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Replica Paws

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Dog Paws

Example of dog pawsMany of the examples on this page can be bought from Fetter/Mr S, or they can make them, you may have a local leather shop that has copied them, as much of their work has been copied, the good news tends to be that their imagination outstrips demand - I have to declare my bias towards Fetter (I'm sure others are good), but to me their stuff lasts, and i love it, and generally happy with all that I have bought from them.


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There are many reasons why the the dog often find his paws on, to help him learn to feed properly, to kept his hands off of that which is not his, or just to reinforce is position.


Kepping your pup waitingYou may need to control the dogs wandering hands.
These are ok for long tern use, and also are good with cuffs and Irons. You may need to pull the cuff right back onto his wrist to ensure there is enough room for the Manacle, handcuffs are more flexible, once on you can 'set' the ratchet.
These are the most common of dog paws, almost every dog has a pair that he got from Fetters or MrS.
They are good for long term use, and effective once locked - agile dogs can unbuckle them and escape if they are allowed to use their mouths or if they have dexterity.

Example of dog paws

Dog Paws when feedingAlternative designs have boot lacing up the back keeping the paw closed, also having some padding on the palm for floor comfort, and optional wrists straps and D-rings. 


wpe4A.jpg (6977 bytes)Sometimes the pup wants to feel that he has claws, also he can scratch himself, these are also ok for public work.

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