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Dog slave,
Human animal


More Hoods Exhibitionism
More Hoods Humiliation
More Hoods Fetishism
More Hoods Submission
More Hoods Bondage
More Hoods SM

This List and More set out as an agreement for the slave to sign Training Agreement
Original content on which this was based.


Covers Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Fetishism, Submission, Bondage & SM.


More about TopDog


  • Being photographed, observed in public, Wearing compulsory clothing (includes being naked),
    such as tight thin (maybe see-through) rubber etc, leather or submissive clothing, such as chastity shorts (also as bondage, humiliation), rags or other that may invite ridicule or would expose vulnerability, as would ragged or ridiculous hair cuts.
  • Public degradation, such as grovelling, begging, self depreciation, toilet 'accidents', acts that invoke the feeling of "how can he do that!", punishment in public.



 General rubber guy pic General rubber guy pic

  • Being covered in leather or rubber completely from head to toe (for 12, 24, 48 hours).
  • Making love to a Daddy/Master/Top/Owner who is covered in rubber/leather/uniform other fetish gear.
  • Wearing lycra tights/cycle shorts in public with cock strap and raging hard-on.
  • Worshipping boots, his stinky socks, feet covered in rubber or other.

Bondage all for progressively longer periods

 Bondage pic - Sleepsack or Straight jacket

  • Being blindfolded and/or hooded,
  • Being corseted,
  • Being held while in bondage, (sleeping in bondage, Master holds me secure by my collar and/or balls).
  • Being in bondage and entered: mouth, cock hole, asshole.
  • Being kept in a strait jacket and muzzled/hooded. Sleeping in a body bag, sleepsack (leather/rubber etc).
  • Being locked into a (dog/prisoner) cage, (pissed on, taunted, dog dish pushed in same dish as my toilet dish).
  • Locked in a sack, booted, pissed, left in the cellar/closet - having to Bark loudly for release or attention.
  • Being mummified, head mummified.
  • Being put into chains (combination/heavy Irons - like a medieval prisoner).
  • Being put into heavy bondage.
  • Being suspended and dominated / Hanging by ankles and dominated & slapped around.
  • Being tied in a chair or frame.
  • Being worked over while tied to a Tower of Power, made to fuck myself.
  • Wearing movable, but limiting, bondage equipment (long term), through to chastity shorts under my jeans.
  • i am a Bondage slave, my normal state of being requires that i am not normally free, but in chains/bondage, even when not in scene.




example of caged dog slave

  • Being covered in lube, oil, filth etc
  • Being dressed as a slave, in bondage and/or in a humiliating fashion.
  • Being fucked by a dog.
  • Being pissed on, used as a toilet.
  • Being treated like a dog, like the animal that I am, 'Shown' at SM Show dog trails.
  • Being locked into a cock chastity cage.
  • Being naked or nearly naked in public, left on the floor at boot level.
  • Being put on display in a friendly SM environment.
  • Being stepped on (especially with muddy or oily boots).
  • Being stuffed with food, mouth and asshole, use of force.
  • Being submissive and humiliated publicly in a friendly SM environment.
  • Being tied into humiliating positions (and my body being taken/invaded).
  • Humiliated with my doggy food, forced fed, rubbed in my face,  left to dry so i am continuously reminded.
  • Being used as a doormat to clean boots on, I use my T-shirt to shine your boots.
  • Being written on with humiliating language, using pen or filth.
  • Getting a ragged and chopped haircut.
  • Eating out of a dog dish, Master forcing my face into the dish with his boot on my back.
  • Having a lit candle shoved into my mouth, cock hole, asshole.
  • Having a thick ring soldered through my Septum or a heavy lock soldered/bonded/locked; through my PA, like wise a pad-lock.
  • Having a wide metal band soldered/bonded around my cock and a wide metal band soldered/bonded around my balls
  • Having (dirty) dildoes forced into mouth and asshole (fuck me with it, then make me clean it before i get fucked again).
  • Having fingers shoved down my throat, till i choke, or licking, sucking making love to them before the gag goes back in.
  • Having my body completely shaved/buzzed: legs, crotch, arms, head, eyebrows, eyelashes. In rubber, being covered in lube, piss or filth, add verbal ("Your dirty little fucker","You shit eating animal").
  • Wearing head to toe rubber in a friendly SM environment, total enclosure, sealed in - like im glued in.




-- all for progressively heavier intensity

  • Being clothes pinned.Being paddled (especially my chest, cock, feet, and back).
  • Having my ass expanded to take a fist or boot/foot or whatever the Master wants, 'takes' my ass, whenever he want, invades, violates it as i am bound - then lick his fingers clean, beg and whimper when at my limits.
  • Having my cock beaten until i come (especially my cock head),
  • Having my cock waxed. Having my PA teased till i am almost pissing 'pre-cum'.
  • Having my nipples worked over, lead or tether by my tits. Having weights on my balls and nipples.

  • Learning to be beaten, flogged, spanked, whipped.
  • Playing with electricity (especially the electrical butt plug, Electro play from balls to my PA when i'm fucked.)
  • Play piercings. Wearing leather equipment which is lined with picklers.
  • Ok to take photos ( i retain control/use of them).

SM photo, what the slave feels, what the master feels


  • Being a boy-Master to a boy-slave, Top dog to puppy dog.General submission pic - eg slave to his Dad
  • Being a slave, an animal, or the lowest most unworthy thing for the Master, and verbally declaring as such in SM environment ("I'm nothing but an animal, YOUR dog, YOUR slave, Master").
  • Being dildoed, fisted, fucked in a friendly SM environment. Being dominated - dominated by both a Daddy-Master-Dog Trainer/Handler and a boy-Master, slave under Masters guidance.
  • Being dominated in front of other leathermen.
  • Being fisted, Being force fed, licking up my dog food from Masters (rubber/leather gloved hand, sucking fingers clean). Being fucked, Being fucked while Top is wearing a meat tenderiser, slaps me, zaps my cock&balls, makes me pant/whimper bark like the dog that i am.
  • Being loved as a submissive boy-man, human animal slave.
  • Being some leatherman's, skinhead's bottom/boy/slave.
  • Being given a series of enemas, Being trained. Being used as furniture (as in an ashtray, foot stool, etc) Being under my Masters boots (Doc Martens), held in position.
  • Having a lock through my Prince Albert (or other piercing).
  • Holding onto my Daddy/Master/Top's legs. Kneeling in front of my Daddy/Master/Top and holding on tight.
  • Invasive procedure such as sounds, medical equipment, other pipe work.
  • Licking (worshipping) boots and/or feet.
  • Polishing boots with my boot polish and my face, the shirt off my back.
  • Submitting to more then one Daddy/Master/Top - loaned out to Master's trusted friends. Sucking on nipples, licking (like the dog that i am) necks/cropped head (skinheads), facial piercings.
  • Taking my own piss, forced into my mouth along with other liquids, until my bladder is fully manipulated.
  • Learning to take larger dildoes.
  • Learning to take larger enemas.
  • Learning to take Whatever my Master gives me, at whatever cost,bigger-larger-longer.
  • Being 'owned' as Property - BarCode tattoo, locked chain around my neck.
  • Begging (from the depths of my soul), to cum, for him to stop, for more, for anything or everything I want.

While in a friendly SM environment:

  • Wearing a blindfold and/or hood, cuffed.
  • Called to "Heel", "Sit", "Stay", "Fetch"
  • Led around on a leash
  • Wearing a buttplug.
  • Wearing a chastity belt, shorts or TollyBoy for a period long enough to have an effect.
  • Worshipping two men.

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