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More Masks Full Body

wpe22.jpg (11563 bytes)It is seldom that Masters wear Harnesses, as it suggests that the body within it is bound captive, but there are some exceptions, where it just makes your Owner look Hot.

Personally I feel that when there  too many things around my Master butt hole (other than my tongue), I think of passivity. I don't expect to see a full body harness (with locks) on a Master - on the other hand he is the Master and he wears whatever makes him feel good, and I accept it.

Full Body

 Personally I love seeing a guy in a harness. I would never imaging him Top, but a leather Harness, you can tug your boy around, hand onto him when you fuck him - pulling him back onto you if he pulls away. A lockable ones ensures that he continues to feel that captivity feeling and that he cannot remove the Butt Plug in him.

Butt Plug

 You need something to keep that big butt plug deep in the gut of your boy

There are rope alternatives where you can keep the plug in secure and he can wear his jeans normally all day.

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