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The dog needs some teeth
Over teeth
These are basically just a denture which is theatrical in nature. They are just cosmetic and it would be hard to play dog tug games but since they are just for show they can really look the part.
This is basically your teeth cut down a bit (into a peg) then a plastic or ceramic glove is glued on. The new tooth is crafted by a dental technician usually costing about 150 per tooth. The work the dentist does is extra.
This takes the existing teeth and reshapes them. There is nothing stronger than your original teeth so having the edges trimmed  into a doggy style means you can still use them. People have different strength teeth, some seem to be made of steel other as strong as butter!
This is where if a tooth as recently had to be removed because the root has broken, an screw bolt is driven into the gum and is flush to the gum when healed. This allows the dentist to easily mount any 'mouth furniture' on this platform. The design is for a bridge or single tooth to be attached to this platform. Each implant cost in the UK about 1500 or about 300 in Eastern Europe - excluding the dentists work.  There are plenty of 'health' trips to eastern Europe where high quality work is dead cheap.
What does not happen is pulling out old teeth and pushing in real dog teeth. If a tooth has recently come out a replacement can often be put back in - as in the olden days of rich people buying the teeth of the poor as replacements.
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