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Example of dog controlMy Chastity Training

By cuffedKid

Total Control and Ownership Total control
Total Control and Ownership Chastity Training
Total Control and Ownership Kit

The dog's gotta learn to stop playing with itself -
That's your property

in his paws!

Gary continues his experiences in chastity



December the 31st 1998, I arrived at Sir's house at 7pm. Sir let me enter, closed the door and I was immediately ordered upstairs to strip all my everyday clothes, fold them up and put them in the drawer. Sir ordered that I kneel, so that he could place the collar on me. Then I was left to fit the cock cuff to myself. I had not had a wank before I arrived here because I expected Sir to let me have a final tug, before having the cock cuff on. Well, I was so very horny and could not get the cuff over my shaft, I had to call down to Sir. to tell him that I was having trouble. Unabashed, Sir just told me not to worry, just come on downstairs, bringing the cock cuff with me, to try again later.

Eventually, I did manage to get the cuff onto myself. Later that evening Sir, lay out some towels on the bedroom floor and I had my hands cuffed behind me, and made to kneel on the towels, next a blindfold was put over my eyes. Then I was left. After what had seemed ages, I heard the television downstairs being turned up, next the sound of Sir moving about in the bedroom again. I had not expected the touch of Sir's hand on my tit and it took me by surprise, making me flinch, and cry out worriedly. Sir took my chin with one hand and slapped my cheek with the free hand. "QUIET." Sir ordered.

The sound of liquid falling into a bucket, broke the almost silence. Sir's moist fingers tracked around my lips. The feel of my lips being played with made me very aroused. I was not sure whether to stay like this or part my teeth. Because I was enjoying the sensations, I decided to wait for the order before making any movement, after about 2 -3 minutes playing with my lips. "Open up." Sir ordered. Quickly I obeyed, It was obvious now that Sir had pissed in the bucket, to get rid of the stale strong piss, as I felt his cock was wet, as it entered my mouth. Then, slowly the remainder of his fresh piss trickled down my throat. Sir controlled himself brilliantly, pissing at a pace that I could keep up with to swallow. From the sounds coming from the television downstairs, blaring away. Big Ben striking, hundreds of people cheering. I knew that Sir had granted my wish. He stoked my head while still pissing into me eager mouth. "Happy New Year, boy." Sir spoke, but he still trickled piss down my throat well into several minutes of the new year. "Happy New Year Sir." I said as Sir pulled his now dry cock from my mouth.

It was 4am, when I eventually arrived home, in my chastity, it had seemed a long time since I was last locked up in this way. This time though, I did not really feel as self concious about it. I had, after all managed to cope with it before. Thinking back on that time, Sir had been right when he told me, all the fears were what I had put into my own mind. When I eventually climbed into bed, wearing the cock cuff, I felt really happy. My cock felt good too, it was trying to get hard inside the tube, and getting pleasantly squeezed. I knew that after a few days frustration, at having my cock locked up, was going to set it. That was the most worrying part, not knowing how I would cope. There were many other fears that crept into my mind before I drifted blissfully into sleep.

The cock cuff curtailed all my activities at the gym and swiming baths, so I had to design my training around the house. Sir loaned me a bullworker, which I found, really did work, much to my surprise. So I have bought my own now. During that week, I called in to see Sir a couple of times. He was as always as pleased to see, as I was pleased to be able to report that I was still proud to be locked up for him. My worst times, was when at home and alone, because that was when my thoughts drifted to sex and having a tug. The only contact I can make with my cock is to push my finger up the long tube and touch the glans. The touching gave me a feel nice feeling, but it also made the feelings of frustration worse.

Friday 8th January, it was terrible trying to concentrate at work. I had been asked if I would stay on later at work, as much as I wanted to refuse and go home early for a change, thoughts of getting the promised promotion this year, made me stay. So rather than go home after work, I bought a take away pizza and ate it on the way to Sir's house. My cock was almost solid, trapped inside the tube. More than it had been all day. Sir, greeted my at the door and ordered me upstairs to fold my clothes and pack them away, whilst he put the kettle on, to make us a cup of tea. I quickly drank mine, and kept looking at Sir, who seemed to be deliberately taking his time. I was afraid to hurry him, but I really did want him to get me out of this contraption. I learned later that Sir had noticed that I was willing him to rush.

13th February ... today I have been released from the cock cuff for 2 hours, after 27 days been locked in it. I was tied up, unable to touch my cock, what I saw of it, it is very swollen and puffed, though there is no pain. The orgasms I experience is the best I have ever known, and Sir knows how to make sure I enjoy it. I feel very lucky that I have Sir to keep me controlled in this way Initially, I was afraid of Sir's control over me, now I know i need this more than anything else in the world. I promise, I will find time to write more about the effects that Sir is having on my life soon. By the way, Sir has chosen my nickname, "cuffedkid." I am honoured to have Sir's attention.

I have so much more to tell you, but Sir is using his computer to rebuild his new site.
As soon as it is free again, I will tell you more about my training

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