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Now and again I get emails like:

Hi Sir...Thanks again for a GREAT website....lots of good things in here to learn about.
I am a young submissive bi-male who does quite a bit of travel on the road..
all New England states and the mid-west. Are there any folks that run "kennels"
where I could be put up for the night or several nights?
It could be an actual dog kennel (real dogs)...with a few cages set aside
for folks like me. Have you heard of anything like this? Or any folks that
you know or trust to take in a willing and clean dog like myself for an evening?..
Thanks in advance, any help would be great.
Take care Sir

So there sure seems to be a strong demand for people wanting to go some place and live their fantasy to the full. This suits people who do not have or want a 24/7 Master/slave life style. I can understand for some Tops as well wanting to get their fix as a sub now and again. Few people are 100% Top or 100% slave so it is nice to have a change now and again.

The purpose of this page is to allow Commercial (or otherwise) kennels to be advertised, where Slaves can go visit for a period of animal behaviour therapy, to they can get in touch with their K9 selves, or have their training developed.

If you know of a Kennel that you can recommended, or want yours listed here then please get in contact.

Likewise if there are slaves willing to host a Master on his visit to you city eg from the UK to USA etc, then let me know.

Locate a Kennel ^

Well as of yet there are not that many around. Here are some that I have seen:

  • Germany or was it Switzerland
  • Other World Kingdom (OWK)
    This place accepts only submissive men, it is more usual to see pony boys there.
  • Italy - Farm high in the hills away from anyone.
  • The ButchMans Academy USA

List a Kennel ^

If you want to list your Kennel, you need to describe the following. Not quite like a hotel brochure, but if people are parting with money they need to know what they are getting. You might have a dungeon that you let 'guest' use, or in might be that you are into 'hospitality with a twist'. For me I like this, its nice having slaves staying from all over, keeping them in slave role all their time they are here, 'hardcoding' their K9 life style. Not much difference you might think to having a slave stay otherwise, but for such a guy I have no strings, friendship might develop but that is not the intent. On the other hand you night be a Professional Master and will train a slave for money.

These details will need to be made clear so there is no confusion.

To place a Listing please Contact Me


What is the ...

  • Cost ?
  • Location ?
  • What is on offer ?
  • No liability to the doghouse - up to you to check!!!
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