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BDSM vs Abuse
States where BDSM is illegal (eg NJ vs NY) or a country where an official has an obsession or a crackdown. ratings.
Police Enforcement
Of the Masters will over the slave.
Enforcement - Coming into force. The moment the Masters' Rule was law - then his desire has  a compelling influence over you. Where the 'lawful' use of violence compels you to obey. This is separate from the desire/need to obey.
This covers how your complete your Mastery over your slave. With both the 'carrot and stick' approach thru to physical constraints.

Economic Slavery
This is where the slave has no assets of his own and is financially bound to you. This is still very common and slavery has only recently been banned in Niger back in 2005.  Where as in Europe  sex trafficking is a thriving where you take someone of the promise of a better life but when they get to their destination they discover the nature of the promise and have no means to go back home. If they go to the police they will be deported in any case. They have no opportunity for legal work - so cannot escape their plight. They cannot speak the local language so cannot communicate or engage with any opportunity of rescue. This activity is commonly done by people immune from prosecution ( eg oil rich Arabs with Philippino 'servants' in London) or people of standing with wealth.

How this translates to BDSM - is that you ensure that your slave is dependant on you for all his needs. This means you have that responsibility for the life of that slave. 

What happens next  - when your slave has been acclimatized to his life, speaks the local language and can escape from 'his cruelty' of years for 'false imprisonment'  you get the idea of how this can play out in court. What happens if you fall ill and the slave escapes when your guard is let down?

Better to have the slave that deep down wants/needs to stay with you.  Depending on the type of Master you are you might have some affection for the slave and you both enjoy this situation. The enforcement is to cover the glitches in this situation. 

Real World 24/7/356 - The real world example is the cost of the divorce  (the joint mortgage) so this is an hindrance as you cant just walk out as you have financial responsibilities. A Master that takes on a 24/7/356 slave has the same commitment. The courts may view this as a marriage. So its better to have many slaves or  one that cannot be marked as part of relationship. 

So if not a consensual relationship (partnership = money settlement) it must be an exploitative relationship (sex slave = prison).
This is why many who engage in a long term 24/7/356 with a slave pay the slave into a savings account that they only have access to on exit of the slavery. That ways the slave has been an employee - but what of tax ?
Psychologically Dependant
I am less happy with this as a Master as I like to see my slave/pups grow and flourish. There of course are many sorts of Master, from the Cruel sadist to the daddy type. There is value in making your slave psychosocially independent - so he can serve you without you having to navigate every move. Others (more tops than master) prefer the control when you tell the slave when to breath, when to do everything.

The aim here is to have the save unable to think for him self - you control all aspects of his life. When he is allowed to go to toilet and how. When he feeds and what. How hard he toils and he he stops. So you might as well have a remote control for this mindless robot.
You can engineer it so that he is begging to go to the toilet cos he was over watered.

You have to figure if you want a slave that is useless without his Master. This has the burden of what will happen to him when you no longer have use for him and you have broken him. In effect you have institutionalized him, so that he has to replace you with another institution.
Some army slaves (USMC types) are part 'Property of the USMC' so are always owned (so being a gay slave in the army is secure) and a Master outside of the army is a temporary feature as the army controls your life really. Army slaves quickly adapt to a transfer from one Master (the USMC) to another.
Conditioning Program
This is where you impose a high level of structure onto the slaves life. It may require a higher Master to slave ratio so that the slave does not need to thing for himself as the Master has made all subsequent choices for him. The slave is slotted into a schedule that is unchanging will skills development that makes him suitable for his duty as his Masters slave. This includes the development of concentration, psychological endurance and physical fitness.  This is why most Masters requite their slave to go to the gym as habit - they don't stay there too long or too little. You need to make sure your slave can with stand extreme bondages this can only happen with a supple body that can stretch easy when required.
They have clear leadership. A clear leader is one that you want to follow - who you know sails a true course with a moral compass.
They have physical replenishment. Food, water, hygiene and sleep. Its your job to make sure that the slave is kept clean (to your standards, even if he is a sewer pig), you will need to inspect him and correct him if he is not well kept. He is meant to be keeping himself (your property) in the bests possible condition. This is not the same as spending hours in front of the mirror!

Group Activities   -  This is where the sharing and validation of common experiences happen, this can be from the "mosh pit" to other BDSM club nights at a Leather Fraternity.

Mental Reconditioning - This is includes the self control very impulses, anger panic and fear. With the cultivation of faith ( a slave can feel like they can conquer the world with they right Master at the helm.  Giving slaves chores which are really there to build confidence and to strengthen their sense of security. This is like the armys duty of checking the perimeter, re-enforcing defensive positions and making sure all your equipment is fully functional and ready to be deployed at a moments notice.

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