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Dog Boys

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> Sir there is more detail, about my approach to my training and
> some of my thoughts that i will send later on, but i am now late for
> work so this is all i can send for now, bye MASTER
> *Kneels down, lowers head, as MASTER walks away*
> I have to go in a minute also. I await "more detail".

This is when your dog hopes to go into some more detail about my training and some thoughts that i have on the matter, your dog will not question the training that you give me, as this pup trusts his MASTER is going to look after the property in His care, Sir.

As you know Sir there is 2 parts to any whipping or beating, the first part is the ‘thud’ the second part is the ‘sting’, i more go for the ‘thud’ this is where one feels the weight of the tool. Used lightly one it can have the same effect as a deep massage, this is typical of say a calf-whip. A stinging whip on the other hand you don't feel like you have been ‘thudded’, instead the pain is very sharp, giving agony for an instant, this tool can cut the skin, this include riding crops, bull whips, and leather shoe laces etc

Sir, i thing the best way to proceed is to ensure that i am Very well secured so that i can strain against the bonds, as it will heighten your dogs feelings of helplessness, assists in exciting the endorphins, and provides a distraction (as i told you about before). Sir, i will look out for a kidney belt to protect these and i have a 2" dog collar to protect my neck should there are any stray blows. It would be good practise to have a crash helmet on (the you could put the visor down to muffle my cries and not waste the amyl, Sir.

Sir, i would expect you to start with light strokes, with a light instrument, starting with my arse, typically this place can take a lot of work (not sure about mine yet), then my upper back.
Sir, in time you could order me to attend a gym to increase the muscle mass of my shoulders whip would give you more area to torment, Sir, though the nerve endings here are more sensitive. Sir, i used to be beaten with a soft leather belt in this area until i begged, (my first Master), when he used to gob over me the spit gave the belt an extra sting, Sir.
Sir, i guess light use of the belt across my chest would be ok, slapping at the sides, around my tits, Sir.

Sir, the whole point of the whipping effect is to raise the endorphins. If i was doing it to a pup, i would start with spanking/hand slaps, a few warm up strokes. Then start laying it on a bit harder with stinging slaps, then a belt, progressively changing from a multi-tailed flogger to a single, when he gets keytone release, he may even start egging you one, wanting it (as i did), Sir.

Master, you can also use the cadence of your strokes as an effective tool also. It is best to start the cadence slowly, giving him 1-3 strokes, then let him relax; letting the pain slowly sink in; allowing him to disperse the agony over his entire body (sigh), rather than being forced to concentrate on the pain in a single area. Once he gets going strong, you can do multiple strokes to increase the pain, Sir.

Master, during this time keep an ease open for my stop word, really i need as easy off word, as i do not want to stop the scene, but a breather, i guess using your name which is normally off limits would be ok, like "John I cannot breath", is immediate, "Sir, go easy", would let you know that i am getting close (proceed at your own risk), "Mercy Master" --> i am tripping. To be honest, if I use the Name John, then i am not in rôle, if in normal life i use John instead of Sir, then you would correct me, Sir.
Sir, i would like you to check me every now and again, typically frequently asking "How you doing pup?", however make sure SHOCK is not mistaken for science, as if i was in shock, I would not respond.
Sir, if i starts to swear, and "Fuck-you" etc, i have either lost my temper, then (its gone all wrong) and we should stop by asking if i want to use the stop word., however if one replies i am not stupid, i have not forgotten the stop word, you idiot", then it is a fair bet that i am getting into it, and wants it heavier (gulp!).

This would be when you could take me to a higher level of ecstasy or be increasing my limits!

Sir, i guess there are 3 phases to a good whipping, the "warm up", "heavy whipping" and the "Cool down".

After the slave has been whipped, the lightest of touches over the whipped parts is very intense and incredible, alternatively you have taken you slave to the highest cliff and leaving them hanging there, the come down by themselves. Sir, i do not know which is the best for me, i have not been stroked, so don't know, i have only hung there, having melted into my bonds, i guess in time we could try both, Sir.

Sir, likewise you will need to monitor the parts of the beating that i am getting off on, the ‘thud’ or the ‘sting’, turning a thud into a sting will switch me off, and Sir, i don't want that, i just want to be a good whip dog for you, Sir. It is no good trying to learn to like one versa the other, it is want release the endorphins, with out that, there is no trip, and no point to it Sir. It might be an idea to use two whips, one with more thud, one with more sting, then you can control the effect, on my reaction.
As they say "The soothing Thud, welcomes the cruel sting"
Really much of it is practise, Sir.

Sir, i guess that the whipping scene would be combined with some other activities such as a strip scene and heavy bondage (like you are never going to fucking escape from that - then tease, light slaps to the face, get his tits hard, slap his hard dick-end a bit. Positions including spread-eagle, or to a bondage bar will make your dogslave feel more venerable, add to this Verbal Abuse, then woosh, additional torture can make the scene complete, Sir.

However there are a few precaution, that are needed to keep it a good scene, and not a rush to accident and Emergency. A good blindfold heightens the scene, but protective goggles will save my eyes, (the bikers helmet- black visor!), avoid kidneys/ joints, toes/fingers, neck and head.

Really a whip should be cleaned as body fluids (eg haemoglobin is the clear liquid under the skin) can get in. There is risk of cross-infection, i am told that it should be cleaned with rubbing alcohol, but then i have not got that many whips yet, so i guess all of this is academic, unless we consider belts, crops, floggers and the like, Sir.

Sir, I just have an image of my first scene.

Around my neck was both my dog chain which was effectively welded on, but also a thick leather dog’s collar, with a D-ring in it. From this a chain to a securing point in the cellar wall, my paws are secured behind me in leather cuffs, all that I have on is a pair of 501’s, and a mask, i can see nothing, my mouth is covered, my head in bondage of this mask. My Master has taken me out for the evening, tanking me up with water and some beer, i feel lightly drunk, more accepting of his wishes, that was some time ago.
My bladder was full when i was begging for a piss at the club, it was only after he had finished his game of pool did he take me back, to this cellar, and secure me here. Bending me over he played a finger of lube up my arse, and slipped in a tube, he started to give me an enema, placing extra pressure on my now aching bladder. He slips out the pipe, and orders me to keep it in, as he connects his big dick to my feeding gag, and the flow starts, he encourages me to keep drinking, with a quick flick of his crop, and the boot placed firmly on the crutch of my Levi’s.
Your dog drinks, taking all of your waste into my worthless body, giving it some value. Master feels my cock hardening under his boot, when finished, Master then returns upstairs, then i hear the phone ring, but that was ages back. Master knows that i cannot always control my body, i try and change positions, to make it more conformable, but then a jet of my piss leaks out of my cock into my jeans. I change positions, getting on my knees, spreading my knees to take the weight. It was in that moment where my attention wandered, and my arse first opened, and started to fill my jeans, it feels wet, and real uncomfortable, all i want to do is change my jeans, how could Master leave me like this. Then as the booze took control away from me, my piss flowed down the inside of my leg, my Levi’s glistened with my piss. i tried to get up but Master had put a link between my ankles and my neck/wrist. In the ensuing hours i have released many times into my jeans from both, lying there, as his piss passed through my body, i felt the dirty dog that i am, lying in my own filth.

The door opens and Master, walks down, catching sight of what i have done, he let loose a torrent of verbal abuse,

"Your dirty fucking cunt, you disobeyed you Master"
he releases part of my bonds.

"Get those fucking jeans off"

this dog struggles, to remove the jeans,

"Not moving fast enough, dog shit!"

he crop catches a glancing blow to my body,

"Master i ‘m trying real hard, Sir"

There are removed, he takes them to my face, threatening to run this dogs face in it

"No that is too good for you"

"On your knees",

He then uses a dog walker, a noose on the end of a pole to walk wild dogs, this keeps me very secure and my dirt away from him. Master walks my to the cross, i am scared, like my hands are shaking, feeling strangely cold, and yet covered in sweat, as my body is tied securely, as the final bond is put in place, i feel a deep helplessness and venerability.
" Master, what you gonna do ?"
"You disobeyed, me, you are going to learn, you never do that"

"You Stink, you filth piece of shit, if we were out side I would hose you down like the other dogs"
"Now this seems as good a time as any to test you limits"

i have already said that i was going ahead with it, to the next stage, now I was scared, my cock was showing interest, i had asked Master for it, agreed to it, but now ?

Master placed a protective belt around his dogslave, then checks the head gear, he wets a cloth with poppers, and holds it to the dogslave’s nose, whilst kneading first one time then the other, the dog starts to writhe, Master then gives him a few body slaps; then a swipe at the boys balls..

"Ahhh Sir"

"Who owns you boy" Master asks

"you do Master"

"Who owns these tits"

"you do Master"

"Who owns this arse" Master grabs at the boys arse

"you do Master"

"So I can do what the fuck I like with my property"

Slave looks down, "Master"

The Master then stands behind the helpless dog boy, his arms out stretched, cementing his arms are the leather restraints, his ankles are held apart by solid leather cuffs the chains going to the hooks in the cross, there is little movement. The only sound is the creaking of the leather straps, and the shallow breathing of the slave.

"You ok pup"

Master starts to warm up the boy, seeing him twist into the blows, rubbing his cock in the air, the flagellation causes dog boy to start yelling,

"You are a dog, not a human, I will tare every bit of humanity out of you when I have finished"

dog boy starts to howl, as Master turns the white skin into a red cross-work on dog boys body. The slave pulls and jerks his legs in a mock attempt to escape, testing his confinement, as the beating continues, there is a few pauses, as the pain sinks in,.

"Who owns you dog"

"you do Master", then the Master continues, to cover the boys, using smaller switches on the inside of the leg, the boy tug’s at his bonds,

"There is no escape, you are here for my pleasure"

It continues, on the boys tits there are heavy tit clamps, for a more modest beating these would have been attached, with the object of eventually forcing the slave to pull them off during his struggle. The sensation in the dogslave tits is like the shearing pain from a branding iron.

The beating continues, the slave sobs out pleas for mercy, he cock hard, and dripping precum

"Ahhh ... Please stop, Oh god please stop"

Master then wait, as dog boy rests, getting a one pound weight , from the toy box, he walks with deliberate steps in front of the slave, he kicks at the slaves foot with his boot, ensuring the spread of the slave. With out caution he grabs the boys balls, and secures the weight to it. Smiling at his slave, he gently drops the weight free.

"Ahhhh fuck"

My Master basks in the sounds that his slave makes, then the begging....

Master grabs at the tit clamps and tightens them further, always taking up the slack, until eventually there is none left. There is a chain that goes from each clamp, in the centre in goes the to the salves collar, there is also another link that tethers the boys chest, via his tits, but these clamps will never be pulled free.

"Ahhhh... please MASTER, i am begging you" the torture continues...

The Master loves the screams, the begging, his cock in he Levi’s is rock hard, the Master spits in the face of his slave, covering his tortured face,

"Beg for it"Master commands

dogboy opens his mouth as wide as he can, forcing his tongue out, opening up his throat, Master , cough and spits down the dog boys gob.


Dog boy pants like a dog, he is not allow to say no! More spit follows. Master grabs at the beer he has been drinking, takes a mouth full, and lets it dribble out of his mouth, dog boy strains to catch it, lapping for any that might be spilt.

Master reaches around and puts a finger up the boys arse, dog boy starts to writhe, as the Master fingers the boys lubed ass. He pulls out the shitty fingers, then with the other hand he places two finger up the boys nose and forces he head back and mouth open...

"Clean that filth off - you dirty cunt"

Dog boy licks at the fingers for all that he was worth, feeling totally dominated, and controlled by his skinhead Master.

Master removes the tit clamps and starts to kneed these poor tits, twisting them hard.

"Uhhh , ahhh Masterrrr."

"Shut up cunt, dogs don't speak" with that another painful twist.

The pain of the blood rushing back into the tits now begins to subside, the slave stinks on Man smell, as he hangs there, the Master puts a hood on the boy, and continues to finger the boy, eventually putting a butt plug up the boys arse, ready for later.

The Master gives the boy another dose of poppers, switches off the light and leaves.....

(Will write the rest next time as i have to cum now Sir, my dick is real needy,

Sir i only wish i could be there for you, and take all of this , which is my plan, my Master)

Your obedient and most loyal dog

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