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My First time
By cuffedKid

I worked out regularly at the gym, and then started using the swimming baths with Jon and Shaun. My two best mates, we are all skinheads, but Jon and Shaun are really hung up about gays, so I would hate for them to find out about me. Living in  Bristol, it's hard to be known as gay, so I keep quiet about it..

We often saw Master in the baths, and I did see him a few times in the Gym where I go, but always avoided him. What made it more difficult was when Shaun once pointed him out and said. "Yeah, he looks butch but he's a pouf." I made a determined effort not to approach him from then on. However, I often saw him speaking to an even younger guy, who I knew was only 16. Whenever I saw this, I was consumed with jealousy. I wanted to be that boy.

Well my chance came, when Shaun and Jon were going off to watch Bristol City playing away. I feigned an illness and stayed at home. Except I did not stay at home, I went to the baths, getting there early for a change. I stood first in the queue, waiting for 8.30pm to strike before the girl took our money for entry. Sir was stood behind a girl who was behind me in the queue. I desperately wanted to say something to him, but was too scared. I just wanted him to notice me, but he was pre-occupied talking to the boy. I was really jealous of that boy. I had often seen him in the changing room, flaunting his naked body infront of Sir

Despite being shy and very nervous I was determined that somehow, I was going to get his attention that night, though I still hadn't worked out how. Well I paid my money and went to the vending machine, pretending that I was looking to buy something until Sir had paid, and had gone into the changing room, quickly followed by the boy.

I wasted no time in going in behind them, hoping that I did not appear to obvious to the other people who were still in the queue. As usual, Sir chose a cubicle, and the boy went to the cubicle next door. Well, I thought if I am going to get noticed, then I am going to go to the cubicle on the other side of Sir, but as always the boy was talking to Sir, so he stood in the aisle to strip off, exposing himself for Sir to see. I had watched this so many times before.

I was really nervous as I too stood in the aisle, and stripped off, quickly folding my clothes and throwing into the cubicle. As I stripped, I kept listening for something in the conversation were I could butt-in, but they were talking about the boys part time job, though I really didn't understand anymore of their conversation. by the time I was down to my briefs I realised that there was no-way I was going to get noticed, there was only one thing I could think to do. As I lowered my briefs I lifted a leg, and pretended to lose balance. It turned out to be more realistic than planned. I fell backwards, and knocked my head on the tiled floor. The experience certainly worked, because Sir and the boy, both rushed to make sure I was ok. Sir told me to lie still, but now I realised I was naked and exposed, and I could feel my cock beginning to get hard. Feeling embarrassed I rolled over onto my belly as I rubbed my head that I had freshly shaved only about an hour before.

Between them, Sir and the boy lifted me from the cold wet floor and sat me onto the bench in the cubicle. Sir was very concerned for my welfare, the boy was too. Despite the pain in my head I was feeling good, at least Sir had noticed me, the only thing wrong was my cock was fully erect. I was too afraid to look down to see if my hand was covering it completely. Sir had noticed that (I later found out.)

When Sir was certain that I was not permanently damaged, he left me to get my trunks on. While he did the same. Sir suggested that I should swim with them in the baths, just in case I got into difficulties. Though we all knew that there was nothing wrong with me, except my erect cock. After the swim, we went for a shower. Now these swimming baths are very old so there is only 2 shower heads. Sir told me to use one and the boy stepped back for Sir to use the other. The boy, I had now found out was called Paul, stripped off his swim shorts and just stood in front of us, exposing himself. I was even more jealous, the way he could just stand there exposed without getting hard. I kept looking at Sir, who was having a kewl time with 2 naked bodies around him, and I could feel my erection growing again.

After we had dried and dressed, Sir asked where I lived, when I told him Hartcliffe, he asked how I was going to get home, "I always walk." I told him then he offered to take me home in his works van, as it was a long way to walk. I gratefully accepted. Paul lived close to the baths so he went on his way, and left us. I asked Sir, whether he would consider stopping at a pub to have a drink with me, he declined, because of his job, he was 'on call' and there was a risk that he may have to drive a long distance. Then he suggested that we could go to his house, if I wanted to chat. I was dead scared at this point but decided to accept.

Well no sooner than we were inside the door, the kettle went on. and I was treated to a cup of tea. I was really nervous, but there was no need to be. Though Sir did notice. "What are you worried about?" He asked. "I am not worried." I lied "Then sit back in the chair and relax, you're sat there on the edge of that seat like you are ready to dash off at a split seconds notice." "Sorry." I said, as I sat back and made myself more comfortable..

Over our tea, Sir had told me that he had often noticed me with Shaun and Jon, and asked where they were. So I told him where they had gone. To my surprise Sir came out and said. "They are 2 very very horny looking skinhead guys." I was stunned speechless, After a few second's, Sir asked. "Are they gay?" Still unable to speak I just shook my head, but I could feel my face burning with embarrassment. " This is was the first time I had ever heard anyone talking so openly about guys being horny looking. I took a swig on my cup of tea and took me eyes away from Sir.

"I know you're gay?" He said, bluntly. I almost chocked on the mouth full of tea, fighting to keep it in my mouth as I could not, at that time, swallow it. The statement just seemed to be so natural to Sir. After what was a while of trying to compose my self, blushing furiously. Sir answered for me. "Obviously yes." I stammered. "I have never done anything. am I so obviously gay?" "No...." Was Sir's honest answer, "but what or who is obvious? Not everyone goes around acting like camp queens and carrying handbags." After a brief pause, Sir asked. "What was your hard on all about in the changing room?" I was still too shy to answer. Then he asked was it the attention from Paul?" I shook me head. "So it was me then?" My face was burning even more, I think at that time you could have fried eggs on my cheeks. "Okay." Sir continued, drink you tea and lets go to bed.

The tea was still piping hot, and I was trembling with excitement. I just put the cup down. "I cant take anymore." I said, Sir took my hand and led me upstairs. When we got to the bedroom, leather restraints, metal handcuffs and rope were strewn everywhere. "It's ok, we won't be using this on you. we're going to kiss and cuddle.... no more than that." I was glad and also sad too. I had often dreamed of being tied so that I could not resist a guy from doing what he wanted to me. This very first visit, was like I had just met an alien. (I dont mean for that to sound bad.) The way sir appeared to be just like any other normal guy. Yet, at the same time he was so different than anyone I had ever met before.

How could anyone, say to an almost perfect stranger that his mates are horny looking? How could anyone have all this restraint gear spread around the bedroom, and treat it as though it was just everyday things, no different than a bedside lamp. I was in awe of this man.

Sir sat me on the bed, and took off my shoes and socks, then started on my clothes, I wanted to do the same to him, but I was afraid. Nervously, I reached for his shirt buttons, expecting to be somehow told off, but Sir let me continue. In next to no time we were both lay on the bed, naked and our hands exploring each other. I had never experienced these things before and soon I felt I was going to shoot my spunk. (Sir call's it spoo) I told Sir to stop, but he just carried on, and I shoot my spunk all over his chest and body. "Lie still, and relax." Sir told me, while he cleaned himself up. Which I did, while Sir cuddled me into him and stroked me. It was the weirdest feeling. After a while I began to get excited again.

As we lay together on Sir's bed, Sir stopped caressing me, instead he dragged me closer to him, with me lay on my side facing him. He pulled my wrist behind me. Sir is not a big man, but he is bigger than me, and stronger. With one hand he firmly held my wrist together. His free hand started exploring my body. Then he prised my mouth open with his Tongue. I shook my head trying to resist. I had never kissed a man in anyway before, and I had never kissed anyone intimately. Because of my background the whole experience was so revolting. Then, I saw the other side of Sir. His voice lowered. Very sternly he spoke one word, it was not the word, "Still." but the way it was spoken. I felt I had to obey. Sir held my head with his free hand. Then he spoke more softly. "Its only a kiss, just relax, and you will enjoy it." Before I had time to reply or react, his mechanic's hand pulled my face onto his, and his tongue forced it's way into my mouth. I realised that there was no way I could stop this, so I did as I was told and relaxed, enjoying Sir explore my mouth so intimately. Then his tongue explored my body, my chest, and his teeth nibbled at my tits.

With my wrist held secure behind me, I was enjoying the sensations intensely. It seemed to come automatic, without me even thinking about it, but my voice very quietly spoke in a very faint whisper. "Please, tie me up Sir." I heard myself saying. Well Sir heard it immediately stopped. "Are you sure you know what you are asking for?" Sir asked. It was like I had just woken from a dream. But, yes I was enjoying Sir holding me secure with his one hand, and me unable to stop him from exploring my mouth and body with his tongue and teeth. "Please, tie me up Sir." I repeated slightly louder."

Sir's reaction was amazing, he bounded off the bed. and in his gruff ordered. "Get off the bed and on you knee's, boy, then put your hands on your head." Sir spoke so sharp and fast, I had to ask him to repeat it. Instead, he reached down and turned me onto my belly, then spanked my bum 3 times (but not too hard) on each cheek. Telling me to pay more attention to what he told me in future. Then he repeated the order and I swiftly fell to my knee's at the end of the bed, into the position he had insisted on. "From now on boy, you only call me Sir. Do you understand me?" Sir did not need to speak loud to make it understood that he was a man who had to be obeyed.

Swiftly, I was in bondage. That was when I noticed the time on the alarm clock. Almost midnight, When I told Sir, he just said. "Too bad. Stop whining, or I will gag you too." I did not want to be gagged, I just wanted this episode to end. Wishing I had not prompted this. Then Sir said. "There is 2 ways to do this. Either you relax, and take what is coming to you, and we can be finished in a few minutes. Or fight me, and we can stay all night. Surely, if we are already late, an extra 10 minutes is not going to make much difference." Somehow, that last sentence put everything into perspective for me, and I had to agree. Beside's this one night, was like none that I had ever had before, and it was worth the extra 10 minutes.

Lay on the bed, hogtied, Sir also lay on the bed in a 69 position, I watched helpless as his cock came closer to me mouth, I was not sure I could do this, but I was also afraid not to, so I opened my mouth and accepted what was coming too me. His cock gently entered and started pumping. Surprisingly the experience was not as bad I as I expected, Sirs cock tasted good and he was gentle with me.

While this was happening, Sir grabbed my cock and guided it towards his mouth, my cock is long but not as thick as Sir's, he swallowed it whole, straight in, with no messing about. His mouth started pumping up and down on my cock, and his teeth were scrapping everywhere, from the base of the shaft up to the glans. The sensations were out of this world.. I tried to mimic what Sir was doing to me, but being tied, I didn't have the same mobility as Sir, but from the noises that were coming from the back of his throat, I knew I was not doing too bad. Suddenly, Sir pulled out letting out a low scream as he shot his spoo over me, but he still kept up the intense sucking on my own cock, then I felt the spoo bubbling inside me. "I'm coming." I cried out, expecting Sir to pull away, but he didn't. I was in heaven, and making the most delightful sounds as I felt my spoo leave my body and shout into Sir's throat. Sir kept sucking, until I was completely drained.

It was a couple of weeks before I plucked the courage to come back for more. That is another story. Since then I have become Sir's chastity slave.

 Strapped nice and secureAfter visiting Sir a few times. I trusted him to have my telephone number, so that he could ring me at home, anytime that he wanted a chat. Well, Sir would never ring me, as he said it was up to me to ring him when I felt the need to visit him. This was ok, though I really did want Sir to ring me for a talk, as long as Sir made sure none of my family were about, so that I could talk with him freely.

One day, neither I or Sir can remember exactly when, Sir called me to tell me to visit him on Friday evening, as he would have something that he wanted me to try. When I asked what it was, Sir told me that he wanted to put me into chastity, and keep me in it from Friday until Monday evening. I did not really know what this would entail, but the thought that Sir, would have some control over my dick, thrilled me very much.

Friday evening came, and I showered and shaved my balls, which I knew Sir would want me to do. Then I cycled over to his house. As soon as I arrived, Sir ordered me to strip my clothes and go to the bedroom. Sir had already trained me to wait for him on my knees, which I did. Sir waited for a time. then entered the room, immediately put a collar around my neck then as my wrist were secured to the collar, I realised that this was no ordinary collar.

Now I was in no position to decide or argue about what was to happen me Sir took a hold of my already erect dick as he said. "Tonight, I am going to wank this one for you. Then, its going to get locked up until Monday evening. " "Yes Sir." I replied meekly. I wanted to know what the chastity device looked like, but was too afraid to ask. Next Sir ordered that I stand up and he attached a spreader bar between my ankles. I was feeling very nervous but excited too. Next Sir blindfolded me, then he ordered, in his gruff manner. "Open your mouth." I obeyed and swiftly a leather gag was put into it. Feeling completely helpless and vulnerable, yet very trusting of Sir. I was very excited then Sir said. "Now you won't be able to see your cock again until I release you on Monday night." I could only nod my head in agreement. The thought of that made me even more excited.

Very slowly, Sir wanked my cock, despite having already wanked it earlier that evening. (I had been turned on by the thought of Sir having control of me, and couldn't resist) The helplessness of my situation and Sir in control, I soon felt myself wanting to shoot. Sir recognised the signs and stopped before I reached the climax. Sir's hands began playing with my body, touching me everywhere. It was a very big letdown when Sir stopped stroking my dick, but Sir's hands exploring me, made me realise how vulnerable I really was. Eventually, Sir started stroking my cock again. Again he stopped before the climax came to release me from this ordeal.

Infact, I was brought to the edge of orgasm 5 times, before Sir let my juices spurt wildly into the air. I had rarely had an orgasm as intense as this, but if this was the start of chastity training, I needed and wanted it very badly. Sir, took the bar from between my ankles and led me to the edge of the bed where he told me to sit down, and lie back on the bed to rest. I heard Sir leave the room, now, no longer feeling horny, or excited. I just wanted to be released from the bondage, but there was no way I could communicate with Sir, or no way I could escape from the bonds alone.

Sir returned to the bedroom and within seconds I felt a damp cloth gently cleaning my now soft cock. Then a warm towel drying me. Next, leather straps landed on my lower body, and the suprisingly cold metal against my cock. Instintively, I lifted my knees and tried to cover my groin. Sir was having none of it. Grabbing my ankles and lifting them high, Sir slapped my ass very hard, then said, in a loud gruff voice. "Stay still you buggar." The blow to my exposed ass, was a sharp reminder that Sir was in control. Again grabbing my ankles, Sir placed the spreader bar on them. Then he stood between my knees, and there was now, no way that I could shield myself.

Sir was very gentle as he placed my dick into the cold metal tube, when it was fully in place, I felt a metal bar going behind my balls, then heard it click into its locked position. Sir took his time and slowly pushed the bar tighter until he was satisfied that the device was fully trapping my balls. "Stand up." Sir ordered. I began to move off the bed but not quick enough for Sir who shouted. "Hurry up." The order made me move faster, and Sir helped me to my feet. Then he put the two straps around my waist. and secured them at the back. Next, I felt another strap being drawn up between my ass cheeks from my groin. That too was attached to the two leather straps at my back. Sir took his time in adjusting the straps, until they were comfortable on me.

The spreader bar and ankles straps were the first to be taken from me, followed by the wrist straps and collar, then the gag and finally the blindfold. Being able to see the cock cuff for the very first time. It was 'enormous' and my first thoughts were. "How can I go home or to work, wearing this clumsy thing. Then I realised there was no chance of being able to go to the gym or swimming either. When I expressed my concern to Sir, he pointed out that it would be only for 3 days, so I would really only miss one session at the baths and gym, and the cuff would hide under jeans. Reassured, I got dressed. Despite what Sir had said, The bulge did show. Probabley not as noticable as I had imagined, though there was definately a noticable lump.

Going home was easy, My parents were in bed. I went straight to my room, undressed, and climbed into bed, with the heavy lump of stainless steel between my legs. Saturday, I was up early , going through all my jeans and trousers to find out which ones the lump would show less. Surprisingly, the tighter jeans seemed to work better than the baggy ones. Going downstairs to the kitchen, I made sure I was facing the worktop's as much as possible incase My Mother came in, I would have hated for here to see my bulge. Later that morning, Jon rang to see when I would be ready to go to the gym. I made an excuse about being ill, and spent the day in my bedroom. By Sunday, morning I was fed up with staring at the four walls and reading books, so I decided to go and visit Sir for the day.

Sir was surprised to see me, and even more surprised when I offered to do any odd jobs around the house, like a houseboy. He reacted by telling me that he would not release me from the cuff until the following night, regardless of how much I pleaded. I could not bring myself to tell him that I felt safer here, away from people who would be looking at my bulge and asking awkward questions.

Monday at work was a terrible day, trying always to put myself in a position were no-one would notice the cumbersome lump in my trousers. How I lasted that day, I will never know. I could not wait until I got toSirs house at 7pm that evening.

The traffic was very heavy getting out of the City Centre that night, and the bus was late getting me home. So I had no time for tea, it was a case of getting to my room, get changed and get to Sirs house as soon as possible, I did not want to be late, incase Sir should decide that I needed to be punished. It had taken me Thirty Five minutes to get to Sirs house in the past, and that was running most of the way. Tonight I only had Twenty Five minutes, so it meant running very hard and fast most of the way. I made it with just Two minutes to spare.

Sir was in a very happy mood when he opened the door and had me in, we sat in the lounge, chatting. Sir asked if I had eaten, so I explained to him why I hadn't stopped for food. He had not eaten either so offered to cook me something, which I gladly accepted, All the time Sir was cooking and when we were eating, Sir kept questioning me about the effects of the cock cuff, and I had to admit that I really did enjoy the feeling of being locked up and knowing that Sir had control over me. Sunday and Monday morning was the best time, because I was always ready for a wank before getting out of bed. Now, I had no opportunity to do that.

I realised that Sir had not made any mention of letting me out of the cuff, the time was getting late, so I asked Sir, to release me. Then he dropped the bombshell. Standing up and looking down on me he asked me sternly. "Did I tell you to come here and spend the day yesterday?" "No Sir." I replied. Still not realising where this was going. "No Sir." My master echo'ed. "You just came here of your own free will, thinking that if you whined on, then I would release you." "No Sir." I protested, then proceeded to tell Sir the real reason. Sir did not believe me. "Oh thats a good one." Sir laughed heartily. "Well boy, as punishment, I am not going to take it from you until Friday night." I know that Sir sometimes says things to tease, but I knew from the tone of his voice that he was not teasing me. Then he continued. "If I hear one more word about it. you will stay in the cock cuff for at least another 4 days. " With that sort of threat hanging over me, I decided to stay quiet.

Sir was good to me and drove me home to save me having to walk. I went indoors and straight up to my room and cried until I dropped off to sleep. I had considered not going to work for the rest of the week, but I had already taken a few days off sick, plus I had spent a lot of money over the Christmas and had not had too much chance to put it back yet. Tuesday, at work was even worse. I noticed that people were talking and sniggering, so I thought they were joking about me.

That night I got home from work had my tea, and decided to ring Sir to get his permission to see him. I was so afraid that Sir would say no, I cried on the phone. Well Sir is not such an ogre, he offered to come to collect me. I agreed to wait for him outside of my house. I was still crying when Sir pulled up. I got into his van and he drove back to his house. On the way back, his mobile phone rang. A set of temporary traffic lights were not working. And the engineer who had gone to site to sort it out, could not find the problem. Telling me it would take a couple of hours, and asked if I would like to go with him. I was honoured. At least, I had the forty five minutes that it took to get to the site to tell Sir how I felt about the cuff, and offered him all my savings, if he would take it off of me.

Sir did not say anything about taking the cuff off me, just listened. We reached the site, Sir got out of the van and chatted to his workmate. I could not hear what he said, but, he came to the back of the van, got some tools and within five minutes he and his mate were laughing. He had found and fixed the problem that quickly. Another forty five minutes and we were at his home. Sir went into the kitchen to make his famous cup of tea and ordered me to strip all my clothes off.

Sir came into the lounge with the Two cups of tea, as I was sat naked, except for the cock cuff. "So how much savings have you got boy?" Sir asked. "60 Sir." I answered. "So you are willing to pay it all to me if I release you?" He asked. "Yes Sir." "Okay, drink your tea." Sir was sipping at his drink, so I bolted mine down as soon as I could and put the mug in the kitchen. Back in the lounge Sir signalled that I had to stand in front of him with my back to him. Then I knew that he was undoing the padlock at the back of the harness, I felt him carefully lowering the one strap that went up between my legs. Then he told me to take a grip on the Two waist straps, and turn around. I watched him place the key into the cuff, and turn it. Then he very gingerly slackened the bar that went behind my balls and carefully pulled them free, and slid my penus from the tube. Then we went to bed and played. Before Sir took me home I offered Sir the 60. Sir stroked my freshly shaved head, smiling. "I dont want you money pup." He said, I liked it when Sir called me pup.

I was afraid to go and see Sir again for about 10 months. Though I thought about him a great deal, and the cock cuff too. I know that some of you are going to find this very perverted, but Sir has ordered that I tell you the whole story truthfully. I had another thing that played around in my mind. My dream was to be forced to my knees with my hands tied behind my back, then forced to drink Sir's urine. For month's this played around in my head. Over the christmas holidays. I paid a visit to Sir, who made me very welcome. Spent ages, chatted general chat and drinking tea.

Sir treated me more like a friend who had just popped in for a visit, which I suppose I was, but I was surprised that there had been no mention of sexual type playing for ages. Then Sir asked if I had had anymore thoughts about the cock cuff since he had last seen me, or if I had had sex with anyone else. So I answered truthfully that I had thought about the cock cuff and something else very often, but had not seen anyone else. I was very shy to admit what the 'something else' was, but Sir extracted it from me. Then he asked what plans I had made to celebrate the New Year. "Nothing for definate." I answered. "Good." Sir said, then continued. "Well, its tomorrow night we are talking about, so I think you should come here, for the night." "What will happen if I do?" I asked nervously, but excited too. "Arrive at 7o-clock and strip, wank then fit the cock cuff to you. At Midnight, you can be drinking my piss into the New Year." Sir answered bluntly. I could feel my face, burning a bright red. There was one thing that nagged me, and I had to ask Sir. "How long will you keep the cock cuff on me this time?" "Until Friday night of Next week." Sir told me. "That's a long time Sir." I replied. "Can I come to visit you sometimes without you punishing me by making me wear it longer?" "Boy, as long as you don't whine, I will definitely take the cock cuff from you." "I wont whine Sir."


December the 31st 1998December the 31st 1998, I arrived at Sir's house at 7pm. Sir let me enter, closed the door and I was immediately ordered upstairs to strip all my everyday clothes, fold them up and put them in the drawer. Sir ordered that I kneel, so that he could place the collar on me. Then I was left to fit the cock cuff to myself. I had not had a wank before I arrived here because I expected Sir to let me have a final tug, before having the cock cuff on. Well, I was so very horny and could not get the cuff over my shaft, I had to call down to Sir. to tell him that I was having trouble. Unabashed, Sir just told me not to worry, just come on downstairs, bringing the cock cuff with me, to try again later.

Eventually, I did manage to get the cuff onto myself. Later that even Sir, lay out some towels on the bedroom floor and I had my hands cuffed behind me, and made to kneel on the towels, next a blindfold was put over my eyes. Then I was left. After what had seemed ages, I heard the television downstairs being turned up, next the sound of Sir moving about in the bedroom again. I had not expected the touch of Sir's hand on my tit and it took me by surprise, making me flinch, and cry out worriedly. Sir took my chin with one hand and slapped my cheek with the free hand. "QUIET." Sir ordered.

The sound of liquid falling into a bucket, broke the almost silence. Sir's moist fingers tracked around my lips. The feel of my lips being played with made me very aroused. I was not sure whether to stay like this or part my teeth. Because I was enjoying the sensations, I decided to wait for the order before making any movement, after about 2 -3 minutes playing with my lips. "Open up." Sir ordered. Quickly I obeyed, It was obvious now that Sir had pissed in the bucket, to get rid of the stale strong piss, as I felt his cock was wet, as it entered my mouth. Then, slowly the remainder of his fresh piss trickled down my throat. Sir controlled himself brilliantly, pissing at a pace that I could keep up with to swallow. From the sounds coming from the television downstairs, blaring away. Big Ben striking, thousands of people cheering. I knew that Sir had granted my wish. He stoked my head while still pissing into my eager mouth. "Happy New Year, boy." Sir spoke, but he still trickled piss down my throat well into several minutes of the new year. "Happy New Year Sir." I said as Sir pulled his now dry cock from my mouth.

It was 4am, when I eventually arrived home, in my chastity, it had seemed a long time since I was last locked up in this way. This time though, I did not really feel as self conscious about it. I had, after all managed to cope with it before. Thinking back on that time, Sir had been right when he told me, all the fears were what I had put into my own mind. When I eventually climbed into bed, wearing the cock cuff, I felt really happy. My cock felt good too, it was trying to get hard inside the tube, and getting pleasantly squeezed. I knew that after a few days frustration, at having my cock locked up, was going to set it. That was the most worrying part, not knowing how I would cope. There were many other fears that crept into my mind before I drifted blissfully into sleep.

The cock cuff curtailed all my activities at the gym and swimming baths, so I had to design my training around the house. Sir loaned me a bull worker, which I found, really did work, much to my surprise. So I have bought my own now. During that week, I called in to see Sir a couple of times. He was as always as pleased to see, as I was pleased to be able to report that I was still proud to be locked up for him. My worst times, was when at home and alone, because that was when my thoughts drifted to sex and having a tug. The only contact I can make with my cock is to push my finger up the long tube and touch the glans. The touching gave me a feel nice feeling, but it also made the feelings of frustration worse.

Friday 8th January, it was terrible trying to concentrate at work. I had been asked if I would stay on later at work, as much as I wanted to refuse and go home early for a change, thoughts of getting the promised promotion this year, made me stay. So rather than go home after work, I bought a take away pizza and ate it on the way to Sir's house. My cock was almost solid, trapped inside the tube. More than it had been all day. Sir, greeted me at the door and ordered me upstairs to fold my clothes and pack them away, whilst he put the kettle on, to make us a cup of tea. I quickly drank mine, and kept looking at Sir, who seemed to be deliberately taking his time. I was afraid to hurry him, but I really did want him to get me out of this contraption. I learned later that Sir had noticed that I was willing him to rush.

Sir, unbuckled the leather harness at the back then tied me spread out on his st andrews cross. Then I was gagged and blindfolded, Sir played with my chest and nipples, after ages, Sir put the key into the cock cuff. I could feel the light pressure, as the key turned. Sir gently tugged on the bar that goes behind my ball sac, then he carefully lifted my nuts free, before sliding the tube from my already erect dick. I was surprised when Sir did not even touch me down there. Instead, his hands ran freely over my chest, tweaking my nipples. Sir's two hands felt like 20. touching and tweaking, everywhere except my groin. I started to panic, thinking there was someone else in the room, touching and playing with me. From then I was scared, my cock went limp. I had trusted Sir, not to bring anyone else in on our scene's, now I felt betrayed. I squirmed and struggled in my bonds trying to break free. Thinking I was in some pain or trouble, Sir quickly released me. I fell to my knees, and tore the gag from my mouth. "YOU BASTARD!" I shouted as I pulled off the blindfold. Looking up at Sir with both tears and anger in my eyes. "What have I done?" Sir asked bewildered. I looked around the room, there was no-one else there. Now I felt stupid, as Sir lifted me up and sat me on the bed. "Who else is here?" I asked. "There's only you and me." Sir replied. "Why what's the matter?" "I .... was scared... it felt like 20 hands touching me." I almost stammered. Sir laughed aloud very heartily. "I can think of loads of guys that would be happy with 20 guys playing with their exposed body." Sir told me, then went down to the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

Sat in the lounge naked, drinking the tea, my dick soon became hard again and I wanted so much to touch myself, but thought better of it. Just stroking my inner thighs, until Sir ordered that I should take my hands away. I knew he was right, so I obeyed immediately. Then he took me upstairs again, this time he lay me on my side, on the bed, tied my wrist and ankles together behind my back. I watched as he applied some lubricant to his palms and fingers, then he very slowly and lightly stroked my cock, the sensations were out of this world. Every muscle in my entire body really strained against the ropes that secured me. I had never known my cock get so excited, just by being so slowly stroked. Sir used a different tactic, with his thumb on the upper side of my cock and 2 fingers on the under side. Having always being used to using my whole fist, it was amazing the difference in the pleasure that I felt. Even though Sir's stroke was still very light and slow, I knew it would not be long before I would be shooting my spoo. I was wrong. Sir stopped stroking me, took his hand away altogether and laughed at my dick pumping into thin air, as I tried to retrieve the sensations and shoot the spoo that was boiling up inside me.

"Please Sir, please let me shoot." My pleading just made Sir laugh even more as he fingered me everywhere! And I mean everywhere!! I learned so many parts of my body that are erogenous zones. My limbs were untied and I was told to stand up. Sir took a length of rope and made a loop in the centre, which he placed over my cock and balls, then I had to bend while Sir, fitted a condom to what he call a 'small plug' with loads of lubricant the plug was inserted into my ass, the 2 lengths of cord were brought up between my ass cheeks and tied off around my waist, which helped to secure the plug inside of me. Retied to the cross, blindfolded and gagged. Sir again stroked my dick so expertly. Stroking and stopping for what seemed like a life time. Happy when I was being stroked, disappointed when it stopped. My emotions were really being tugged at. Then Sir didn't stop. Every muscle was taunt and straining, still expecting not to be able to reach this climax either. My cock pushed as far forward as I could get it. my head tilted backwards, straining really hard against the ties that held me to the frame. My Dick felt as though it was bursting from the foreskin. Sir lightly touched his free hand on my torso. Whether it was an accident or Sir knew the results that touch had on my senses, but the timing and pressure was perfect. My dick felt so hard. From the pleasant pain signals that were coming from that region I think it had try to grow another 6 inches. I felt my balls pulling tight into my body and shot a wad of spoo that almost hit the ceiling.

Sir left me hanging from the cross, I was too exhausted to move, just leaning forward in my bonds and dangling free like a limp deflated blow up doll. "Right I am going to clean you up and fit the cock cuff to you for a month." Sir Said. I was too weak to argue. or even understand what he was saying at that time. Since meeting Sir, I had had a few intense orgasms. This one had beaten them all, if this is chastity training ... Please Sir, give me more.

Well Sir did not lock me up that night. Instead, after I had recovered, Sir sent me home for the first time this year, able to play with my cock if I wanted to, but I had had enough excitement for one night. Lying in bed it felt so strange having the duvet touching my cock instead of the hard metal cuff. I soon fell into a deep sleep, not waking until late in the morning. Mum and Dad had gone shopping. I had the house to myself. Although It was kewl to be able to touch and stroke my dick, it was also a bit sad too. I did try to resist playing with it, the thoughts of the previous evening, with its great finale soon had me unable to resist any longer. I tried hard to imagine myself in Sir's control again. I played with myself in the bath, on the bed, pulling my tits tweaking them, playing with my lips, fingering my ass. It went on for ages, I tried to repeat what Sir had done to me. Which got me very excited, but it would never compare to the orgasm of the previous evening. I shot my spoo, but it was not the same intensive pleasure that Sir had given me the previous evening. Later that day I rung Sir. Yes I know it was selfish of me, but I really do crave his control over me. When Sir agreed to my visit the next day, I was the happiest bunny on the whole planet.

13th February ... 13th February ... today I have been released from the cock cuff for 2 hours, after 27 days been locked in it. I was tied up, unable to touch my cock, what I saw of it, it is very swollen and puffed, though there is no pain. The orgasms I experience is the best I have ever known, and Sir knows how to make sure I enjoy it. Maybe I dont get the quantity of orgasms now. But the quality is unbeatable. After I had erupted, Sir left me tied while he fetched a bowl of warm water to clean my dick then he cleaned the cuff, before he fitted it back onto me. Sir told me that It would be better if I was not able to touch my dick and I have to agree with him.

Lately, there has been other guys who wanted to be put in chastity to try it and Sir is happy to oblige them. This makes me sad in some ways, not only because I cant have the cuff when Sir is using it on others, but also because they really dont get to wear it for a long period of time. Having to wear the cuff does have a down side, besides not being able to play randomly or at will, it means I can't now go to the gym or swimming and I have to make sure I am thoroughly clean, after using the toilet. There is also the lump that shows to everyone. Surprisingly few people ever notice it, and of the ones that do, always seem to be cute looking guys who give me a 'knowing' smile ...I have to smile and think to myself, 'if only you really knew' I dont have any hang-ups about people noticing the lump anymore

Apart from Sir, the only other people that I speak to about my chastity is when Sir allows me to use IRC. One guy told me that he could not see the point of being locked in chastity. I can understand that, I might have said the same thing just over a year ago. Now, I feel very lucky that I have Sir to keep me controlled in this way

Initially, I was afraid of Sir's control over me, now I know, I need this more than anything else in the world. Sir is having a great effect on my life. Sir has chosen my nickname, 'cuffedkid.' I am honoured to have Sir's attention. We have spoken in a great deal of detail of what Sir is looking for in a relationship. For various reasons I can not give him what he is looking for. I know one day there will be someone who will be more than willing to submit fully to him. Until that person comes along, I am pleased for Sir to control me in the way that he does, and am only sorry that I cannot be the one special pup that Sir is really looking for.


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