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In the Beginning

My Story
5 Years
In the Beginning
Pupslave realisation
British Pup in Nashville
Childhood to Ownership
Fender - Coming out as a Pup
The Puppy Manifesto

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My interest started from a late night TV show called Eurotrash. I had heard that it showed some "weird rubbish" from friends, so I decided to see what it was all about. I plucked up courage to tape it as my parents would never of approved if I had told them what I was taping.

I watched it while my dad was out, I dread to think of what he would of said, besides the fact that he would of taken the tape from me and probably destroyed it. The program showed some people running round a wooded area near enough naked and pulling a cart, really only covered in body paint, There was a lady “dressed” as a zebra, with stripes painted on, a pony and one other but I cant remember now what animal that was. They were all wearing reins and had tightly fastened bits in their mouths. This sparked a big reaction in me. It was something that I knew I wanted to try out, the only thing I was not too sure on was when they showed butt plugs, this was something that I thought was taking things too far. I wanted to find out more about what I had seen but didn’t have a clue what next to do, apart from writing into Channel 4 and asking them to pass my name and address to those concerned. Somehow I don’t think that that would of worked really, I know that if I had received a letter like that then I would of thrown it away straight away. So, apart from knowing that the event took place in Derbyshire then my search really came to a stop. I then started work for the company that I am with now and discovered the world of news groups. After searching through some of them, I came across a posting about joining something called the “Petserver”, this is a group where like minded people can talk about and share their interests in animal role-play. To say that my heart jumped into my mouth and then soared through the roof, to finally find what I was searching for after that length of time was really great, I don’t know how else to describe how I felt. Hopefully you can understand what I mean.  After receiving postings through from this list for a while I got an email through from a lady in the US replying to an article that I posted. I started emailing her on a regular basis, she is a great lady and was VERY kind to me and after a while I told her about my hopes to become owned. She told me that she was already owned and had a groom as well, to say here that I was jealous as hell of her in the understatement of the century. Anyway, soon after she introduced me to her owner and Mistress (Mistress Alexis). After a short while I was instructed to send her a tribute, something that came from me and from my heart. I did this in the next week and after she received it, a few days later she sent me an email welcoming me into her family. She set out what I had to do and my training started from there. Unfortunately in that relationship I felt like I had bitten off more than I could chew (if you will excuse the pun). Things went sharply downhill from there. The reality of being owned was too much for me then. To a certain extent I regret not talking to her about how I felt and I know that I really hurt my Mistress by disappearing like that, I disrespected her as a Mistress and hurt her as a lady. I thought I knew what I wanted but in the end I did not have a clue about what had started. After some time, I thought about how I felt, and after talking to a couple of friends on IRC they taught me to grow up and helped me to sort out how I felt inside, and my role as a puppy started growing from there. I wanted to be owned but I was not happy as a pony, I guess that being a puppy was easier than a trying to be a pony. I thought that perspective owners might take more kindly to owning a puppy rather than a pony. After all, owning a puppy takes up less room than another animal. I feel so much more content as a puppy, although being forced to wear a bit, headgear and reins is still very prominent in my thoughts.
I have been really lucky recently, thankfully my former Mistress has come back into my life and after some talking, she has agreed to take me back into her family. After talking on IRC she asked me whether I would be happier as a puppy or to carry on as a ponyboy. Nervously I told her that I would prefer to be a puppy, I fully expected her to say that she was not interested in owning a puppy and we would go our own ways. She proved me wrong again (smile) by saying that she was interested in me and not only in my pony role-play. I have been renamed to “Biscut” and have been commanded to send her another tribute, so I posted it off to her last week, I have learnt so much recently from her, mostly about respect and not trying to control my training in any way. The Mistress’ will is to be obeyed and not questioned. As an extra to this, my tribute has arrived and Mistress Alexis approves of my tribute and she has told me that I am her property to do with as she pleases and has exclusive rights to me. So, that just about brings us up to date, I am the happiest I have ever been and I will do anything to keep my Mistress happy. I don't have much equipment right now as the pics here will show but that is being worked on. My search for a muzzle was completed due to some friends on the Petserver list, they pointed me in the right direction of which web site to go through to, I am hoping that my collar will be made for me soon but I can only wait and see what happens there, it is not my place to question things like that anyway.

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