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Boot Training


We all have our own values as to what boots are the 'right ones' like you will not find many self-respecting skinheads walking around in anything but DMs, and yet it is very hard to obtain DMs in the US, and the preference is for Wesco style of boots, bikers have their own preference again.
There tends to be some basic requirements, how masculine (and powerful) they look and how lickable the are. The proof is when you wear then how you feel about yourself.
For me I really only have simple tastes, I like tall DMs (14/20hole), SiDi Bike boots and German Army boots. To me it seems like you are missing the plot when you have boots that lace up the your balls, yet I guess waders can come close that way, but are somehow different.

Boot Training

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Some samplesWaders

Waders and "Wellies" - these tend to be real nice and horny for rubber guys and those with a strong piggy side. I cannot imagine licking them, but I would get off on making a guy lick filth off of them.

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DMs/Doc Martens-Rangers

Skin TopWell sorry, but these were made to be worshiped. Then to see how a skinhead slave can make oral love to these boots, as they are laced up solid and secure on another Skins feet that is quite something. In Europe there is a natural association between Skinheads  and boots. They have taken that fetish into an art form. The significant of the different ways of lacing them up (tribe association), the different colours (politics/sexual preferences), the boot colour, the height (Hetro skins don't have boots over 14 hole in general).




caged skinLaces
The colour of these can be important. Many SM Skins wear WHITE laces which should not be mistaken for the signal of "Vanilla". Other common colours are RED for guys into Fisting, YELLOW for piss, BLUE for fucking and BLACK for non-disclosure.

This tends to be limited to the stock available from the DM supplier, and red&white stripe laces would cast doubt on the guy anyway - bit like a carnival queen.

Sidi Biker bootsSiDi Biker motocross Boots.

These are well strong boots. The feel, like a mix of having an offensive weapon on your feet and having walked through wet concrete. They do make you feel very toppy - like they just cant help it :)



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