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Basic Training
the Male Slave

Basic Training of the Male Slave

Training of the male slave is much easier if he has a 'dogs soul', all that remains is to adjust his training for the dog you want. However there are things that a slave can do on his own in readiness for when he gets an interview from a prospective Owner.

A prospective slave can read the Reality Check sections. This is a growing list on real life, on the passage of slaves from their earliest doggy self-ident fantasies (about 7yo) through self-realisation, understanding their needs and finding an Owner. Hopefully we will get some from Masters as well.

The first self test is for a general slave, the second is for a dogslave. They can be both a training guide for Masters as well as for a slave.

Again there are plenty of things that a slave can learn on his own, this is covered in the home working section.

Basic Commands

Here are some basic and useful commands worth teaching your dog.

Sit, Stay, and Come - The norm.

Heel - Positions the dog at the trainer's left side, or alternately between his legs facing forward when at rest.

Settle - Settle down. Down - Get down or lay down, depending on the circumstances.

Show - Stand at full height on hands & toes, legs spread, all parts accessible and on display.
Eyes up, looking forward.

In addition to the above, the human dog can be issued somewhat more complex commands once it has been properly conditioned to respond to its trainer. Being slightly more intelligent than other breeds, a well trained dog is capable of understanding things like "Go fetch my boots" or "Beg for it, bitch". Other commands can be added or the above modified to suit the handler's needs, but all commands that will be used regularly should be properly reinforced during regular training sessions for maximum effectiveness.

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