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To start out with, I would like to explain club etiquette to those of you fortunate enough to do this wacky stuff outside of your bedroom with your partner du jour. First let me explain what a collar means. A collar is a proprietary statement from master/mistress (top) to slave (bottom). It means that this person, whether during the time that they are involved in a game or for the rest of their natural born lives 24/7 are only to be addressed, propositioned or spoken to through their master/mistress. It is an obvious Spot The Newbie if you talk to someone with collar or cuffs, since they don't exist outside their master/mistress' permission to do so, and they can get in serious trouble if they engage with you. Imagine if your SO decided to fuck someone else within eyeshot at a party you brought them to. Tantamount activity.

Secondly, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT interfere IN ANY WAY with someone else's scene unless specifically invited to do so. Not only is this poor form, but is liable to get your ass kicked in a none too friendly way. Not only is the top responsible for the safety of the environment created for his/her bottom, and thus cannot be distracted, but a meddler can also break the electricity of the moment and ruin sexual tension of the scene. Can you imagine if in the privacy of your Vanilla bedroom Howard Cosell was giving a critical play-by-play? Not too annoying, Huh? On several occasions I have physically removed people who interfered with my scenes in an overt fashion, uninvited. I don't like being put in the position of Bully, so don't be an Idiot.

Just for your information, the 1970's hanky code is back, with plenty of colours to pick and choose and advertise your kink with. For a complete list, I would contact The Leather Man in NYC, or for a modified list, Samois' "Coming To Power".

For instance, my favourite is Hunter Green in my left back pocket, which denotes that I am a Top into Daddy games. Some of my favourite children (over 18 I swear) have a Hunter Green hanky tied around their right thigh or boot, since there's no back pocket on a pinafore or romper :). Flagging is the modern vernacular meaning to "flag" or wear one's keys on the right (bottom) or left (top) to attract the right person to you. Hanky codes simplify that flag by explaining right away exactly what the kink in question is. Watch out though...getting a slightly off colour will get you a completely different response.
For instance, a white hanky is for virgins (Left means looking for one, right means IS one), but a white lace hanky means into Victorian scenes, like caning and long governess uniforms. VERY different.

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