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The Dog pound still represents the largest collection of personal contact adverts from around the world relating to human animals.

Unlike some copy-cat sites, the DogHouse is a Not-For-Profit organisation with a genuine passion for SM Dog Training.
With continuous innovation being at the heart of the Doghouse, the Dog Pound allows you to find your contact by what is most important to you, using criteria such as your locale, the language that you speak, or your social tribe. In the following sections some practical advice is given to help you find the right Master or pup for you.

Master at work - which one are you ?

Profile Account

  • Send My Info
    Once you have created an account using your email address at any time you can have an email sent to yourself reminding you of your Login details, your profile location and other useful information.
  • Creating an Account
    Previously you just filled in a joining form, then eventually this would get published into a set of adverts updated monthly. Now you create a logon that allows you to take ownership of your profile, your advert and add as much or as little as you want. There is no need to send me a photo you just upload them into your gallery. 
    You could have a profile such as http://thedoghouse.org/topdog1 but  not http://www.thedoghouse.org/topdog1
  • Upgrading an Account
    Basic membership is free to all for all ages. We assume that if you are an adult you would have a credit card and would be able to pay online. This assumption allows us to hide pictures that might be inappropriate to a younger audience.
    The price is a token 25/year  versa per month.


  • If you want your profile to be found by the right person please enter in Critical information includes your email, timezone, interests and what you are looking for - otherwise it is all a bit pointless really! 

    Give some careful thought about that advert, a Master is going to read that and form a mental picture about you.

    If you enter in garbage then your advert/profile will be located in the garbage can.
    This site is being upgraded so that more basic information is mandatory

Other info

  • FAQ
    Frequently asked questions.
  • Finding a slave
    What to look for in a slave, and when you have found him, keeping him.
  • Finding a Master 
    Some reality about Masters that you may encounter.
    Managing your expectations, they are still human, even though they are like Gods compared to slaves.
  • Sample advert
    This will help you a little in your preparation for a more effective advert.
  • Placing your advert by Joining.  - Discontinued !!!!
    Replaced by Create a logon and create your own details.
    This is the joining page which is used to place your information into the database to create your advert entry. Please read the comments there.
  • Sending a photo
    Not that you got the attention of your prospective Master (or slave), a suitable picture can be attached to your advert.
    That is create a profile and upload the pictures to it.
  • Changing your advert.
    Not the best idea to keep the same advert forever.
    You change, as your experiences grow, you like more different things. Adverts therefore are constantly being tuned, to make them even more effective. Let alone you changing ISP or changing City. 
    Logon to your account and change your profile.


eMail feedback

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