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Dog Instinctive behaviour - beyond basic training

Your dog now feeds from the bowl ok, stays on the floor ok, loves his collar, doggy playing with him Master, but there is more.
Soon it is the little this that you notice, your dogs poise on the floor, his natural state of being, the way when his Master is talking to another Leatherman in the club the dog starts to lick boots (yours or Masters), the way the Masters might say "If he starts to sniff ya crotch just push him away".
We are moving on to what the dog does when left alone. Most trainer observe what Trainer do with real dogs, the slave observers what the dog does. Real dogs have many common and also unique qualities.

The Pack Instinct. ^
Dogs are pack animals, and are not used to being left on their own. They often get anxious when left alone  and develop the fear of being deserted.
Real canines can soil or damage the house or damage themselves - known as "Dog Separation Anxiety Syndrome".
A parallel in the dogslave world that I have noticed, is when the Master is not about (wandered off - or more like the slave did) there is this frantic looking around to see where Master is. Once he is located all is well, until then there is a distraction. This is fondly referred to the "Where's Master...Where's Master" response.  The slave often get security being on his leash.

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