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In all my time in SM DogTraining with the many slaves that I have played with over the years it has always been noticeable the common set of things a slave (and Masters) seem to have in their bag of toys.

It would be fair to say that almost everybody has their favourite dog collar, a dog bowl, a dog leash, any have a favourite doggy butt plug, a lot of guys have dog mitts, many guys have chastity shorts, some guys (usually Masters)  also   have a dog cage.

I know I have favourites, and I have a good collection, must like any Master you seem to collect stuff which you like to use, that which has a positive effect on a slave, some of which (for your scenes) are essential.
Your essentials so far for 2001 has the voting as:


  1. Butt Plugs
  2. Dog Collar & Leash
  3. Electro & Torture
  4. Cuffs
  5. Tit clamps and CBT.
  6. Mitts and Muzzles
  7. Hoods and Masks
  8. Whips and Floggers
  9. Boots
  10. Your Army/leather/rubber/skin gear
Masters see as essential boots and a dog collar for their boy. "A slave should have a pair of boots" is a common theme, and its expected that a Master has lickable boots! It is hardly surprising that a slave needs his butt filled and to be collared - critical items tend to be collar/paws/dogbowl and a 'selection' of butt plugs.

You sure that's right?

Let me have Your Vote so that we can put the record straight, you sure that your leather or rubber gear is less important than flogger ? What about your leather  dog paw mitts to a TENS unit ?
butt plug and ropesMust Haves Top Ten ^

This is a list of the top ten things that you would imagine every guy into SM DogTraining to have. Your vote affects this chart. I have excluded things like boots and some leather or latex as so self respecting SM guys is with out some kind of boots, and everyone has some item of fetish gear however modest. One can make an additional observation, between most desired and most obtainable, excluding the cost, getting a dildoes and getting a dog cage are two very different tasks. you can even make your first dildoes by cutting off a length of a wooden yard brush (as yes my first one). However your master can finger fuck you, but there is no real substitute to the confinement in a cage. Likewise you can get rope anywhere, you can often get hand-cuffs in any 'ex army' shop but Heavy Irons are harder.


# one

Ass toys (plugs,dildoes & balls) - not two ways about it, slaves love having their butt hole played with and Masters know this :)

  • Butt plugs - Seems to be that almost every slave has a butt plug of one sort or another. When the slave becomes more dog aware, then getting a dog tail is also important.
  • Dildoes - Most slaves have a dildo, and they have their favourite. Either at their Masters direction, or self drive they move up to every bigger sizes. There is also the difference between the one that is the current challenge and the comfortable one just like with the butt plugs.

# two

Dog Collar and leash, choke chains

Slaves just like collars, where as dogslave likes the more DOG aspect of their collars, and that they are connected to a leash.

The traditional slave collar would just have bondage points on it (usually leather) to tie the hands to. A dog would be looking at a long term dog chain collar with his tag on it, as well as a leather/rubber collar that feels like the grip of his Masters hand around his throat, one that he can tug on (a chain is too narrow so can cut in and do damage), or aggressive collars with sharp spikes that dig in. This range from leather collars with pin pricks to spiked collars.


# three

Tit torture  - clamps, clothe pins etc

Master love to go for the slaves tits (before grabbing his balls). Slaves for that matter start off with clothes peg/pin   attached to their tits in the early stages. As the tit needs more stimulation, they move onto bigger things. It is worth while noting that you need to look after the tits to save them from getting too thick skinned. This can be done by having them pierced (prevents the excess so they are always fresh to the touch for a Master), you can also rub hand crème into them.
After pegs, the next thing seems to be a pair of clover clamps, then gentle electrical crocodile clips. When these are attached by a chain, dragging your nails along the chain creates nice vibration that go straight into the tit.

If the slave is responsive to tit play he will love being lead around or tethered up by his tits.  'Dead' tits can be made to be responsive with play, flat, no-nipple tits can be transformed into useful, sensitive nipples with the right tit piercings. I have had plenty of slaves that had no real nipples which now have real nice nipples due to the positive effect of piercings.

Guess it is all part of the skill of the Master to eroticism any stimulation he chooses to give the slave.german / russian gasmask


# four

CBT - Balls stretchers and weights

Some guys have balls so sensitive that you can hardly touch them, others you can spank their balls.
One of the first things that a slave does in his teenage life is to tie string is loops around his cock and balls, later it becomes leather thongs, then straps, the bondage devices as the sophistication grows. There is something quite natural about giving your balls a bit of a tug, something akin to the morning stretch. However this is taken a bit further when you use weights and or stretchers. One of the 'comforting' sensations a slave has is the firm secure grip the Master has around the slaves balls, like any moment these could be mine.


# five

Dog Dish

The above things are items which you can use alone, a dog dish tends to be when you are expressing your doggy self, but more often you use it when there is a dog trainer/master in the room. Don't know any dogs that don't have at least one.


# six

Restraints - Cuffs, Irons, rope, straps (leather or rubber), harnesses, dog cage, mitts, Masks, hoods and gags

Again these things are important in play, however some can be use in autobondage.
A large number of serious dog slaves will have leather dog paws, often of different types.


# seven

CP - whips, paddles, floggers, crops, belts and canes

Not usually something that the slave keeps unless he know what he likes used on him and ensure that the Master has one available. CP tools are often of a specialist taste. It often starts with just a hand spanking, but as you progress the benefit of each technique becomes apparent. Some slaves like the sting others the thud of the tool.  Some slaves are just not into pain at all (tend to be those into serious humiliation scenes).

Most slaves I know of can improvise as there is always a number of belts to hand, both plain and studded.


# eight

Chastity - chastity belts, shorts or other cum control devices

This tends to be something for a developed slave. Most slaves respond to cum control and chastity training. A pair of chastity shorts are in fact personal clothing, so they are very much designed for the slave, so if a Master happens to have a pair that fits you, you are in luck. When Masters go for 'lean' types, they don't have a big problem if the variations in clothes as most guys are around 30in waist site.


# nine

Torture - TENS/Electro devices, hot wax candles, remote trainers.

More common for Masters to have electro torture stuff, but then slaves love it to, so can have it and show the Master how to use it. Other items like candles are easy to obtain and still have a good impact on a helpless slave.


# ten

Invasive - Catheters, sounds

This is getting in the area of specialized gear. Not that many people can cope with things slid down the inside of the dick, even though is liked being wanked on the inside of your dick. This starts off with something that a Master does as part of a control scene. The slave can soon get a taste for that invasive feeling and have his own gear for solo play or when he is used by his Master.


Your Vote ^

What do you think is the most important thing that a dogslave should have, you might want to change the order of this list, as well as nominate your special must have, which might not be in the list. As the votes come in you can then see how the others slaves or Masters think.


I am mostly a

I am 

I am normally 

This list of important items are:


My Must Have Nomination is:
I have missed something, what is your favoriate must have toy ?

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