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This is part of the Dungeon in the Sky (DinSky) event, Europe's largest SM event at the University of London Union in September. More than 2000 lesbians, gays and bisexuals took part in DinSky.

Dungeon in the Sky'96 was the sixth major annual event organised by SM Gays, and featured a record number of demonstrations, workshops and entertainment events.

The day started when just 300 SM Gays took part in the annual SM Pride March through central London in protest at the Operation Spanner case launched by the police back in 1987.

The SM Dog Show continued to be a firm favourite building on the success of the previous year, where a number of dogslaves were shown.

Also well attended was was the Black and Blue Quiz hosted by TV personality Amy Lamé , which took place along side a range of workshops with such titles as "So you want to get started...", "Keeping your hands in" and "Sparks without Marks".

"We only had only one complaint" confessed event organiser Chis Butler, "and that was the length of the queue(line) to get in, which straggled on for about 3 hours. We will do a lot better next year."

In September 95 DinSky saw the first SM Show dog trails.This shows me with a pup (sparky) at the


This shows me with a pup ('sparky') at the
SM Dogshow one time.

There were just 3 contestants, but the show attracted a lot of interest from the public at that time.
It was for this event that The Dog House was first launched to test the water of interest.

You might also notice how fashions have changed :)




SM Show Dog Trials'96

One of the most popular events at DinSky'96 was the SM dog show which was Sponsored by The DogHouse .
This event featured 8 human dogs and their handlers who were judged on their appearance, handling, behaviour and the completion of an obstacle course.


On Saturday, August 9th, 1997

The Ring presented a workshop on Canine Role-play facilitated by Animal J. Smith.

Two dozen hot men attended, some on leash with their Masters. With the able help of Master Bob and dog "Rusty", Animal demonstrated time-tested techniques for getting your man down to all fours -- and back to two legs (reluctantly) -- using four-legged bondage, hypnosis techniques, leash work and other technical aspects of bringing a man into the dog head.
The workshop also covered the S/M role-play aspects of canine scenes: emulating dog behaviour, status dynamics and power exchanges, and how life on all fours can have a positive effect on the mind and spirit as well as the body.

Animal  presented the Canine Role-play workshop on Saturday, October 11, 1997
at the Living in Leather conference in Portland, Oregon.
If you are interested in presenting this workshop for your organisation, contact Animal J. Smith at animalj@hotmail.com.


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