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The Punisher

The Punisher
This might sound obvious, but its worth checking out for a Boot Master that knows how to use his boots as torture tools. This is different for a keen amateur which can still make the slave suffer - but there is an art to being a Master or a skilled sadist. You will be having him worship your boots that are going to turns his tiny little balls to mush.
He thinks that licking that and showing then respect will keep him safe.
He thinks that kicking or licking that man that abuses him will make him Merciful - it doesn't, but not doing so means they slave may get his limits well exceeded.
If you are gagged you want to think that he might look out for you attempting to use a stop word when you are crying out so.
Training the slave
Part of your Total Control Training of him is that he will learn that he know he must take it, however long it takes it is quite inevitable. You can add to the pressure by making him beg you to hit him or enjoy his pleading for you not to.
You might want a word of caution, you don't want to damage these little babes so measure your abuse of him. Secure bondage for is cock and balls like this is also something for him to fight against. 
This is where he has allowed you (directly or indirectly) to drug him such that he cannot defend himself. Whilst this is ok during abuse and humiliation you don't get much in the way of feedback if you go too far for him.  He may have been kidnapped as part of the scene (using rohypnol / rohipnol).  He may wanted to be dosed up with poppers.

You should not have cock&ball rings on as the balls are not meant to be crushed against two hard surfaces. One soft surface is the rest of the body. The only hard surface is the leather of the boot.
Its often better for him to have shorts on or some jocks on to keep the target in one place.  Grinding the balls with your boots you might want to see his tiny nutts getting crushed.
Other wise its ok if he is wearing 501s or footballer shorts. Tight rubber shorts is are less effective for some kicks but ok for grinding. The jeans&shorts allow the balls to move better and ready themselves for the next blow.
The bondage that you may put him in should not be a distraction - it only needs to be effective and secure.

Get Psyc'ed
This might seem a bit obvious, but you don't want to go soft of him as soon as he starts bleating that his balls hurt.
This slave deserves this punishment otherwise he wont respect you and think your soft. You are far from that.
You might want a nice cock ring on you and make sure your boots look fit to impress.
This is something to look forward to, if you do it right he will come crawling back to you again and again - scared shitless but needy.
Pre-Ball Bust
This is where the worthless mutt will want to sniff and lick your boots. You may choose to have him secured as you lace up the objects of desire, where he has not opportunity to smell or touch them. The first time he feels them are when they hit his balls. It is usually fitting that he is locked up in a firm steel bar cage - its obvious that there is no chance of escape. Its obvious that once the ball has been set into motion there is no going back.



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