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Slave Master McDadePhoto Call

This is a more traditional way of presenting your slaves, it is not the most typical when collecting or inspecting them.


International SM Dog Show 1998At a Dog Show

Often the best place to see a dog at work is at  one of  the SM show Dog trails. Here you can see him putting his heart into what he does best, trying to make his Master proud of him.

In Auction

If you have the opportunity of going to a slave auction, you might find a slave there that you are compatible with.
Although it is a big buzz for a slave to be sold in this way, and gets him back to the inner image he has of himself.
He is looking for a Master who will treat him 'right', not just one who has money.
In an ideal world a slave is sold to a experienced Master who the slave is compatible with and attracted to.
Slaves (unlike bottoms) are more likely to offer love and devotion to their Master/Owner, where as a bottom tends to give a Top a list of things he wants him to do.

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caged display dogwpeD3.jpg (10350 bytes)Caged

You might also see dogs displayed in cages.
The snag here is, that if it is not part of an event, they are being presented  by their Owners, in a cage bought for the slave.
It is a good way hold a slave being very compatible with his life of  continued bondage (and play). At a deep level it soon feels like home, whatever possible discomfort, it is still home.


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