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This page acts as a archive/focus on the real lives of dogslaves and their Masters.
Often it covers from the earliest memories of when a guy first became aware of his K9 side/soul, though to how he found an Owner, how he progressed with his training and his current state now.

We would be interested in your story so please send in  - it may help others in finding their Master, their place in life. Understanding the progress of others, can help others on that path.
A lot of people has access to www, few have access to the places where this information would otherwise be published - not everyone lives in the free world.

From my earliest memories, i had fantasies about being treated like a dog, being collared, on a leash... 

These are a collection of personal accounts or journals of dog boys covering the process of self realisation.
These include short articles of when you discovered you were gay, then were a slave, then your doggy side. Some of these personal accounts highlight any problems you had and how you cover came them.
This is 'your story'. Its is showing the path that you followed, like what would it have been like if you read this story some years ago. Include the 'if I only knew then what I know now' stuff.  You cannot imagine what an impact this stories have on people. Many young people feel very alone with these feelings, assuming they have even put a label to the feelings.

For the most part understanding that they have a canine soul that they are a dogboy, pigboy or pony is the most liberating things they have even experienced.

The next thing they have to deal with is their peers. It has taken long enough for them to come to terms with what they are, you cannot expect your friends and family ok it in 5 minuets when it has perhaps taken you years :)

However you can mix with like minded people from similar backgrounds to you, to train you, to become a member of their pack or litter or bounce ideas off.

Normally young guys are slaves and my change later or stay a pup, some pups are dominant (top dogs) whilst being K9 and dominant they are pack leaders. Others love dogs, love playing with dogboys or treating guys like animals. It is especially hard for young Masters to be taken seriously - like what the fuck do they know! On the other hand their role is very natural to them and they need special support, hence the Young Masters Training Program.

# Cubs Story Reality Check: Childhood to Ownership by UKCubSkin#
I am a 23yr old white gay male and this is my story of how through my life i have developed into a fully Owned dogslave, from my early childhood fantasies of being a submissive treated like a dog through to finding my  Owner and becoming my Masters dog slave.
# My five years as a dog by Kia Greywolf
I am finding this a difficult task, trying to relate the sum of five years, experience devoted to pleasing my former Owner.
I had found a man who became my Master, my Owner, who led me to see the pleasure of living as that special dog of his.
I was happy to have given up my human liberty to find a better freedom to be and exist under his control. There is a special relationship between a man and his dog that when found is quite rare.
# My beginning as a dog by Biscut
It all started one night when I sat sown one night to watch  a late night TV show called Eurotrash. I saw guys  all wearing reins and had tightly fastened bits in their mouths, the butt plugs with the tails. This sparked a big reaction in me, I knew I wanted to try out, I wanted to find out more about what I had seen but didn’t have a clue what next to do.
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