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A moment when pup was out of his tree

Most slaves are different and yet they all seem to have a special 'harmonic' that when you get them to resonate, that are quite happy buzzing along in a state of bliss.
Some rapport and empathy skills make this 'job' easier.
If you are really into the other guy this also maintains your interest, if you are just doing it by numbers and your heart is not in it then it gets a little more tricky.
Extended stimulation of erogenous zones ^

This is covered in the Sexual Torture section.

This is a real hard section to write, how do you write about something you just do ? So here goes...

For me I see he state of being as being sort of fitted to a curve or some kind of profile with a ramp of build up, a plateau and a decent. Sometimes when Masters play with a mistake occurs or something goes wrong and the slave has to be brought back down. I guess this is much like with drug trips. This really helps if you have good empathy skills, and of course a switch that is both Top and Sub knows where you are at and is sort of travelling with you. Some Tops also by luck know the route, some talk to their slaves after to check out their performance - there is always room for improvement.

Much of what the Master does is to keep the slave in his   sub space where the goal of the slave  is to feel protected, cared for, wanted and controlled, so they can fall into a state they call "subspace." Subs often speak of floating or flying when they try to describe subspace. Some speak of being in a trance. Dom's and subs alike talk of the dramatic change that takes place when a sub falls into subspace. The slave becomes soft, pliant, loving and tender. And very happy... in a state of elevated Bliss

How to Get him there

This is a game of subtleties you don't need to start off hard and fast. With CP you need to build up with other stimulation the same is true, getting him good and horny. You need to know about all the things he likes, and what is on the edge of his fantasies. For example you can use verbal to reinforce his identity, you can talk about torture or humiliation scenes he wanks about but is too scared yet to go there. You create images for him making them are colorful and real in his imagination as possible, like the imagination does the hard work (see hypnosis). Whatever you do you are giving 90% to 110% pushing at the limits and easing off to let him catch his breath.

An experienced Master  might start with just a small amount of pain, known as a "warm up". This will cause endorphins to be released. This will enable the masochist to tolerate more pain. Gradually, the sadist will increase the amount of pain, which will in turn increase the amount of endorphin. If the sadist has a sufficient amount of patience and skill, he or she can enable the masochist to experience tremendous euphoria, and the amount of pain the masochist actually experiences may be relatively small.

The slaves facing the potential danger of the activity is part of the thrill, and the fear pushes them to meet the challenge of reaching the top of this peak. Similarly, some people experience S/M as a way of "pushing the envelope" and forcing themselves to break through barriers, and they love the rush of doing something risky and exciting.

There is one huge rush with the feeling of "Oh Fuck!!!"

Just as there is with solo play, where just pretending is no longer good enough.

Just like they need for some slaves to play with KNOWN 'dangerous' Tops,  its the next step, as nice concenting tops will stop too quickly.   On the other hand compare that to a Master/Sadist that will do what the fuck he likes and only stops when that slave has shot his filthy load onto the floor and had his faced pushed into the dirt to lick it up.

One measure is how quickly the slave comes back?

This is usually part of a memory fade process. The slave initially might  say never again (maybe bad mouth the "dangerous/psychopath" Master) and then he will have the urge aghain, as nothing else carries the adrenaline pump  that you get in some scenes.

This is different to the just keep me as a xxx slave.

If you need the rush, not much else will do.


How to Keep him there

This is where you maintain the stimulation, reading the signals that he is displaying. The stimulation is both sensual and compounded, ever increasing at a possibly un perceivable pace. Many slaves experience a craving for physical sensation, particularly for the intense sensations that can be triggered by pain and other physical stimulation, but it is all kinds of sensations - you can explore you slave to see what he responds to. The Master has to work quite hard to give and sustain the experience that the slave craves.

During the bliss, the slave is maintained in subspace and you constantly supply  of sensation in the right amount and degree of intensity to provide the participants with a fully satisfying experience.


How to Bring him back down.

Being on a high all the time is good but it can be tiring - SM gets excitement from the level of contrasts that it exposes. The ecstasy is contrasted to the pain, the freedom to the bondage. So you need to bring him back down. You can let him do this by himself, where you have stopped the stimulation and let 'boredom' do the rest. The best I guess is when he is still secure, but not in a way that is horny, and you let him loose his hard on. Assuming that you don't allow him to cum which is a natural climax.

If I let a slave cum (as compared to just emptying his balls at the start of a long scene) I like the slave to beg, putting everything into it. This shows you just how much he wants to cum and how hard he will work for it.

Easy way Down

So your slave is having a bad 'trip', and short of just kicking him out of the scene, it is usually better to take him onto another decent that he is familiar with. This typically you might think of the decent from that place that he is currently at, and the journey back down is a familiar routine so that he knows the course of action and the outcome.
One example is when he sucks you off, the way you like it, or when you beat him in the usual way - however the comedown should not be drawn out. It is meant to be a diversion, and escape to distract him form developing a bad association or remembering a bad experience. What you don't want is for him to get worried next time he gets in that situation expecting the same bad thing to happen.

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