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alone to long

There was just you, now its time to make contact with others like your self before you go crazy.
You might want to take gentle steps or embrace everything for the total experience.
So what are the options ?
Read on.

Adverts in the Dog Pound - since 1995
You can place and advert or reply to someone else's. The adverts are grouped by Master or Slave status, time zone then by state/phone area code. Adverts are placed my members who have joined.

The Doghouse brings you Chat rooms, Message boards and more.
This is like a mixture of IRC and Gay.Com, basically they want the site to be sticky so you stay there long enough to see the adverts. This would be a restricted area where it would require you to log in.
List Server
This is where you are on a distribution list to a email service. So when you send an email to that list, it gets sent to all the other members on the list. There is also the digest of the list, subscribing to that means that you get the mails all in one go at the end of the month in one batch, otherwise you get the mail as it happens.
Web Ring
This is like a linked list of sites that might be of some interest to you, that may have some relationship to this site. That is people who like this site may also like those in the ring.

Internet Chat Relay (irc) offers you the ability to chat much like CB (Citizen Band radio), in AOL they call it Chat rooms, on IRC it is called a channel.  Basically you enter a place of like minded people that have nicknames/handles and you can talk to each other.  These Channels run on servers and some of these servers use different networks that just don't talk to each other and are as separate as FM and AM are on your radio. This is why you can join #GayDogSlave on one server and network and find almost no one or go to another and find  it full.   A typical network you can use is there you will find many people close to the European time zone and the NYC time zone others are closer to the LA time zone. Not much point chatting if everyone is in bed on that channel.

IRC is also a very powerful search tool  -try channels ending in "Z".
There is also a IRC home page for the channel which talks about the common members on the IRC channel and events out and about that relate to it.
Sample Servers:
One of the most widely use and most copied chat system. Just to run really slowly until move from the owners front room into a commercial data centre. If you are going to have a general profile anywhere have it here. Your gaydar profile is as ubiquitous as a business card or a mobile phone. - Connecting the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.
This is an Java applet running on a web page. it is like IRC, but works over HTTP, where as many company firewalls stop IRC working. Essentially it is the same, takes a while to start up, and there is a maximum limit per chat room.
Where as with IRC there is a maximum capacity per server. Here you choose a language, and a region, Men - international for example, and then click on GayCom Chat. Then you choose a room of people to talk to.

Yahoo Clubs - DogSlaves gayslaves CHAT ROOMS and More
Yahoo clubs get shut down due to the new owners of Yahoo and some lobby groups.
Cruising for Sex
The website is dedicated to helping men around the world connect for sexual pleasure. You will need a healthy attitude about your sexuality to fully enjoy this site.


Net Meeting
Using NetMeeting you can get in contact with people and talk directly with them, chat online, make your date there and then or see and talk to your slave as he is replying to you.
The ILS that we recommend is and you can download the latest copy on NetMeeting for Windows from HERE.
MSM Messenger
Like Yahoo/Aim but better integrated into MS products. Has pretty superficial graphics but not the wallpaper environments that yahoo has. Is more stable than Yahoo - tho not much in it.
You will need a dotNET (or hotmail/live account)  passport login, if you are a Hotmail user you are halfway there already.
Yahoo Messenger
Has nice integration for voice chat, video cams (hard work if not a logitec cam). Has good file transfer system but the whole thing can lock up dead easy
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