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This site contains adverts from the members who have joined THE DOGHOUSE on-line.
The pictures they have sent are linked to the adverts page via an orange eye button, pointers to their web page is via a archive/folder button, if they have a PGP key, this is via a Infinity button, this saves on load time which will an issues as the list size increases.
Next to each name there will be 2 navigator arrows () that move between adverts.
New adverts since last time will have the New flag ( *NEW*) next to them, all those advertising as Master/Trainers will have a gold star next to them(*MASTER*).

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Please use common sense when replying to an advert.
All adverts were placed by members, those with out eMail addresses, you will have to send the letter to the DogHouse address in the UK for the letter to be forwarded, in a SAE.

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