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Dear Dog House,
I'm a novice slave, and I would like advice on how to write a good letter to
a Master when applying to an ad in personals, what should I say and what would
the Master like to read etc.

Thankyou Sir

slave X


This was one email that I had, and it is not untypical, this pages also is here to help you place an advert for the right person to find you.
Also see Replying to an advert


Some advice to a slave ^

But in general - be honest.

Tell him what you are looking for, what you actually HAVE done, and what you
might like to do, and things that you are no sure about.
I had one slave that said that CP was a taboo area for him, and now he comes crawling to be to be beaten.
A slave has basic limits, to be kept safe, free from mental or physical harm.
A bruise here and their does not count, unless it has a risk to his position, or to his boyfriend.

When you write to your prospective Master use all the "Sirs" you can being good and respectful.
A true slave will never use "I" only "i", a real Master will notice this.

You need to know about yourself how much of a slave are you ?
Do you just want some part time fun or to be Owned.
Is slavery important, you love feeling a slave every moment you breathe,
or after you have come it is of no importance ?

Also you need 'sell your self', think back when you went for a position interview first impressions count,
so present yourself well. A good picture of you, in the right gear (know your audience) a leather pic for a leather Master, a skinhead pic for a SkinMaster), or "this is me" I am a rubber slave no good pretending something I am not. In your letter writing, it is worth capturing the imagination of your audience, therefore it would be good to talk through a sample scene, what you loved about it. Write with Master in mind, you have to press his buttons, that is something that you liked about him from the advert, relate to that. You want him to think "this is the right slave for me", you have to talk about the common ground between you both. No good talking just about fisting if he is not into that, and he would never know that you both are ideally matched in some other area.

The Perfect Advert ^


The first step in writing a great personals ad is to be realistic about who you are and what you bring to the party. Are you a genuine “catch” who has looks, brains, charm, money, and power?  But if you’re like the rest of us, you’re strong in some areas and, shall we say, average in others. There may be some things about you that are very unusual. Great. It helps define who you are. Now, if these features are real unusual, it may turn off a lot of potential partners. But it will also attract those few who are looking for exactly those traits. You won’t attract many career-minded candidates if you’re unemployed, living in the woods, and looking for a sugar-daddy or momma. But, that’s exactly why you go to an Internet dating service; there’s probably someone out there looking for someone just like you.


Are you looking for a life-mate or just a pretty face to hang with for a night ot two? It makes a difference in the way you write your ad. For instance, you might stretch the truth and get away with it if you’re hustling a one night stand…you might not even get to talk about where you are from. But if you want a long-term friendship, you better be honest. When it turns out that your flash car was rented for the day, you’re not going to score any points. Better to show up as you are and take your chances.

When you write your ad, be specific but not pushy. For instance, “must have great set of  buns” is not likely to win the heart of many prospects. But, “I’m attracted to athletic bodies” tells your preference very clearly. If you appreciate shapes and sizes beyond the stereotype, say so. You’ll get lots of calls. “I like big bodies,” or “I think petite is sweet” will appeal to people who fit.


It’s so important, I want to restate the obvious: Tell the Truth. You're going to get found out anyway. More important, someone out there absolutely likes you just the way you are.

Still, you need to present yourself in a way that will attract that special person. If you’re short or heavy or bald or unemployed, find a positive way to let that be known.
“Full-sized and proud of it” or “shy with strangers at first, but hot when I warm up” are good ways to describe those traits.

You don’t have to be a great writer and you shouldn’t try to be too cute. Just write the way you talk. It’s best to be specific about what you like and don’t like. And please don’t  say you are classy or have a good sense of humor. I don’t know why, but when you say those things about yourself it just sounds lame. Show it instead. Say “I get a kick out of The Simpson’s but can’t stand watching Jay Leno anymore” or “I’ve had a season ticket to the Ballet for three years.”


“Last weekend I played tennis, hiked on Mt. White, (mention local landmarks to show you really belong in the community) and went to a Madonna concert.” That way you tell the potential mate that you’re athletic, like hiking, and have popular tastes in music. If you’re a couch potato, be proud to tell how you spent the weekend gaming on your new Play StationII.

When you’re describing your ideal partner, try to talk about positives. Instead of saying, “don’t apply if you’re bitchy” you can say, “my ideal companion is an optimist who sees the best in other people.” And you don’t have to say you want sex. That’s kind of assumed. But if that’s NOT what you want, you better say so up front. “I’m interested right now in just friendship” is a good way to say that the relationship will start out platonic.


The Internet is a great way to make a love connection. You can look over thousands of possible partners and you can sort for age, eye color, sexual and religious preference, hobbies, geographical location, education, and special interests.  We feel that you will get the best from the DogHouse because this has got the largest number of people with the same interests you have - but if you widen your field of vision you can find others in all sorts of places (see Community as a starting point).



Ok now that replies are rolling in, you’re getting emails and pictures and you cannot make up your mind.
But don’t get carried away just yet.

Exchange some messages. Take a look at their pictures. Tell a little more about who you are, what you do, what you like and don’t like. Don’t give away too much personal information, too soon.

There are some nuts out there along with all of us nice guys. Make sure you know a little about the people you’re dealing with before you give out your home telephone number. Ask to call them at a certain time instead. Or call from a pay phone, just until you’re pretty sure of whom you’re having so much fun with.

The first meeting, of course, should be in a public place where you can walk away if the connection doesn’t go as you expected. If you think you’re serious but you’re not sure if your new pal is the real deal, you could run a credit check. It isn’t very romantic, but neither is paying someone else’s bad debts. If you are going to his place, ensure that a friend knows that you are going there, ensure that you will ring your friend at a planned time to say you are ok. If you have been kidnapped and are abandon bound and gagged to a tree in the woods, your friend can send out the   search party.


When you have found the right person, look after the relationship if you want to keep this quick fling alive, let them know you care. Call or send a small email every day and maybe a little gift.  Some people have a problem with being 'swamped' coming on too strong too quickly - "this guy wants to marry me and we have only just met!"

It is far better to give the impression that the other guy is always in mind, but dont over power him - likewise relfect his level of "connectivity" often people are most comfortable with people just like themselves.

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