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The Dog

By slave girl

Lauren wasn't all that thrilled about watching her boyfriend's dog for the weekend, but the big german shepherd was lovable, and quite obedient. She didn't expect any problems from Desi -what a name for a mutt, she thought, named for the cuban actor-leading man, Desi Arnaz. Sometimes she wondered about Ted's eccentricities.

After work, she picked Desi up at Ted's house, barely having time for a goodbye kiss before Ted was off to the airport. But that one kiss was enough to make her clit throb. Sex with Ted was the best she'd ever had, and just his touch could set her pulse racing. Reluctantly, she continued on home, chuckling as Desi scootched over to lay his head in her lap for the short trip. Cute dog, quite affectionate.

When she got home, she picked a good place in the corner of the hallway for Desi's bed to go, and set it there. Desi watched from a distance, as if uninterested. As Lauren went about her usual end-of-the-day routine, she largely forgot about Desi's presence.

Most of the time when Lauren is at home, she hung out in her bra and panties, and tonight was no exception. She read her mail, listened to her answering machine, and set about cooking dinner. Now and then, Desi would come up to her and rub against her, his nose brushing her ass, making Lauren giggle and scoot away. But she really didn't think much of it. She ate her quiet meal, then settled onto the couch to read part of the latest book she had.

Ted lay atop Lauren, his hot cock pressing into her crotch, insistent. Their tongues played with each other, their hands eagerly exploring the others body. Ted began to trail little hot kisses and licks down Lauren's torso, licking a nipple through her lacy bra, continuing down her taut stomach. When he reached her panty clad cunt, he chewed and licked as if there were no barrier there...

Lauren's eyes flashed open, she hadn't realized she'd fallen asleep. She had been dreaming about Ted...god that felt so real. Then she froze, feeling the tongue on her cunt, the teeth, and she looked down. It was only partly a dream! Desi was hungrily gnawing at her panties, licking and probing with his tongue and teeth. Lauren made a move as if she was going to get up, and Desi stopped for only a moment to look up and growl deeply at her. Lauren froze again, and watched the dog in horrified fascination, realizing that in spite of it all, that felt *good*.

Desi snarled softly and grabbed Lauren's panties in his teeth and ripped, shredding the soaked material from Lauren's body. The dog wasted no time in shoving his nose deeply into Lauren's cunt, inserting his tongue into her pussy. Lauren could only gasp and moan with pleasure at the incredible feelings this animal was causing in her. She whimpered and cried out now and then when Desi nibbled her labia, chewing gently, but hard enough for her to feel it. Who taught this dog what to do? Lauren couldn't believe it...

Lauren was even more shocked when Desi nudged her over with a growl, Lauren half fell off the couch, and onto her hands and knees. She started to move away, but Desi mounted her quickly, his chest against her back, hot breath in her ear. Lauren felt him pressing forward with his cock as it emerged from it's sheath until finally he found where he wanted to be and thrust, embedding himself in Lauren's cunt. Lauren whimpered, his cock was bigger than she'd thought a dogs would be, and it felt delicious. His hips bucked five or six times, then he stopped, panting softly.

Lauren wondered if he'd cum already, then she felt him pull his hips back and lift some. Lauren wasn't sure what was up until the blinding flash of sudden pain as Desi thrust again, this time finding his mark in her asshole. She hadn't been prepared for that and screamed in surprise and pain, causing Desi to snarl softly in warning. She could feel him growing ever larger until he exploded within her, his knot causing her to feel like her anus was on fire. He stopped moving and just rested there until the swelling subsided, and his limp cock fell out of her ass, and he moved back.

Lauren collapsed to her elbows, sobbing softly with confusion, pain and pleasure, as well as frustration. She was not very surprised when Desi pressed his nose against her crotch again, licking her from clit to asshole, again and again, cleaning her. He pressed harder, Lauren moaned. She could feel the tightening, the climax approaching. Apparently the dog could too, because his licking became more fevered, rougher. She was sure she would be bleeding when he was done, but she no longer cared. The ecstasy he was bringing her was worth it all, and she gave way to the orgasm as it overtook her. She screamed out her pleasure, bucking against Desi's muzzle as he eagerly lapped up her juices.

The sun was coming through the half-closed blinds as Lauren awoke, and sitting up, she wondered if she had just had a strange dream, or if last night had been real. Wincing slightly with the movement, she suspected that something had indeed happened, and she reached down and tenderly felt her bruised and swollen cunt. When the large german shepherd stood up from where he had slept beside her bed, and lay his chin on her leg, she was certain. Desi's soft growl as he nudged her sheets confirmed one more thing. It wasn't over.

The End

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