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Hanky Codes

You cannot go wrong with the primary colours, it get a little harder when you need a Pantone© Colour match chart to determine where they are into, let alone adjusting for the light level or if they washed it with something else!
There are other lists such as the one at the In Search of Men web site "Codes". There are lots of things which signal what the guy is into - like if you are in full leather you want a leather guy, if you have a paddle hanging from your side it is planned to be used, and so on. This is fine for the clubs and a gay space - but Hetros copy gays boys without understanding any unspoken implications, its just fashion. They are just copying a guy in the street just like any fashion.
This has now transformed into BDSM guys being less subtle about their dress code - especially in  London where you are competing against exotic 'high fashion'. In other countries (previously gay strong holds) there is almost no signalling -  like in Germany they have an expression "you have to open the box to find out what is inside" - this has the advantage that none of your signals can put off the other guy; you take me as you fine me!
Much of this is simplified when a guy into Fisting has red boot laces, red braces, red strips on his jeans, same with yell for pissers, however White replaces black. That is just as your boots came with back laces your leather jeans came in black this is take to mean Vanilla, where as white laces in your boots means heavy SM.

political sensitivity

If you are in Germany and a skinhead it can also mean you are into White Power and there are political sensitivity about such things. In the past, the UK Skinhead with Red laces meant British National Party, Skinhead with White laces meant National Front and yellow meant another - there were no Gay Skinheads and you are stating just how hard you were. So if you are not gay White Laces are for White Power and Red Laces for socialist (USA:bit more left than democrat/liberal).  If you are gay skinhead then you are stating a sexual preference. It is not just upto the observer to work out if yiou are a gay skinhead or a hetro skinhead or just a fashion skin! See Boot Laces

Left - MasterColourslave-Right
heavy SM top BLACK heavy SM bottom
bondage top GREY Bondage bottom,
Looks good in rope.
wants head LT BLUE cocksucker
fucker NAVY BLUE fuckee
cock & ball torturer TEAL BLUE cock & ball torturee
fist fucker RED fist fuckee
cuts MAROON bleeds
dildo fucker LIGHT PINK dildo fuckee
tit torturer DARK PINK tit torturee
suck my pitsMAGENTA armpit freak
piercer PURPLE piercee
pisser/WS YELLOW piss freak
spits gobPALE YELLOW drool crazy
hung 8" or more MUSTARD wants a big one
anything anywhere anytime ORANGE nothing now (cruising)
Big Guy APRICOT chubby chaser
a cowboy RUST his pony boy horse
spanker FUCHSIA spankee
hustler (for rent) KELLY GREEN john (looking to buy)
daddy HUNTER GREEN orphan boy
looking for daddy
military top OLIVE DRAB military bottom
rimmer BEIGE rimmee
scat top BROWN scat bottom
uncut BROWN LACE likes uncut
cut BROWN SATIN likes cut
latex fetish top CHARCOAL
or latex bandanna
latex fetish bottom
beat my meat WHITE I'll do us both
cums in scumbags CREAM sucks it out
bestialist top FUR bestialist bottom
Dog Trainer
Dog lead and collar
dog bone in pocket
likes muscle boy slavesGOLD LAME likes muscle boy Masters

Detailed list

Here are some more choices. But at what point do you start making them up? Would a UNIX book in your right pocket mean you are a geek? And assuming you are going to have a ziplock bag in your back pocket would that be an invitation to the cops to search you ?

Worn on LeftCOLOURWorn on Right
heavy SM topBLACKheavy SM bottom
bondage topGREYlooks good in rope!
Suck MeLT BLUEcocksucker
69erROBIN'S EGG BLUEanything but 69ing
Services Cops
fuckerNAVY BLUEfuckee
pilot/flight attendantAIR FORCE BLUElikes flyboys
sailorLT BLUE/WHITE STRIPElookin' for salty seamen
cock & ball torturerTEAL BLUEcock & ball torturee
fist fuckerREDfist fuckee
2-handed fisterDARK RED2-handed fistee
dildo fuckerLIGHT PINKdildo fuckee
tit torturerDARK PINKtit torturee
into navel worshippersMAUVEhas a navel fetish
suck my pitsMAGENTAarmpit freak
Have Needle
will pierce
likes drag queensLAVENDERdrag queen
spitsPALE YELLOWdrool crazy
hung 8" or moreDARK YELLOWwants a big one
two looking for oneGOLDone looking for two
anything anytimeORANGEnothing now, thanks
two tons o' funAPRICOTchubby chaser
suck my toesCORALshrimper
a cowboyRUSThis horse
spankerFUCHSIA spankee
hustler (for rent)KELLY GREENjohn (looking to buy)
daddyHUNTER GREENorphan boy looking for daddy
military topOLIVE DRAB military bottom
Into UniformsCAMOUFLAGELikes Men in Uniform
dines off tricks (food)LIME GREENdinner plate
scat topBROWNscat bottom
uncutBROWN LACElikes uncut
cutBROWN SATINlikes cut
latex fetish topCHARCOALlatex fetish bottom
actually owns a suitGREY FLANNELlikes men in suits
jack me off!WHITEI'll JO us both
Spits beer into
slaves mouth
Beckswants your beer dribbled
 into his mouth
comes in scumbagsCREAMsucks it out
safe sex topBLACK/WHITE CHECKsafe sex bottom
shaverRED/WHITE STRIPEshavee
furry bearRED/BLACK STRIPElikes bears
likes white bottomsWHITE LACElikes white tops
likes black bottomsBLACK/WHITE STRIPElikes black tops
likes latino bottomsBROWN/WHITE STRIPElikes latino tops
likes asian bottomsYELLOW/WHITE STRIPElikes asian tops
likes white suckersLT BLUE/WHITE DOTSlikes to suck whites
likes black suckersLT BLUE/BLACK DOTSlikes to suck blacks
likes latino suckersLT BLUE/BROWN DOTSlikes to suck latinos
likes asian suckersLT BLUE/YELLOW DOTSlikes to suck asians
park sex topRED/WHITE GINGHAMpark sex bottom
headmasterBROWN CORDUROYstudent
wears boxer shortsPAISLEYlikes boxer shorts
bestialist topFURbestialist bottom
likes muscleboy bottomsGOLD LAMElikes muscleboy tops
starfuckerSILVER LAMEcelebrity
has/takes videosBLACK VELVETwill perform for the camera
voyeur (likes to watch)WHITE VELVETwill put on a show
has tattoosLEOPARDlikes tattoos
smokes cigarsTANlikes cigars
cuddlerTEDDY BEARcuddlee
chickenKEWPIE DOLLchicken hawk
wears a dirty jockDIRTY JOCKSTRAPsucks it clean
tearoom top (pours)DOILYtearoom bottom (drinks)
outdoor sex topMOSQUITO NETTINGoutdoor sex bottom
has drugsZIPLOCK BAGlooking for drugs
bartenderCOCKTAIL NAPKINbar groupie
has a homeKEYS IN FRONTneeds a place to stay
has a carKEYS IN BACKlooking for a ride
likes to nibbleHOUNDS TOOTHwill be bitten
skinhead topUNION JACKskinhead bottom
new in townCALICOtourists welcome
bathhouse topTERRYCLOTHbathhouse bottom
hosting an orgyWHITE/MULTICOLOUR DOTSlooking for an orgy

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