had been through the doors for about 30mins and my dormant fantasies once again come rushing to my head, never once did i think that these things actually happened in reality, a new world had opened to me, i was excited but at the same time naive and had a   new scene to explore, never in my wildest dreams did a place like this actually exist and i was at its disposal, and as it happened i was, picked up and spat back out many times, but i learned, i was a young plaything to them and it was up to me to learn how to deal with this new world and how i was going to use it to my advantage.    
I started off by heavy shagging which at the time i didn`t even like but it was something i had to do to get where i wanted to be, and learned gradually light tt,bd,toys, obedience one thing to my advantage was that i was a good fast learner and for the next few years my trips to London became less of an occurrence with exams, work and finance problems (being so young it proved to be quite expensive).
At 18yrs old i moved to Bognor Regis to work at Butlins and this was yet another 2 years of missed opportunity to explore my longings even though i knew what i wanted and knew one day id get it.   
At 20yrs i was back in the Midlands and back to only 50 mins train journey on the train and more importantly in regular employment and my quest continued, the search for tops to learn from and i really did feel i was starting again but now at 20 i was being taken more seriously; no longer a schoolboy trying too much too soon, a wannabe, a boy in a mans world, the next 2 years i learned relatively well but still the doggy side in me had been left undisturbed i had progressed into harder tt/bd/bigger toys and progressed onto heavier assplay ws/cbt/humiliation, and i was enjoying it too.   
Then at 22yo i invested in a PC and began to surf the net and in particular irc, where to my astonishment i found a #gaydogslave channel along with #gayskinheads and #gayslavemarket where i chatted to endless amounts of people most of whom i found to be time wasters or i was too hairy or too young, which is their choice.

i found one guy who particularly interested me and for about 8 months i kept jumping on this guy trying to organise a meet, but he was always very busy and was not available it seemed ever to accommodate me. One day it happened "give me a ring" he said, so i did and three weeks later i was there. Mark is now my Master and i am his loyal dog, in my short time with him i have have learned more than all my time on the scene, he has brought out and developed my canine instincts and he means a lot to me. For me it took a lot to get where i wanted to be but the is a master for every dog out there its just the good ones are hard to find in with all the tops and the many time wasters.

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