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Public Inspection Public Inspection
Floor Positioning Floor Positioning
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Bar Room Protocol Bar Room Protocol
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leaveing the presence and control of Master
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  1. The pup must above all else be willing and ready for MASTER's call
  2. Always on all fours unless requested by MASTER otherwise, he will heel by his MASTER's left leg or between his MASTER's legs.
  3. Begging is done only upon command by MASTER
  4. No human language used unless permitted by MASTER
    •      whimpers, whines, barking and woofing allowed
    •      body language is also used to get point across to MASTER
  5. Off the cuff play permitted with other dogs if MASTER allows
  6. Drinking and eating is done from a bowl or bowls
  7. Drinking from the toilet bowl is prohibited unless permitted by MASTER
  8. Always collared and when out and about a leash is required
  9. Obedience and reverence towards MASTER is essential at all times

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