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So what of practical life style?

This all depends if you are looking for a 24/7, of that 24/7 what is he, to what degree is he a slave, a dog or human ? 

  • You have to consider is he the animal that is captive in the house (cellar or cage)  or 
  • Is he to be kept as a kind of SM lover, where roles just come and go ?
  • What about specials  'cues' of when to switch into role ?
  • What about the assertion of dominance comes in highs and lows, such that much of the role is taken as read, and is only demonstrated at certain points, like he always sits on the floor, calls you 'SIR' without out thinking etc.
  • Or when he does call you SIR, is that when he is 'on heat' and when he uses your Name he is not?

You have to distinguish is he to be a slave or a lover?

Using the most typical (and enduring) an SM love who is a dogslave.

Them he needs a job (after he has done his studies) unless you are so rich that you are going to deposit "earning" into an account that can be used in his old age because you are denying him a life that he would have otherwise used to develop his career.

When he is at work the constraints that you impose on him how will this affect him at work, when he goes to the Gym or the swimming pool or when he visits his Parents ?

That is when he goes to the gym, will the chain collar locked around his neck or the whip marks on his butt cause him problems with in that context - are you going to prepare him and enable him to cope (see the Humiliation page).

What of issues of where he sleeps, in the bed with you at the foot of the bed or in his cage, or a mixture of all - if he has a job he needs quality sleep otherwise he will not keep his job.

What about furniture ? ^
His place is on the floor (or standing or on all fours).
At all times the floor is his domain, unless invited, kick him off furniture. Often he will be at your boots (where in truth he is happiest), but the floor is cold and often he will be naked, so ensure that you have carpets stone or wooden floors are always a few degrees cooler than you think. As he heat drains away he gets chills and you really don't want a dog in bad health. He could cope well at 20yo but if he is 40yo more practical considerations need to be made.
If you were in his position, what would you need ?
Effectively you do not want any distractions in his performance, you want his full attention - and you love your dog don't you!

What of his feed? ^
Is he going to have all dog food, human scraps or human food or a mix of all ? How is he to feel off the floor, from the bowl on the floor or at the dinner table.
This can often vary when he is in deep doggy head space then having him lick it off the tiled floor is good.
For the most part it is human food in his stainless steel dog bowl and it is the same food that you eat - like you could be bothered to do different.
You have his health to consider, and dog food is designed for dogs stomach - many slaves can eat it, but their breath & butts might smell a bit. Though at your command he will eat what he is told, that's where it counts.

What about drinking? ^
He needs a balanced diet with his main diet will be body fluids and he also has his bowl of water. But after a heavy SM session he might need to retreat into human space, when he can get a can of coke or coffee (still no furniture).




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