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This pages describes the various aspects of the part that fear plays in SM.
Not all views are my own or how I play, but they remain a reality.

Rule by Fear

Fear is the natural reaction to perceived danger, it stimulates your body for the flight or fight response.
Tops have very different styles among them, each with their own perspective.  The delivery of pain can be one in a sensual way or cold.
If it is delivered cold it can put you very much in touch with yourself. The description in #1 is not common in Dog Training where the dogslave is a 'pet' (cruelty to animals etc)
A little more common when the slave is a 'working dog', or a generic animal, a worthless piece of shit.


I  hate pretend begging, I want it real.

As a Top, you can see fear in peoples eyes, its very horny so see their eyes as they are being damaged.

One of the horniest scenes I've done is a flogging where I took a sub mate of mine and once restrained and gagged, told him I was going to flog him until I broke him. He was shaking, quite a bit, but when tied up began to get un-co-operative. When I whispered to him that there was no way of stopping this.
He was very 'wild'.
I could hear him begging through the gag and duck tape. But Once I started, he went ape! But the restraint stopped any problems, and I continued till he simply hung their quietly. He was bubbling and sobbing.
Definitely broken.
Later abuse, like shit feeding was much easier, he begged only slightly, but accepted it as he knew there was no alternative.  I just wanted him to realise that wherever rights he thought he had, he didn't.
I wanted him to be scared.
I need to be sure that the slave was not enjoying it and wanted to get free - though there was no chance of that. Some Tops like to be sensual when they deliver pain, but  it ain't meant to be sensual or sexual when you are subbing, I like to find out what they really hate, one of my goals is to have them wanting escape as soon as possible. So that they have the feeling that they have been 'jacked'.

"...he begged only slightly, but accepted it..." This is where the slave has acquiesced to the power of the Master. There is a point where you have accepted that your going to die, and anything else is ok.
This might sound real heavy, but once a Master has broken in his slave, he tends to get more out of him.

Slaves: Remember this when you say to a stranger that you are into HARD sex.


Fear Control

From the slaves point of view he needs to control his fear. He has to separate out the real and the imaginary.


For the real:
What is the worst that could happen ? Accept that, then the rest gets easier. If it helps, how would he dispose of the body, are the cops likely to find out, how likely is he a crazy man. He is banking on knowing you and your reaction, and though  you dont like it now, that you will over come a block and  get off on it, comming back for more.
Some Masters require you to sign a consent form where you will not bring 'assult charges' against them.
For the imaginary:
These usually are far worse. Like a fear of spiders you just stamp on them, but if you cannot control yourself and it fucks you up, that is something again. Some Masters like using these as playing Mind Games  with you. He is still responsible for you physical and mental health when you are under his control.



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